Pope Francis says he expects to live two or three more years and may retire

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Pope Francis and Cristina Fernandez


Pope Francis has publicly broached the prospect of his own death for the first time, light-heartedly giving himself “two or three years” but not ruling out retirement before then.

Talking to reporters on a flight back to the Vatican from South Korea, the 77-year-old pontiff, who seemed in good spirits, was asked about his global popularity, which was evident again during his five-day visit.

“I see it as the generosity of the people of God. I try to think of my sins, my mistakes, not to become proud. Because I know it will last only a short time. Two or three years and then I’ll be off to the Father’s house,” he replied.

The Argentinian pope said he could handle the popularity “more naturally” these days, though at first it had “scared me a little”.

While the pope has not spoken publicly before about when he might meet his maker, a Vatican source said he had previously told those close to him that he thought he only had a few years left.

Pope Francis also mentioned the possibility of retiring from the papacy, as his predecessor Benedict XVI did last year, if he felt he could no longer adequately perform his duties.

Resigning the papacy was a possibility “even if it does not appeal to some theologians”, he told reporters.

He added that 60 years ago it was practically unheard of for Catholic bishops to retire, but nowadays it was common. “Benedict XVI opened a door,” he said.

Francis admitted he had “some nerve problems”, which required treatment. “Must treat them well, these nerves, give them mate [an Argentinian stimulant tea] every day,” he joked.

“One of these neuroses is that I’m too much of a homebody,” he added, recalling that the last time he had taken a holiday outside his native Argentina was “with the Jesuit community in 1975″.


Three of Pope Francis’ Family Members Die in Argentina Car Crash


Pope Francis was grieving the loss of three family members on Tuesday following a traffic accident in Argentina. A Vatican spokesman confirmed to NBC News that the pope’s niece and two great-nephews had died. Father Federico Lombardi said “the pope has been informed and he is painfully sorry,” adding that the pontiff had asked for prayers.

Police in Cordoba told NBC News that a call came in just after midnight about an accident involving a cargo truck and a Chevy Spin. The Chevy driver – Francis’ 35-year-old nephew, Emanuel Bergoglio – was in intensive care in an induced coma after suffering a variety of injuries including liver trauma and a fractured femur, according to police. Bergoglio’s wife, 36-year-old Carmona Valeria, and their eight-month-old son Jose died at the scene. Bergoglio’s two-year-old, Antonio, later died at the hospital, police added. The news – which was first reported by Agence France-Presse – came a day after the 77-year-old pope suggest he could one day follow in Benedict XVI’s footsteps and resign the papacy and joked that he might die soon. When asked about his immense popularity on Monday, Francis replied: “This will last a short time, two or three years, and then to the house of the Father.”


very strange words from francis..and raising the possibility of him retiring whilst benny is still alive which could lead to the unprecedented occurrence of 3 popes being alive at the same time!


Clive Palmer labels the Chinese as “mongrels” and “bastards”

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“PALMER’S rampant rascality serves as a symbol that Australian society has an unfriendly attitude toward China.”

China’s second national English language newspaper, the Global Times, has lambasted Clive Palmer, and Australia, for his “damning” Chinese mongrel comments on Monday night’s Q&A program.

In an opinion piece for the paper, an anonymous writer says China must “let those prancing provocateurs know how much of a price they pay when they deliberately rile us.

“China cannot let him off, or show petty kindness just because the Australian government has condemned him,” it reads.

It proceeds to call for considerations to impose sanctions on Palmer and any Australian companies who have business dealings with the politician.

“Hooligan politics is being employed by the Australian government to deal with China.

“China must teach Canberra a lesson for sabotaging a bilateral relationship. This situation is making it a radical “double-dealer” among all the nations which have relationships with China.

“Canberra boasts about itself having so-called strategic values, most of which, however, are created out of its own delusions.”

Mr Palmer is refusing to back down over his comments in which he labelled the Chinese “mongrels” and “bastards” as the government becomes increasingly frustrated by Palmer’s loose lips.

