How did Harry Reid get rich?

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Try this thought experiment. Imagine that someone grows up in poverty, works his way through law school by holding the night shift as a Capitol Hill policeman, and spends all but two years of his career as a public servant. Now imagine that this person’s current salary — and he’s at the top of his game — is $193,400. You probably wouldn’t expect him to have millions in stocks, bonds, and real estate.

But, surprise, he does, if he’s our Senate majority leader, whose net worth is between 3 and 10 million dollars, according to When Harry Reid entered the Nevada legislature in 1982, his net worth was listed as between $1 million and $1.5 million “or more,” according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. So, since inquiring minds inquire, let’s try to figure out how Reid’s career in public service ended up being so lucrative. He hasn’t released his tax returns, which makes this an imperfect science, but looking at a few of his investments helps to show how he amassed his wealth.

In 2004, the senator made $700,000 off a land deal that was, to say the least, unorthodox. It started in 1998 when he bought a parcel of land with attorney Jay Brown, a close friend whose name has surfaced multiple times in organized-crime investigations and whom one retired FBI agent described as “always a person of interest.” Three years after the purchase, Reid transferred his portion of the property to Patrick Lane LLC, a holding company Brown controlled. But Reid kept putting the property on his financial disclosures, and when the company sold it in 2004, he profited from the deal — a deal on land that he didn’t technically own and that had nearly tripled in value in six years.

When his 2010 challenger Sharron Angle asked him in a debate how he had become so wealthy, he said, “I did a very good job investing.” Did he ever. On December 20, 2005, he invested $50,000 to $100,000 in the Dow Jones U.S. Energy Sector Fund (IYE), which closed that day at $29.15. The companies whose shares it held included ExxonMobil, ChevronTexaco, and ConocoPhillips. When he made a partial sale of his shares on August 19, 2008, during congressional recess, IYE closed at $41.82. Just a month later, on September 17, Reid was working to bring to the floor a bill that the Joint Committee on Taxation said would cost oil companies — including those in the fund — billions of dollars in taxes and regulatory fees. The bill passed a few days later, and by October 10, IYE’s shares had fallen by 42 percent, to $24.41, for a host of reasons. Savvy investing indeed.

Here’s another example: The Los Angeles Times reported in November 2006 that when Reid became Senate majority leader he committed to making earmark reform a priority, saying he’d work to keep congressmen from using federal dollars for pet projects in their districts. It was a good idea but an odd one for the senator to espouse. He had managed to get $18 million set aside to build a bridge across the Colorado River between Laughlin, Nev., and Bullhead City, Ariz., a project that wasn’t a priority for either state’s transportation agency. His ownership of 160 acres of land nearby that stood to appreciate considerably from the project had nothing to do with the decision, according to one of his aides. The property’s value has varied since then. On his financial-disclosure forms from 2006, it was valued at $250,000 to $500,000. Open Secrets now lists it as his most valuable asset, worth $1 million to $5 million as of 2010.

How Reid acquired that land is interesting, too. He put $10,000 into a pension fund his friend Clair Haycock controlled, to take over the 160-acre parcel at a price far below its assessed value. Six months later, Reid introduced legislation that would help Haycock’s industry, a move many observers said appeared to be a quid pro quo, though Reid and Haycock denied that the legislation was the result of a property deal.

We don’t know how much more money Reid has or how he made all of it. For that, we’d have to see his tax returns.


and if you want to a recent example of how harry operates..just google “bundy reid cattle”..

this story could have have been about pelosi or rand paul or eric holder or mitt matters not the color of their coats..they are all in it to get rich and to use their influence and their allowance to inside trade to make millions..


Car giants flock to Beijing Auto Show despite austerity measures

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Despite the Chinese leadership’s austerity measures and recent reports of weak profits from Chinese car makers, the country’s biggest car show opened today to much buzz.

More than a thousand vehicles are being showcased at the ten-day-long “Auto China 2014″ Beijing International Automotive Exhibition.

Throngs of auto journalists crowded around shiny new supercars, luxury sedans and green vehicles during the media preview on Sunday. International automakers flew in their top brass for the occasion, pushing the newest and best models to Chinese customers.

According to a McKinsey report, China may overtake the United States as the largest premium car market as early as 2016. International car giants are looking to cash in on the lucrative but highly competitive market.
Industry leaders such as Rolls-Royce are hoping to secure their future with China’s moneyed customers. They will open three new dealerships in the country this year.

“China is now one of our leading markets together with the U.S.,” says CEO Torsten Muller-Otvos who was in Beijing to unveil two new models. “In 2013, one out of four cars manufactured in Goodwood (Rolls-Royce’s bespoke design studio) came to China.”

Beijing was chosen for the world premiere of the Pinnacle Travel Phantom, the latest edition of the brand’s flagship customizable luxury sedan, as well as a Phantom from the Majestic Horse Collection, a limited edition range inspired by the Lunar Year of the Horse.

