Central African Republic factions announce ceasefire

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Rival armed groups in the Central African Republic have signed a ceasefire agreement aimed at ending over a year of religious conflict.

The agreement was signed in Congo between Muslim Seleka rebels and the Christian anti-Balaka militia.

As part of the deal, the Seleka dropped their demand for CAR’s partition.

Thousands of people have been killed and almost a quarter of the country’s 4.6 million inhabitants have been forced from their homes.

Muslims have been forced to flee the capital city and most of the west of the country, in what rights groups described as ethnic cleansing.

Both sides have been accused of war crimes such as torture and unlawful killing.

The negotiations began in the Congolese capital of Brazzaville on Monday.

“We have signed this ceasefire agreement today in front of everyone. Our commitment is firm and irreversible” said Mohamed Moussa Dhaffane, who headed the Seleka delegation.

Patrick Edouard Ngaissona, head of the anti-Balaka negotiating team, said anyone caught violating the ceasefire would be arrested.

Further talks are due to be held in CAR to decide details such as disarmament and the country’s political transition.

The latest trouble in CAR began when mainly Muslim rebels seized power in March last year.


“anyone caught violating the ceasefire would be arrested.”

best of luck enforcing that one..


Gaza UN school shelter hit killing scores..global rallies for peace

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At least 13 people were killed and more than 200 injured when a UN-run school used as a shelter came under fire in Gaza, health officials say.

Palestinian families were in the school in Beit Hanoun, fleeing Israel’s offensive against Hamas militants.

In the past 16 days of fighting, 797 Palestinians and 33 Israelis have been killed, officials say.

Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal told the BBC he wants a ceasefire and end to Israel’s blockade as soon as possible.

“We don’t want to be controlled by a border crossing that makes Gaza the biggest prison in the world,” Mr Meshaal, who lives in exile in Qatar, told BBC Hardtalk.

“People cannot go for medical treatment or to work. Why are the people of Gaza being punished by a slow death in the world biggest prison? This is a crime.”

Earlier Gaza’s health ministry reported that 15 people were killed in the school attack, but later revised the figures.

Meanwhile, at least two Palestinians were killed during a protest at the Qalandia checkpoint near East Jerusalem.

UN chief Ban Ki-moon said he was “appalled” by the attack on the school in northern Gaza and said it underscored “the imperative for the killing to stop – and to stop now”.

According to the UN, more than 118,000 people are now sheltering in UN schools and people are running out of food.



Hundreds of protesters looted shops, burnt cars and attacked a synagogue, as an unauthorized anti-Israeli rally turned violent in a Parisian suburb. Simultaneously, thousands participated in peaceful pro-Palestinian marches across the globe.

Despite a ban by authorities, an anti-Israel demonstration was held on Sunday in a Parisian suburb of Sarcelles, dubbed ‘Little Jerusalem’ for its large community of Sephardic Jews. It was the second in a row unauthorized protest in the French capital to turn violent over the weekend.

Elsewhere in Europe pro-Palestinian protests appeared to be relatively peaceful.

The largest one in Europe drew 11,000 of people to the streets of Vienna, who marched across the city center to the official residence of the country’s president.

In Amsterdam, some 3,000 participated in the march, demanding an immediate end to the Israeli military operation in Gaza. People carried signs reading “Stop the war” and “Israel war criminals.” Just one person was detained for refusing to obey a police order, the Netherlands’ NOS reported.

It just has to stop. Children are being killed and they are innocent,” said protester Ekrem Kara, as cited by AFP.


gut wrenching images from the school..i dont care if hamas had a rocket launcher near it..those rockets are like a slap in the face with a wet lettuce..to send a missile into a school is subhuman..and then to claim it might have been carried out by hamas who dont even have missiles capable of injuring over 100 people..no wonder there is growing anger around the world and its starting to show in rallies and protests..they have zero shame the IDF..


UK Supermarket first in world to be powered entirely by garbage

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A Sainsburys supermarket has become the first to be powered directly from its food waste, instead of electricity from the National Grid.

The store, located in Cannock, Staffordshire, sends its waste to the UK’s largest anaerobic digestion plant to be turned into methane gas, which can then be used to generate electricity.

The remaining food waste is then re-used by the plant to produce low carbon power for 2,500 homes a year.