In the latest of a string of statements, Mr Palmer told the Financial Review, that “if I went [to China] they’d shoot me.”

The government is concerned Mr Palmer’s “hurling insults” will hurt Australia’s relationship with China.

When asked on 3AW if he stood by his tirade on Q&A against Australia’s largest trading partner, Mr Palmer said he believed his comments were “an accurate reflection” of the standard of government in China.

“I think so, they do that to people and shoot them and kill them, which they do, and they don’t have elections.

“I don’t think that’s the sort of values that we have in Australia.”


hes a populist pig who will say anything to remain in the “good books” but after you scratch at the surface a bit you see the real palmer..an overweight buffoon with xenophobic ideals..i wouldnt trust him as far as i could kick him and thats not very far at all..his original company was china first..irony eh?


Turkey: German spying unacceptable if confirmed

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The Turkish Foreign Ministry has called in Germany’s ambassador in Ankara to explain media reports that Germany’s secret services had been spying on its NATO ally.

“This is a grave situation that needs to be explained by Germany if there is slightest truth to these allegations,” the ministry said in a statement Monday. “Such practices in relations among friends and allies, which should be built on mutual trust and respect, are in no way acceptable.”

“It is expected that the German authorities present an official and satisfactory explanation on the claims reported by German media and end these activities immediately if the claims are true.”

Turkey’s acting Foreign Ministry undersecretary, Erdogan Iscan, met German Ambassador Eberhard Pohl to voice Turkey’s concerns.

Germany said that its ambassador had not been “summoned” but rather invited for a discussion, which was conducted “in a friendly manner.”

Earlier, German media reported that the national Federal Intelligence Service (BND) had been spyingon its NATO ally Turkey since at least 2009.

According to the reports, Berlin didn’t treat Ankara with the level of trust it demands from the US, because there are many Turks living in Germany.

The official reaction follows comments from Mehmet Ali Sahin, deputy chairman of Turkey’s Ruling Justice and Development Party, who said the reports merited an investigation.

“I am of the opinion that there is a need to handle the issue seriously. Our government and the Foreign Ministry will conduct the necessary investigation of the allegations,” he said.

Pro-government Turkish daily Sabah said an investigation has already been launched.

Merkel’s deputy spokesperson, Christiane Wirtz, refused to comment on the spying reports Monday, Reuters reported.


werent the germans crying about the usa spying on them?

such hypocrites..everyone spies on everyone..some just do it better and more secretly than others..or at least they used to..


Street battles in Luhansk as troops advance

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Heavy fighting has been reported in rebel-held areas of eastern Ukraine, with street clashes in the centre of the key city of Luhansk.

Government forces have regained one district in the city, officials say.

Shelling has been reported near the rebel headquarters in Donetsk, the other major rebel-held eastern city.

Russia says President Vladimir Putin is due to meet Ukraine’s Petro Poroshenko next week, as the number of civilian casualties rises.

Pro-Russian separatists in the eastern regions of Luhansk and Donetsk declared independence from Kiev and proclaimed their own people’s republics after Russia annexed the Crimean peninsula from Ukraine in March.

More than 2,000 civilians and combatants have been killed since mid-April, when Ukraine’s government sent troops to put down the rebel uprising.

Ukrainian military officials say at least 17 civilians were killed when a convoy of refugees came under mortar and rocket fire south-east of Luhansk on Monday.

Ukraine accuses Russia of arming the rebels and sending Russian soldiers into eastern Ukraine – a claim denied by the Kremlin.

Tens of thousands of civilians have fled in recent weeks as Ukrainian government forces have advanced on Luhansk. The city is suffering acute shortages of water, food and electricity.

An interior ministry aide told the Interfax Ukraine agency that the military was recapturing the city “block by block”.

At the same time, reports said a convoy of armoured vehicles from Russia had managed to enter Luhansk to help the rebels.

The claim was made by prominent Ukrainian military journalist Dmytro Tymchuk, who said there had been “dozens of pieces of of military hardware”.