Ultra-luxe automakers Bugatti, known for their elite sports cars, also held the world premiere for the new version of the Bugatti Veyron Type 18 “Black Bess.” A legendary pre-war model that was one of the first supercars in the world, the updated version is on the market for $3.61 million. Only three will be made.


“”In 2013, one out of four cars manufactured in Goodwood (Rolls-Royce’s bespoke design studio) came to China.”

there are still plenty of rich elites who have the money to waste on these toys..and china is at the centre of it ironic is that?


US Navy to deploy combat dolphins for Black Sea military drills..US calls claim “fear-mongering”

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American combat dolphins and sea lions will undergo a lengthy plane flight in order to participate in NATO war games in the Black Sea, a spokesman for the US Navy’s marine mammals program reportedly said.

Twenty dolphins and ten sea lions will take part in the drills, which will last between one and two weeks, spokesman Tom LaPuzza said, as cited by Izvestia newspaper.

The war games are one of eight joint NATO-Ukrainian military exercises scheduled to take place this year.

During their Black Sea stay, the US dolphins will test a new anti-radar system, designed to disorientate enemy sonars. Both sea lions and dolphins will look for mines and military divers, LaPuzza said.

According to the spokesman, the exercises will be held within the framework of the marine mammals training program, which includes the protection of ships and harbors, as well as mine detection by animals.

New armor for dolphins, developed at a specialized research center at the University of Hawaii, will also be put to the test in the Black Sea, he added.

The marine mammals will be transferred from their base in San Diego, California to the Black Sea via a plane equipped with a special bath, the spokesman told the paper.

Such means of transportation were previously used to deliver dolphins to a drill on the island of New Caledonia in the Pacific Ocean back in 2009.

This will be the first time in history that dolphins have participated in a NATO drill, LaPuzza stressed.

The exercise may also become the first time that US military dolphins meet their Russian counterparts in the open seas, as San Diego and Sevastopol host the world’s only military dolphin training facilities.

Ed Budzyna, the deputy director of public affairs at the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command, called the story “completely erroneous” and fabricated. “The person quoted has been retired for 8 or 9 years,” Budzyna told Foreign Policy, referring to the Navy spokesperson Tom LaPuzza to whom Izvestia had sourced the report.

The story was nonetheless picked up by the English-language news service RIA Novosti, and several outlets piled on with coverage, including Britain’s the Mirror and the Atlantic’s The Wire.

The falsified report about the deployment of America’s mammalian warriors comes after reports surfaced last month that the Russian army would be absorbing Ukraine’s combat dolphin program, which was based in Crimea, the peninsula annexed by Russia. An employee at Sevastopol’s oceanarium told RIA Novosti that the formerly Ukrainian dolphins would be receiving new equipment from their new Russian caretakers.

So with Russian dolphins gearing up with new technology, it’s perhaps not surprising that Izvestia’s fabricated report claimed that America’s dolphins would be testing “new armors” in the waters of the Black Sea. (Could there be a weird weaponized dolphin arms race brewing? Alas.)

Navies use dolphins and their sonar capabilities to perform a variety of underwater duties — everything from attaching buoys to sea mines to patrolling waters for enemy divers. Both the United States and the Soviet Union launched their marine mammal programs at the height of the Cold War in the 1960s. The American dolphins were deployed in the Persian Gulf in the late eighties to protect U.S. flagged ships and Kuwaiti tankers, while the Soviet dolphin program remained in Ukrainian waters after the Union collapsed.


yes they use dolphins for warfare..yes i dont believe the us rejection of claims..the russians have taken over the ukrainian dolphins in crimea..the usa cant allow the “bad” dolphins to run the they will turn up with their own “good” dolphins..


a.k.a. CrimeanSpecialOpsLobster

MH370 may have landed now not crashed..oh really?

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The search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 may be forced to re-investigate the possibility that the passenger jet with 239 on board landed, according to new reports.

The New Strait Times has quoted sources close to the probe that the investigation teams are considering revisiting the possibility that the plane did not crash into the ocean and had landed safely at an unknown location.

“The thought of it landing somewhere else is not impossible, as we have not found a single debris that could be linked to MH370. However, the possibility of a specific country hiding the plane when more than 20 nations are searching for it, seems absurd,” the sources told the NST.

The latest development comes as the multinational team searching for MH370 and its 239 passengers and crew widens the hunt using more capable underwater vehicles.
Yesterday, the Bluefin-21 completed its ninth mission scouring the seabed with three more dives expected to wind up the survey of the most likely location of MH370.

However, no contacts of interest have been found so far.

Relatives of flight MH370 passengers have denounced the Malaysian government’s suggestion that it would soon look into issuing death certificates for those on board despite no proof yet of what happened to the plane.

