Papal throne to move to Jerusalem?

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What dose Islam and the Papal religion have in common? More than you probably are aware of.

They both see the Holy Land as occupied by Zionists. Non of them have Jerusalem as the present center of their religion. And they both need to shift their throne of authority to Jerusalem to overcome the Jews.

Islam lacks a throne. Muslims basically bow down to worship in front of an empty throne. The Pope has a throne. And the Catholics visiting the Vatican either bow down to kiss the ring of the Fisherman, or fall down on their face and worship him.

Islam has no central leader who can reunite them. Since that Pope already has accepted that Islam is a part of God`s plan to save mankind, Islam will be able to accept the Pope, as the Prince of Peace. Shiite and Sunni Muslims will for the first time stand united and gathered in front of the new universal Papal throne in the Dome of The Rock in Jerusalem.

But the Papal throne must face southwards inside the Dome of the Rock. Towards Mecca. Otherwise, the Muslims will not bow down towards the throne.

The Papal throne is nothing new to the Roman Church. It was last seen in 1978 with Papa Luciani. Now its back again used by the present Pontiff. Pope John Paul opted not to use a throne and so it sat in storage and then in the Lateran Palace museum until last December of 2006 when it was brought back into papal use. In the Catholic religion the Pope is infallible when he sits on his Papal throne or chair in questions about moral and true understanding of the scripture.

What do you think the Vatican and Islam are talking about when they met for interfaith dialogue?

They have already agreed on the most important issues:
1. The Holy land is occupied by Zionists and need to be liberated.
2. Both Roman Catholicism and Islam is included in Gods plan of saving mankind, since both represent the children of God of Abraham.
3. All religions expresses some truths about God, and needs to be included to make an fulfilled picture of the creator.
4. Jesus is the son of Mary.
5. World peace will first flow out from Jerusalem when the three present main religions are able to live in peace, and come together as one voice and offer God interfaith prayers.


The Pope at the Blue Mosque, Istanbul in 2006..praying facing Mecca.


The Pope displays Catholic-Muslim unity at the Dome of The Rock this year.


i have been posting about these interfaith dialogues and what they want to achieve..this author seems to have summed it pretty well even if he does come from a jewish slanted point of view..the basics are there..jerusalem will be the centre..the dome will be the 3rd temple of solomon and the 3 main faiths will worship the pope..almost frightening the speed at which this is moving


~ by seeker401 on July 27, 2009.

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  2. Prophecy is about to fill, I’m not here to judge but, please don’t tell me that someday they’re goning to rebuild the Temple of David, then people you have answer, I know the truth. And stand on truth, and always will preach the TRUTH. The beast is making a major move.

    • hi kenneth..thanks for your you think the temple will be built again?..if so by who? and will this fulfill a piece of prophesy in your eyes?

      • The Bible tells us The Temple Will be rebuilt. How can the abomination of desolation do signs and wounders that if it were possible that the very elect could be missled. The very elect are the Jews Jesus (Yeshua) was born a Jew they are his chosen family. Some will only believe because of signs and wounders but the Bible tells us Just believe.
        The Temple has been built twice this is not a perfect number. Father Son and Holy Spirit. There are 3 Heavens.
        In the number three we have the first geometric figure. Two straight lines cannot enclose any space or form a planar figure. Three lines are necessary to form a planar figure and three dimensions are required to form a solid. A triangle is the simplest planar figure and a cube is the simplest three-dimensional solid. So as two could represent a square, three could represent a cube or solid contents. Three therefore represents that which is solid, real, substantial, complete and entire.

        All things that are especially complete and entire are stamped with the number three.

        Gods attributes are three – omniscience, omnipresence and omnipotence.
        The three divisions of time – past, present and future.
        The three persons in grammar – me, myself and I.
        The sum of all human ability is threefold-thought, word and deed.
        The three kingdoms of matter – animal, vegetable or mineral.
        There are lots more to the number 3, but as for who will rebuild it. The Jews have everything in place red heifer minorah the sanhedrin. All things that need to be in place are all the stones are cut waiting to be laid.
        Obama now the Pope are pushing for one world religion to undrmine the Jews. BUT even the enermy wants the Temple rebuilt so it will be.

        • thankyou darren, good information on the subject..the power of 3..and the power of 33? obama and co do want one world religion i believe..

  3. I’m not Catholic, I’m a reform protestant, Calvinist, I stand on truth, we weaken the hand of the beats once before. We will not be blind tio this.

  4. Hello my name is John Earnhardt and I was happy to see that others are teaching what I have been sharing in seminars across the country for the last 30 years. Keep up the good work for Jesus Christ.

  5. helo everyone,,,,,i read this article about papal throne to move jerusalem,,,,,i just want to say that why is the pope termed as the PRINCE OF PEACE when we know that JESUS is the prince of peace,,,,,and no one can take that place,,,does this denote that the time of 666 is already in action which takes the place of our lord????????