Sainsbury’s, who delivered the project in partnership with Management giants Biffa, said that the method is not only good for the environment, but is also cost effective compared to throwing excess foods away.

The store is the first business to use the recycling technology, and be powered entirely on leftover and unused stock.

“Sainsbury’s sends absolutely no waste to landfill and we’re always looking for new ways to re-use and recycle,” said Paul Crewe, head of sustainability at Sainsbury’s.

Food waste has long been an issue in the UK. Last year 4.2m tonnes of food & drink were thrown away by British households, worth £12.5bn, according to the government’s Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP),

The WRAP report also said that UK families wasted nearly £60 a day by throwing away food, with a fifth of household purchases ending up as waste.

However, the use of anaerobic digestion plants are part of a ‘quiet revolution’ according to Richard Swannell, a director at WRAP, who also said the technology could be used to power British towns and cities.

“So when you recycle your food waste at home, at school or at work, it is being put to great use delivering a more sustainable future for us all” he said.

Sainsbury’s in 2010 became the first British supermarket to adopt a zero-waste policy in its stores, and also donates excess foods to charities and farms to be used as animal feed.


good idea..i hate seeing the wasting of food..i would rather see all the food donated to charities however..


New Zealand raises interest rate to 3.5%

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New Zealand on Thursday raised its benchmark interest rate to 3.5 percent but signaled it was pausing its program of rate hikes.

The announcement prompted a sharp drop in the New Zealand dollar, which was trading down nearly 1 percent at $0.8625.

New Zealand has been going it alone among developed nations this year by embarking on interest-rate tightening. Thursday marked the central bank’s fourth successive hike of 0.25 percent.

However, economic conditions have changed significantly in recent months. The hikes have seen the New Zealand dollar bid up as global investors seek better returns, which has hurt exporters. And prices for dairy products, the country’s leading export, have fallen.

New Zealand’s Reserve Bank Governor Graeme Wheeler said in a statement that there would be “a period of assessment” before any future rate hikes. He didn’t specify how long that period might last.

He said the high level of the New Zealand dollar was “unjustified and unsustainable and there is potential for a significant fall.”


this is the fourth rise this year for new zealand..this is coming to all of our countries..i expect australia to lift near christmas or just after..the cheap rates will be gone as requested by the major financial groups..the BIS, IMF and world bank..


The mystery of a Ukrainian army “defector”

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U.S. intelligence officials suggest that the person who fired the missile that downed Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 may have been “a defector” from the Ukrainian army, an apparent attempt to explain why some CIA analysts thought satellite images revealed men in Ukrainian army uniforms manning the missile battery, writes Robert Parry.

As the U.S. government seeks to build its case blaming eastern Ukrainian rebels and Russia for the shoot-down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, the evidence seems to be getting twisted to fit the preordained conclusion, including a curious explanation for why the troops suspected of firing the fateful missile may have been wearing Ukrainian army uniforms.

On Tuesday, mainstream journalists, including for the Los Angeles Times and the Washington Post, were given a briefing about the U.S. intelligence information that supposedly points the finger of blame at the rebels and Russia. While much of this circumstantial case was derived from postings on “social media,” the briefings also addressed the key issue of who fired the Buk anti-aircraft missile that is believed to have downed the airliner killing all 298 people onboard.

After last Thursday’s shoot-down, I was told that U.S. intelligence analysts were examining satellite imagery that showed the crew manning the suspected missile battery wearing what looked like Ukrainian army uniforms, but my source said the analysts were still struggling with whether that essentially destroyed the U.S. government’s case blaming the rebels.

The Los Angeles Times article on Tuesday’s briefing seemed to address the same information this way: “U.S. intelligence agencies have so far been unable to determine the nationalities or identities of the crew that launched the missile. U.S. officials said it was possible the SA-11 [anti-aircraft missile] was launched by a defector from the Ukrainian military who was trained to use similar missile systems.”

That statement about a possible “defector” might explain why some analysts thought they saw soldiers in Ukrainian army uniforms tending to the missile battery in eastern Ukraine. But there is another obvious explanation that the U.S. intelligence community seems unwilling to accept: that the missile may have been launched by someone working for the Ukrainian military.

In other words, we may be seeing another case of the U.S. government “fixing the intelligence” around a desired policy outcome, as occurred in the run-up to war with Iraq.