Russia has repeatedly denied sending any weapons across the border.

The separatists have lost control of several small towns in both regions in recent days.

Residents in the centre of Donetsk fled as the rebel headquarters came under shell fire. Cars with gunmen sped through red lights, Reuters news agency reported.

Clashes were also reported in Makiivka, east of the city, hours after government forces said they had taken control of most of the town of Ilovaisk, to the south-east.

A prominent pro-Ukraine commander, Semen Semenchenko, suffered shrapnel wounds when his unit came under mortar attack in Ilovaisk. He is considered one of the most popular of the volunteer commanders in the country.

An aide to Ukraine’s interior ministry, Anton Gerashenko, said that 14 Russian TV channels had been banned from cable networks in Ukraine.


the squeeze is on now..2000 dead but it doesnt raise a mention on western channels..bet they showed the foley story though..thats not to belittle his death but lets keep some perspective..


Yemen’s Houthis protest against government

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houthi march


Tens of thousands of Houthis joined an anti-government rally in Sanaa on Monday in response to a call by Shiite rebel commander Abdulmalik al-Houthi.

The protesters assembled in Change Square and then paraded through the centre of the capital, where supporters of the rebels, who are known as Houthis or Ansarullah, had converged during the morning after travelling from outside the capital.

A tight security cordon was in place around Sanaa, with increased security along the main roads, though no incidents had been reported by the middle of the day.

There was also a concentrated presence by air force planes circling the skies above the march, reports Yemeni news site Yemen Now.

The demonstrators chanted slogans against the government, which has struggled to manage the political transition since the ouster in 2012 of veteran president Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Participants chanted slogans demanding that current President Hadi “change course” and said he had “sold [Yemen] out to the Islamic State.”

They were also protesting against the government’s July decision to end a petrol subsidy.

The spokesperson for Yemen in Washington, Mohammed al-Basha, claimed that the march had not garnered support from any other political groups, and that numbers had fallen short of a 5 August protest.

In a speech on Sunday night, Abdulmalik al-Houthi had called on his followers to march on Sanaa and demand “the fall of the government, which has failed.”

After the speech, hundreds of cars belonging to Houthi supporters arrived in the capital ahead of Monday’s demonstration, according to Yemen Now.

In his speech, Abdulmalik al-Houth gave the government a deadline of Friday to meet the protesters’ grievances.

Otherwise, additional forms of “legitimate action” would be used, Houthi warned.


remember yemen?..most dont..its been forgotten as we look at other hotspots on earth..but this one is just festering away..keep an eye on it..

“They were also protesting against the government’s July decision to end a petrol subsidy.”

from small things big things occur..


New app reveals how your smartphone can spy on you without permission

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Your Android phone can be turned into a microphone without your permission or knowledge. All that’s needed are the gyros in your phone that measure orientation. Stanford researchers have shown how to rewire them to pick up sound waves.

Together with the defense firm Rafael, they created an Android app called Gyrophone, which shows just how easy it is to get the vibrating pressure plates used by the gyroscope to pick up vibrations of sound at frequencies in the 80-250Hz range – the base frequencies of the human voice.

“We show that the MEMS gyroscopes found on modern smartphones are sufficiently sensitive to measure acoustic signals in the vicinity of the phone. The resulting signals contain only very low-frequency information (< 200 Hz). Nevertheless we show, using signal processing and machine learning, that this information is sufficient to identify speaker information and even parse speech. Since iOS and Android require no special permissions to access the gyro, our results show that apps and active web content that cannot access the microphone can nevertheless eavesdrop on speech in the vicinity of the phone,” the scientists say on the Stanford Security Research website, where they also offer the Android application as a free download.

They also provide a link to a webpage that can be browsed via a mobile phone to demonstrate the efficacy of the method. The resulting data isn’t recorded anywhere, although it can be saved as a file, if the user wishes.

