Poland to send 50 non-combat troops to CAR..Americans airlifted from South Sudan



Poland has agreed to send 50 troops to offer logistics and technical aid to France’s operation in the Central African Republic (CAR), media report said.

“I want to state very precisely that this aid is logistic and technical and will concern air transport,” Xinhua reported citing Prime Minister Donald Tusk in a press conference following the EU summit in Brussels.

The decision was taken due to France’s strategic partnership with Poland, especially in the defence area, he added.

France has been asking for help from its European partners to bolster its peacekeeping mission in CAR.

It has deployed 1,600 troops to the African country to prevent escalating bloodshed between Muslim and Christian rebels that left hundreds of people dead and forced thousands others to flee the capital.


All Americans who presented themselves at the United Nations camp in Bor, South Sudan, were evacuated safely Sunday amid deadly violence in the country, the State Department said. A State Department official said about 15 Americans were flown out.

U.S. personnel are working to confirm that no other U.S. citizens remain in Bor in need of evacuation, a State Department official said.

“This morning, the United States — in coordination with the United Nations and in consultation with the South Sudanese government — safely evacuated American citizens from Bor, South Sudan,” State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said in a statement. “U.S. citizens and citizens from our partner nations were flown from Bor to Juba on U.N. and U.S. civilian helicopters. The United States and the United Nations, which has the lead for securing Bor airport in South Sudan, took steps to ensure fighting factions were aware these flights were a humanitarian mission.”


i will continue to watch both of these stories as they are right next to each other and are very significant as we continue with our eyes on africa..in the end..both conflicts are to do with resources and energy and who has them..but you will not be told that..

poland now involved in CAR via its love of france..


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