The Los Angeles Times also reported: “U.S. officials have not released evidence proving that Russia’s military played a direct role in the downing of the jet or in training separatists to use the SA-11 missile system. But they said Tuesday that the Russian military has been training Ukrainian separatists to operate antiaircraft batteries at a base in southwestern Russia.”

Though that last charge also has lacked verifiable proof – and could refer to training on less powerful anti-aircraft weapons like so-called Manpads – the key question is whether the Russian government trained the rebels in handling a sophisticated anti-aircraft system, like the SA-11, and then was reckless enough to supply one or more of those missile batteries to the rebels — knowing that these rockets could reach above 30,000 feet where passenger airlines travel.

The Russian government has denied doing anything that dangerous, if not crazy, and the eastern Ukrainian rebels also deny ever possessing such a missile battery. But the question that needs answering is: Are the Russians and the rebels lying?

That requires a serious and impartial investigation, but what the Obama administration and most of the mainstream U.S. news media have delivered so far is another example of “information warfare,” assembling a case to make an adversary look bad regardless of the actual evidence — and then marginalizing any dissents to the desired conclusion.

That was exactly the “group think” that led the United States into the disastrous invasion of Iraq – and it appears that few if any lesson were learned.


let me get this straight..they have  satellite imagery which shows men in ukrainian uniforms..working the buk missile launcher..but they cant be ukrainian because that doesnt fit the meme..they must be rebels dressed as ukrainians..riiiiiggghhhtt…


Solomon’s Temple in Brazil is set to open July 31st 2014!

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thanks to intrigued for the link..

what the..

didnt even know this was occurring..wow..food for thought eh? how many masons will be invited to the opening? :)


Putin: “We will react to NATO build-up”

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Moscow will respond to NATO’s expansion towards Russia’s borders, President Vladimir Putin said at the emergency Security Council meeting in Moscow. Here are his key quotes on Russia’s defense, Western sanctions, and violence in eastern Ukraine.

NATO forces have been increasing military presence in Eastern European countries bordering Russia and sending warships to the Baltic and Mediterranean due to the escalation of the Ukrainian crisis. NATO has also stated that it will endorse new funding for Ukraine’s defense, blaming Russia for destabilizing the situation in Ukraine.

We shall provide an adequate and well-measured response to NATO’s expansion towards Russia’s borders, and we shall take note of [the West] setting up a global missile defense architecture and building up its arsenals of precision-guided weapons,” Putin said on Tuesday.

No matter what our Western counterparts tell us, we can see what’s going on. As it stands, NATO is blatantly building up its forces in Eastern Europe, including the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea areas. Its operational and combat training activities are gaining in scale.”

Putin stated that NATO’s military build-up near Russia’s border is not just for defense, but is an “offensive weapon” and an “element of the US offensive system deployed outside the mainland.

With that in mind, we need to promptly and diligently implement all the measures we have planned to strengthen our nation’s defense capabilities, including our plans for Crimea and Sevastopol, where we will practically have to set up our military architecture from scratch.”

The very concept of the state sovereignty is becoming diluted. Unwanted regimes and countries that are trying to exercise independent policy or simply stand in the way of someone’s interests are getting destabilized,” Putin said.

Attempts aimed at destabilizing the social and political situation, throwing off Russia and striking at its vulnerable and soft spots have been and will be made,” he added.

According to Putin, Western states are trying to “make Russia agreeable so that certain matters at the international arena are resolved in favor of other countries.”

The so-called competitive struggle at the international arena will imply the use of tools in both economic and political fields. This will include the potential of security services, modern information and communication technologies, and connections of dependent, puppet NGOs – the so-called soft power,” Putin pointed out. “Apparently, some countries regard it as democracy.”

Putin stressed that Russia has an edge over other states, as the country isn’t a member of any alliance.

Any alliance member countries lose part of their sovereignty and it rarely goes in tune with the national interests of the country. But it’s their sovereign decision.”

On our part, we follow all the norms of international law and fulfill our obligations to our partners. We expect other countries and organizations, military and political alliances – Russia is not a part of any alliance, and that underpins our sovereignty – to take our national interests into consideration.




interesting speech by vlad..thoughts?

what about a first strike nuclear option from america?



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