South Sudan: UN troops killed in attack on base..hundreds dead..Rebels kill nearly 1000 in Central African Republic


The United Nations has lost contact with one of its bases in South Sudanas continued fighting between rebels and government forces increased fears the world’s youngest state was sliding towards civil war.

The UN said it has lost contact with a base stormed by attackers and at least three peacekeepers and civilian staff are unaccounted for.

UN deputy spokesman Farhan Haq said 40 Indian peacekeepers at the base at Akobo in Jonglei state had been moved to a nearby South Sudan army camp, but that three peacekeepers and possibly one civilian worker were missing.

An Indian UN envoy later said three of its peacekeepers had been killed.

The fate of more than 30 ethnic Dinka civilians who had taken refuge at the Akobo base was also not known, Haq added.

“We are no longer in contact with the Akobo base,” Haq said.

The attack on the UN base came after troops loyal to fugitive former vice president Riek Machar seized the town of Bor late Wednesday, army spokesman Philip Aguer said, as fighting continued in eastern Jonglei state.

President Salva Kiir has blamed the bloodshed on a coup bid by his perennial rival Machar, who says the alleged overthrow was a fabrication to cover up a regime purge.

Kiir has said he was ready to “sit down” but Machar, who was sacked by the president in July, rejected the offer.

In an interview with RFI radio Thursday, Machar said he had appealed to the ruling party and army “to remove Salva Kiir from the leadership of the country”.

Some 450 people have been killed in the capital Juba since battles broke out on Sunday, including around 100 soldiers, Aguer said.

The battles have raised concerns of ethnic conflict, with Kiir coming from the majority Dinka people and Machar from the Nuer.

The Central African Republic’s mostly Muslim ex-rebels killed nearly 1000 people in the capital Bangui two weeks ago in a rampage avenging deadly Christian militia attacks, Amnesty International has said in a report.

The death toll was significantly higher than earlier estimates by the United Nations, which spoke of 450 killed in Bangui and another 150 elsewhere in the country.

The two-day spasm of violence by fighters from the former Seleka rebel group came after Christian militias known as “anti-balaka” (anti-machete) went door-to-door in some districts in the capital “and killed approximately 60 Muslim men”, Amnesty said on Thursday.

“The de facto government forces, known as ex-Seleka, retaliated on a larger scale against Christians in the wake of the attack, killing nearly 1000 men over a two-day period and systematically looting civilian homes. A small number of women and children were also killed.”

Its report was based on a two-week fact-finding mission to the Central African Republic, which has been mired in chaos since March, when Seleka took power and ousted the previous government.


two countries with two different conflicts..both will bring international forces to their areas and obama was quick to get that happening..ironic to see the UN react so quickly now especially when THEY lose troops..what happened in rwanda all those years ago? everything was in slo-mo then..


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13 Responses to “South Sudan: UN troops killed in attack on base..hundreds dead..Rebels kill nearly 1000 in Central African Republic”

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    Such sad news for the Sudan and the families of the soldiers going over.

    • who cares about the US soldiers. those who follow illegal orders belong in jail. they do not deserve our sympathies.

      • Thank you for your opinion. I am always against war and have always been against war. I suffer in my heart when people die in war, natural disasters, at the hands of a murderer. Blessings, Barbara

      • What is it good for? Absolutely nothing.

      • You quoted the lyrics to the 60′s song War. Very good. Hugs, Barbara

      • Cheers :)

      • -everyone in the US military is a volunteer

        -have sudanese troops attacked the US? no.

        -are US troops invading Sudan? yes. will they kill people? yes.

        the murderers and their families do not deserve our support. if they do not wish to die, they should do what lt. ehren watada did and refuse to follow illegal orders. he’s a free man because he had the law on his side.

      • tell it to the families of three million dead vietnamese. the 60s was about spoiled narcissists getting laid. that song didn’t save the life of a single person. all it did was make a bunch of narcissists feel even better about themselves.

        meanwhile, not one single song from the US 60s sings the praises of the real, true heroes – the vietnamese who bravely defended their homeland against the american hordes.

      • The other day I and my man were out walking in a nearby park. I told him how it had always been one of my goals to know every plant, what they were called, where they grew, what they thrived upon, how to propagate them, what animals ate them, what medicines could be made from them, how to communicate with them even. I just wanted to know. And in fact, I’ve devoted years of my life to knowing. He remarked how he had always wanted to know much the same, but as he went on, I realized that for him, he wanted to know his environment, to know everything in it so he could always neutralize any possible threat. I remarked, “So you were always a soldier,” and he said, “Yes.”
        My man was a soldier, special forces in fact. I’ve never yet seen any man who upon learning this does not immediately show him a great deal of respect. When they find out he has seen combat, it just gets worse. They just fall all over themselves. I don’t. In all honesty, I have often spoken to him much as you do here to Idealistic Rebel. But time has taught me that it is useless. As long as societies glorify strength in battle beyond any other activity, many young men and a not inconsiderable number of young women as well, will seek to prove themselves in war. Respect is often confused with honor; which is not to say that there can be no honor in war, either, when one is truly on the side of right. But to know whether or not one is one side of right is less simple than you state, especially when one is young. And there are of course times when no one is on the side of right. Fix the glorification of strength over all other virtues if you can, if you really want a change instead of merely to vent your frustrations on strangers.

      • “As long as societies glorify strength in battle beyond any other activity, many young men and a not inconsiderable number of young women as well, will seek to prove themselves in war.”

        Very true some it is a test.

  3. Obama had better hope he’s not being set up for another Benghazi soft coup by Those who Cannot Be Named that want their war on Syria fought for them.

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