What the researchers have shown is that the big array of sensors on a smartphone can be used for a variety of purposes. In another, related paper, they demonstrate how the multitude of sensors on a smartphone can be used to construct a reliable hardware fingerprint of the phone. Such a fingerprint can be used to de-anonymize mobile devices as they connect to web sites, and as a second factor in identifying legitimate users to a remote server. We present two implementations: one based on analyzing the frequency response of the speakerphone-microphone system, and another based on analyzing device-specific accelerometer calibration errors.”

The discovery is just another chapter in the already controversial scandalous saga of communications surveillance with tools as simple as the smartphone’s microphone being turned on remotely. It became more pertinent with the recent revelations offered by former US government intelligence contractor Edward Snowden, who is now resident in Russia after having his US passport invalidated a year ago and US prosecutors demanding his return to the States.

In late June, Russia’s Kaspersky Lab, one of the world’s top information security firms, reported on legal malware produced by an Italian company, Hacking Team, which since 2001 has offered its clients the opportunity to snoop on their targets. Their product is said to be the first Remote Control Systems (RCS) malware with a positive link to mobile phones, opening them up to new potential security threats.

However, internet companies have also been said to store information on users for a while now, with fears that mobile apps may merely be fronts for private information mining, as your email, photos, numbers and addresses are picked up each time you punch them in.


“the big array of sensors on a smartphone can be used for a variety of purposes.”

no shit..and so many of us have one..

“another chapter in the already controversial scandalous saga of communications surveillance with tools as simple as the smartphone’s microphone being turned on remotely”



US and NATO using ISIS to re-intervene into the region

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One of the ironies is that the US pretending to fight ISIS in Iraq, when it is in Syria, too; Washington is using the ISIS to wage new wars in the region and create new military bases, especially in Iraqi Kurdistan, Iraq analyst Sami Ramadani told RT.

RT: There is a steady flow of Europeans to Syria and Iraq. In your opinion, what are the chances they will bring violence back to the EU?

Sami Ramadani: It is always a possibility, but this is something the British government should have thought about when it started funding and arming the various armed groups in Syria and undermined the cohesion of Syrian society. Cameron in his article goes as far as saying that ISIL today has the ancient city of Aleppo firmly within its sight, and most of its design on Jordan and Lebanon, and right up to the Turkish border. If it succeeds we would be facing a terrorist state on the shores of the Mediterranean and bordering a NATO member. So you can see, people have been warning about these terrorists groups in Syria or in Iraq, they have been funneling arms from the Western countries, backed by funds from Qatar, Saudi Arabia, funding these terrorist groups through the Turkish border.

RT: Who is responsible for the rise of the “Islamic State”?

SR: You have to go back to the invasion and occupation of Iraq in 2003. Neither Syria nor Iraq had any terrorist organizations before that date, and within a year of that occupation the Iraqi doors were flung open for terrorist organizations and terrorist acts, and gradually through 2005 the US and some Gulf rulers started even funding some of these extremist organizations. Once the Syria crisis started in 2011 openly the US, and Britain started funding and arming these groups. You can even go back to Afghanistan where Bin Laden’s Al-Qaeda were trained and funded by the CIA to fight the Soviet forces there, and then Bin Laden forces became so strong that they started threatening the US interests. These terrorists organizations were created, used, abused by the Western powers, including Britain, so they can use the same organizations to reinvade the area, reoccupy it; they had a design to create a massive military base in Iraqi Kurdistan. That will obviously threaten Iran in the future and any government in Baghdad that might wish to have policies different from those of the US. So we have talked about strategic interests, the UN report referred to oil, but this entire region is extremely sensitive, and the US and NATO are using the barbarity, savagery and threat of the ISIS to strengthen their presence.


and now we have this:


which reminds me of this:


synchronicity and very close to the 10 year anniversary of berg..

“Once the Syria crisis started in 2011 openly the US, and Britain started funding and arming these groups. You can even go back to Afghanistan where Bin Laden’s Al-Qaeda were trained and funded by the CIA to fight the Soviet forces there..”

and thats the inconvenient truth..



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