15 facts about The Port Arthur Massacre you NEED to know



You probably believe that Martin Bryant, acting alone, carried out the Port Arthur massacre on Sunday 28th April 1996. If so, can you reconcile the following facts with the official story?

1. On the Sunday morning, two hours before the murders, ten of the senior managers of Port Arthur were taken to safety many miles away up the east coast,for a two day seminar with a vague agenda and no visiting speakers. Was the timing of this trip a mere coincidence?

2. Also just before the shootings the only two policemen in the region were called away on a wild goose chase. They were sent to the Coal Mine at Salt Water River, to investigate a heroin drug stash which turned out to be soap powder. This was too far for them to get to the Broad Arrow Cafe in time to be of any use. Had a policeman remained at Dunalley he would have closed the swing bridge to prevent the killer(s) from escaping from the peninsula. Did Bryant, IQ 66, organise this decoy?

3. Big Mortuary Truck. Before the massacre, a specially-built 22 person capacity mortuary truck was built. It attracted some derision at the time, but its effective use at Port Arthur was unquestioned. After the massacre it was advertised, unsuccessfully, for sale via the internet, then converted for another purpose. Without the foresight of Port Arthur, why build it? When it had proven its worth, why get rid of it? Another coincidence?

4. Martin Bryant has never been properly identified as the gunman. A young woman who ate her lunch near the gunman just before 1.30 said he had a freckled face. Graham Collyer, the wounded ex-soldier, who had the best opportunity to observe the killer, said he had a pock-marked or acned face. Neither description fits Bryant who has a beautifully smooth complexion. Graham Collyer says that it was not Bryant who shot him in the neck.

5. Illegal Photo. On 30th April the Hobart Mercury printed an old photo of Martin Bryant on the front page. This was illegal because at that stage some of the witnesses had not yet been asked to identify the killer, and the photo would have become fixed in the minds of the witnesses. When one witness was asked to describe the clothing worn by the gunman, she described the clothing on the old photo instead of what the gunman had worn. The Mercury newspaper was not prosecuted for breaking the law.

6. Mrs Wendy Scurr, nurse, tour guide and Ambulance Officer, rang the police at 1.32 pm to report the shooting. She and other medics then cared for the injured and the dead without any police protection for six and a half hours. Who ordered the armed police to stop at Tarana, where they had a barbecue? The police who arrived by boats were a stone’s throw away from the main crime scene, the cafe, and they too failed to come in to see what was going on. Was this meant to increase the trauma of the survivors?

7. Three more shots were fired at Port Arthur at 6.30pm while Bryant was at Seascape. Who fired those shots?

8. Same Question – Different Answer. At a recent Forensics Seminar in Queensland where the Tasmanian Police forensic gun inspector, Gerard Dutton, gave a lecture, the first question came from Mr Ian McNiven. He asked if there was any empirical evidence to link Martin Bryant to the Broad Arrow Cafe. Sargent Dutton immediately closed the 15 minute question time and would not reply. When McNiven managed to say “I have here Graham Collyer’s police statement…”, Sgt Dutton threatened him with arrest and called for security agents to escort McNiven out of the building.

When Dutton was asked the same question in America by a Doctor at a seminar, he replied truthfully – “There is no empirical evidence to link Bryant to the cafe.”

9. Yet a police video tape exists which proves that the police had an excellent opportunity to get DNA samples and finger prints of the gunman. The video briefly shows the blue sports bag on a cafe table. The gunman had carried his 3 rifles in this bag and left it right next to his drinking glass, his Solo soft drink can, knife, fork, plate, video cameras, etc. Why did the police fail to take DNA samples and finger prints?

10. According to the official story, Bryant first killed David and Sally Martin at Seascape Cottage in the morning, then went on to Port Arthur. Yet two policemen have reported seeing a naked woman with black hair, screaming and running from one building to another at Seascape well into the afternoon. If Sally Martin was dead, who was this woman?

11. Proof of other gunmen in Seascape Cottage. While Bryant was calmly talking to police by telephone in the cottage during the ‘siege’ and the conversation was recorded, someone else fired an SKK rifle 20 times. In the transcript the gunfire is recorded as ‘coughs’ but an electronic analysis of one of the ‘coughs’ shows that it was an SKK shot.

12. Two More Very Handy Seminars. On the Sunday morning, some 25 specialist doctors (Royal Australian College of Surgeons) from all over Australia had attended a training course in Hobart, and their last lecture was on Terrorist Attack and Gunshot Wounds. They stayed on to take care of the wounded victims.

