Be prepared to enter an alternate universe, bizarre beyond any stretch of what you thought possible. And then keep reading, because this may be one of the most important exposés published on The Blaze to date. It will explain in frightening detail what it means to speak the truth at the expense of losing all you hold dear. And will reveal how easy it has been for one convicted domestic terrorist — backed by George Soros and Barbara Streisand alike — to use the U.S. legal system, as well as less desirable channels, to silence those who have dared tell the story of one Brett Kimberlin, a.k.a. the “Speedway Bomber.”

  • Drug dealer, alleged child molester, and convicted perjurer, forger and Indiana Speedway Bomber (who is also believed to have played a role in the assassination of a grandmother), Brett Kimberlin, spent 17 years in prison before his ultimate re-absorption into American society
  • He started a non-profit dubbed “Justice Through Music (JTM)” that has, since at least 2005, been funded by George Soros’ Tides Foundation and Barbara Streisand among other leftists
  • Along with his associate, Kimberlin also started an organization called “Velvet Revolution” that supports the Occupy movement 
  • JTM’s goal is to use music to foster “social justice” and fight Republican “voter fraud” (like the kind George Bush allegedly used to “steal” the Florida election)
  • Any blogger — conservative and liberal alike — who has written the truth about Kimberlin has come under vicious attack by either Kimberlin or his minions, suffering death threats (veiled and unveiled), multiple lawsuits, loss of jobs and worse
  • He has filed over 100 frivolous lawsuits against anything that isn’t nailed down and somehow is being allowed to continue unchecked 
  • This story has never been reported on in the mainstream media

Continue here:


“bloggers for soros”

this is how its played out..they are everywhere these shills and double agents..infiltrating blogs, twitter and facebook to confuse and mislead and finally direct you towards the way they want you to think and react..


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~ by seeker401 on May 29, 2012.


  1. incredible…

    after the recent comment i made about medea benjamin, i looked up her bio and found this…

    “Benjamin worked for 10 years as an economist and nutritionist in Latin America and Africa for the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, the World Health Organization, the Swedish International Development Agency, and the Institute for Food and Development Policy. ”

    and this little tidbit:

    “Benjamin had a falling out with her former close friend, San Francisco Bay Area activist Marla Ruzicka, later killed in Iraq in a widely-publicized suicide bombing”

    • marla got shit unlucky..bit like a guy called pat tilman?

      best known for co-founding Code Pink and, along with her husband, activist and author Kevin Danaher, fair trade advocacy group Global Exchange

      Benjamin grew up in Long Island, New York, a self-described “nice Jewish girl

      she went here:

      • yup unlucky.. and just a total coincidence that she was advocating for direct compensation to iraqis for deaths and injuries, which susie benjamin thought was just a “band-aid.” (US brand colloquialism for bandage)

  2. […] Introducing Soros Funded Domestic Terrorist Brett Kimberlin Whose “Job” Is Terrorizing B… […]

  3. We know s oros is a gent for the rotches


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