Images 22/12/13


truckfighters album cover..uh huh..and this relates to the picture below as well..


can you name the singer? heres a clue..QOTSA..


oh look..i found maurice strong..hes still alive as well!..with the white witch..

kerry hilary laura at georgetown

and here is hillary again with john kerry at georgetown university..see the compass and associated symbol?

georgia jagger

mick jaggers daughter..following in dads footsteps..

lara stone

lara eyed icon..


del rey..young and beautiful and one eyed..


jesus h christ sort of drugs are you on?


syria circle should be dark blue now..

Entertainer Barbara Streisand and former

kissinger and streisand..the high leveler’s mix with the A listers all the time..who is rubbing who though?


indeed and one eyed..thats how the love media like to portray you can in the picture below which was circulated heavily..


all hail the messiah..


the kardashian xmas card..where do you start? there is so much here..


this is the entire card in all its esoteric glory..


ke$ha..yeah i think we get the picture thanks..

lots of images this week..more to come as always next week..


~ by seeker401 on December 22, 2013.

4 Responses to “Images 22/12/13”


    The penny drops…

  2. season -Word- Palindrome post it bfore probably ^^
    Santa-s atan
    oh-oh-oh-666-space btw-letters is6
    some from this week
    some from this week
    palindromes -numbers
    just check they crowd on MandelaRIP hometown-burial wonderStrong was
    there too
    ohohohJosh:( hope not allQSA orKyuss

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  4. And each chapter and page of the Book of Revelations turn, one by one, as the world’s righteous weep…

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