13. Also, more than 700 reporters from 17 nations came to a seminar in Hobart. They were asked to arrive during the week-end as the seminar was due to begin early on Monday morning. How handy to have 700 scribblers churning out their anti-gun and disarmament propaganda to the whole world!

14. “There will never be uniform Gun Laws in Australia until we see a massacre somewhere in Tasmania” said Barry Unsworth, NSW Premier, December, 1987 at a conference in Hobart. Prophecy or Planning?

15. “If we don’t get it right this time (gun laws) next time there is a massacre, and there will be, then they’ll take all our guns off us”, said the deputy prime minister, Tim Fischer in May 1996. Who is the “THEY” who would order the removal of our guns? Did Fischer let slip that gun confiscation has been ordered by someone other than our own leaders?



a look back at australias own massacre that led to massive gun control and hand ins..understand that not every anomaly means there is a conspiracy..but if you put enough together into one place then a story can emerge..

and keep in mind that this never went to trial to be tested in front of a judge and the courts..

please look at the image at the top to see just what this left handed man with an IQ of 66 managed to do in very very quick time..


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11 Responses to “15 facts about The Port Arthur Massacre you NEED to know”

  1. Nothing ever added up with that. Didn’t a guy over there say if they were to ever ban guns they would need a massacre there? False flag written all over it. They come up with stuff like this to disarm and take our liberties away. I think the US learned a lot from this.

    • Look at point 14 I think it was.

    • I can not believe a wealthy lawyer has not taken this case to get a name for themselves. Or how many have tried that we do not know about and have been either paid off or threatened this is quite common even in your local council

    • I know millatants from Iraq did.this and two asio where there at the time and Martin has a iq of 60 and no trial in court

      • Now you tell me how can a person with a iq of 60 do this I know a lot more better believe .friends in.a agency told me

  2. I can not believe how blind and nieve the australian public is. If the small minority of the people supporting brian had the power to be heard by the governments media and use of the tax payers dollars, Then we would have a fair fight.
    I have never heard of such a severe sentencing towards an australian on such a botched case, take Ivan millat for example the stories pop up for entertainment once or twice a year on television. What about opening old wounds for those families? Look at the huge and ongoing investagations in his case, but yet Brians is shut and sealed for thirty years.
    One more irrelevent example is the plane that flew into the pentagon i find it hard to believe they have next to no footage of this in a world full of survalence camera’s. The government’s major power is with holding information

    • if you even thought to question this story in mainstream you would be labelled a crackpot and your name blackened..its a suicide wish thats why noone complains or questions it..its left to us on the fringe to cry for truth..the pentagon hit was a missile..the most filmed building in the world and nobody has one piece of footage..thats your litmus test right there..

  3. I have only just learned the facts of this case. I was only 13 when this happened. After learning about the sandy hook hoax, I heard people compare it to port Arthur. This never occured to me before. After reading your post and others’, I am completely shocked. How could such a blatant disregard for justice be allowed? Why did no one stand up for Martin? He has the intellectual ability of a 10-13 yr old. We were completely duped.

    • A lot of things don’t add up on that day. The case never went to trial! There is no reason we are immune from false flag events. Australia gave up its guns after PA…

  4. This may be adding fuel to the fire. I am not all that up on the balistics of the unfortunate massacre at Port Arthur so i looked to do some research from another direction. I have as most of us free thinkers been, checking out the relevant facts of the New World Order.

    1 Bilderberg group links Rothschilds and other such old family money: too
    2 Oxford university which in turn has the Rhodes scholarships Prime Minister Bob Hawke was a Rhodes Scholar, Aust labour party Leader. So what i here you all screaming
    .3 Harold Wilson was also a Oxford man as well as being British Prime minister : Here the twist, Who do you think worked on his campaign to get him elected and leading the country?:


    So what do we have Here 2 Australian Prime Ministers from different sides of political spectrum with a relationship with a 3rd Prime minister of a different country all througth old money Oxford and the Bilderberg group; p.s Harold wilson was a member of the Bilderberg group. So is it to much of a strech that Little Johnny was just itching for a an exuse to NOT ONLY GET RID OFF MILITARY RIFLES BUT ANYTHING SEMI AUTO EVEN IF IT WAS ONLY 3 ROUNDS. dont know appreciate your thoughts just hope 35 people were not executed for some power trip.

    • they managed to take rifles and guns off of even country Australians very easily after port arthur..the fact this guy, who is almost retarded, never went to trial..sets off alarm bells for me..

      nice connection on hawke and howard..note abbott is also a rhodes scholar..

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