The statement, issued in response to a weekend briefing that Malaysian officials gave to families in Kuala Lumpur, also called for a review of satellite data that Malaysia says indicates the plane likely crashed somewhere in the Indian Ocean.

“We, the families of MH370, believe that until they have conclusive proof that the plane crashed with no survivors, they have no right to attempt to settle this case with the issuance of death certificates and final payoffs,” said the statement by the “United Families of MH370″.


so..what the fuck was doing the pings then?..and why did the pings keep moving hundreds of kms over a few days?

this story has stunk from the first minutes it was announced and its never stopped smelling..did it land in vietnam as was originally broadcast to the world that night?


Easter deaths spark Brazilian protests near Rio

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Residents of a poor neighbourhood near the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro have set fire to vehicles in protest at the deaths of two people in incidents involving the police.

One of the victims was outside a church with his family on Good Friday when he was hit by a stray bullet.

He was caught up in a shootout between police and suspected drug dealers.

Amnesty International says some 2,000 people die every year in Brazil in careless and violent police actions.

Residents of the Caramujo shanty town set fire to four buses and three cars, calling for justice.

The death of 21-year-old Anderson Santos Silva as he was about to attend a special Easter ceremony angered the community, local media reported.

“The young man died trying to protect his mother and sister,” said Niteroi’s Catholic Church in a statement.

The second victim, identified as 17-year-old Emanoel Gomes, died on Friday night when his motorbike crashed into an armoured police vehicle in a nearby area.

There are concerns about security in Brazil ahead of the football World Cup, which will take place between 12 June and 13 July.

The city of Rio de Janeiro will also host the 2016 Olympics.

Earlier this month, nearly 3,000 soldiers and police took control of one of Rio’s most dangerous shanty towns, the Mare slum complex, near the main international airport.

It had been in the hand of some of the country’s most notorious and violent drug lords for decades.

Troops are expected to remain in the area until the end of the World Cup.


the world cup is only 2 months away..brazil is like a powder keg..just needs the match to spark it..



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“Michael S. King is a private investigative journalist and researcher based in the New York area. A 1987 Graduate of Rutgers University, King‟s subsequent 30 year career in Marketing & Advertising has equipped him with a unique perspective when it comes to understanding how “public opinion” is indeed scientifically manufactured. Madison Ave marketing acumen combines with „City Boy‟ instincts to make Michael S. King one of the most tenacious detectors of “things that don‟t add up” in the world today. Says King of his admitted quirks, irreverent disdain for “conventional wisdom‟ & uncanny ability to ferret out and weave together important data points that others miss: “Had Sherlock Holmes been an actual historical personage, I would have been his reincarnation.”


i urge you to read this document and get a fresher more truthful perspective on the man and what he is about and who is attacking him and why they are so scared of him..


190 Nigerian schoolgirls remain missing after being abducted last week

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Some 190 Nigerian schoolgirls remain missing after being abducted last week, their head teacher has told the BBC – far more than the official figure.

Asabe Kwambura said the parents of 230 girls had reported them missing but 40 had managed to escape.

Earlier, a local state governor said that about 77 of the teenagers had not been accounted for.

Islamist group Boko Haram is suspected to be behind the kidnapping but has not issued any statement.

Some 1,500 people are believed to have been killed in attacks blamed on Boko Haram this year alone.

The group, whose name means “Western education is forbidden”, is fighting to establish Islamic law in Nigeria. It often targets educational establishments.

According to the AP news agency, parents from the school in the town of Chibok told Borno State Governor Kashim Shettima when he visited on Monday that 234 girls had been abducted.

When news first emerged of the kidnap last Tuesday, initial reports said more than 200 students had been seized but state officials soon downgraded the numbers, saying the correct figure was about 130.

The students were about to sit their final year exam and so are aged 16-18.

Ms Kwambura told the BBC Hausa service that about 43 had fled their captors.

“None of these girls were rescued by the military, they managed to escape on their own from their abductors,” she said.

Asked about the conflicting reports on the number of students kidnapped, she said: “Only reports that come from us is the truth and based on the register we have on paper.”

She has previously called on the kidnappers to “have mercy on the students”.

Before visiting Chibok on Monday, the Borno state governor said that eight more girls had escaped over the weekend, meaning a total 52 had fled.

Mr Shettima did not give details of how the girls had escaped, for security reasons.

The confusion over the numbers comes after the military last week said that all but eight of the students had been rescued before withdrawing its claim a day later.

It is thought that the militants took the girls to the Sambisa forest near the Cameroonian border.

Parents and vigilante group have gone there to help search for the teenage girls.

Borno, Yobe and Adamawa states in north-east Nigeria have been under emergency rule since last May.


the guardian is saying 234 missing:

just a really nasty situation..pray for those girls because i have a terrible feeling this isnt going to end well..who knows what horrors they are already being subjected to..



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