  6. how can pope accept that Islam is a part of GODS plan to save mankind when it is written in the bile that Jesus is the only way to save mankind??????AND POPE SHOULD NOT BE WORSHIPPED BUT ONLY JESUS CHRIST,,,,,,,ISNT THIS SOMTHING WRONG????ALL PEOPLE THOSE WHO READ THIS ARTICLE PLEASE PONDER AND THINK ABOUT IT,,,THANKS,,,,PRAISE THE LORD

  7. AND DO YOU MEAN BY papal religion????can any one specify,,,is it any new religion

  8. death to opus dei! death to zionism! no more missionaries! no more mind control cults!

  9. as daniel would teach us of the ten toes of nebuchadnessers dream ,,,, clay and iron dont mix ,,,,

  10. I, for one am skeptical at the pope being even legitimate. From what I have read, the 1956 papal election, was interfered with after the cardinals came out of the conclave. The French cardinals threatened to bomb the vatican if Father Sari, ie Pope Gregory XVII took the seat of Saint Peter, so he didn’t. Then after 4 more rounds or so, of voting, Pope John XXIII was elected. I believe The Holy Ghost selects the new pope through the Cardinals and chose Father Sari. I believe the Holy Spirit entered Pope Gregory XVII at the moment he was elected, and did not exit and move to John Paul XXIII some hours later.Father Sari was kept as somewhat of a prisoner for the rest of his life, or watched continually, so he could not discuss what happened in 1956, So In essence, I believe Father Francis may possibly be an anti-pope and all popes since Pope Pius XlI are anti-popes. There is just something about the things Pope Francis says about non christians that is disturbing to me and the 1956 election. I always thought Islam was a pagan religion and that the children of Ishamel were not blessed by Abraham. So I will tread carefully as I go. I operate with my gut feelings and never been wrong. Something doesnt sit well with me, regarding this man. I hope I’m wrong.

    • hi marlio,

      i think you mean siri?..and he was elected twice even..

      this will interest you:

      i said to someone last week..the fact so many “progressives” and anti-christian scribes and outlets are effusive in their praise of francis is surprising..something is going on..the mere fact we have 2 popes at once should be enough evidence already that something stinks in the vatican..i have read that islam was a catholic creation..

      • I think they are probably effusive because Francis is more tactful than his predecessors, and they think they have been accorded more respect.

        • yes..hes conning them..he is a can be a RC and then there is the jesuits..they are like the extreme tea party members of GOP..these guys are as right wing as you can get and the love media is just lapping him up..

    • the pope is illegitimate? gosh, ya think?

      news flash for ya son, jesus never existed.

      also, he’s buried in india.

      also, he escaped with his wife mary magdalene to france where their kids intermarried with french nobility.

      also, he was just an invention of the romans.

      also, he was just an invention of christian cultists.

      also, he was the son of cleopatra and marc anthony, forced to flee his home and make a new life in palestine.

      also, he never existed.

      • also, let’s not forget, the catholic church invented islam.

        what religion was mohammed before he was a muslim? ask this question to a muslim or a muslim-hater and watch them stumble.

      • muslim: a hanif
        muslim hater:
        christian who likes jews: a polytheist or a worshipper of a moon god
        christian who doesn’t like jews: a jew
        jew who likes christians: a polytheist or a worshipper of a moon god
        jew who doesn’t like christians: a christian
        other than christian or jew: don’t know, don’t care

  11. The Pope is the Anti-Messiah scriptures speak of. He will move Satan’s Throne from Rome to Jerusalem, to rule over the One World Order and One World Religion and why Jerusalem is the Harlot.

    Christianity came from Rome and not Jerusalem, every religion today, are man-made and what is called Judaism was done away with at the death of the true Messiah. The truth is coming out during the Tribulation Period.

    The title Pontifex Maximus which is why the Pope is called Pope came from Babylon and Nimrod was the first one to have that title. and the first false messiah and he turned his back on Yahweh.

    People need to wake-up and realize Yahweh is the name of the true Messiah and Creator that this world has rejected and it’s been Satan’s world since the true believers were all killed off in the days of Peter and Paul, and when Satan was kicked to this earth for good. Yahweh’s return is just around the corner.

  12. Hey Rev17, look who is back on the seen!

  13. As I spoke, one of the Muslim authorities came in back of me, listening to my words. I spoke of how the Temple once stood on the mount but was destroyed by Roman armies in 70 A.D. on the Hebrew Ninth of Av,” Cahn said.

    “I then shared how throughout Jewish history, calamity after calamity has taken place on that same day. It’s actually one of the mysteries from The Book of Mysteries. I then shared how the birth of America actually begins with the same ancient mystery and day.” The Cahn.

    Wikipedia notes that on March 31, 1492, the Edict of Expulsion (also called the Alhambra Decree) was signed. Every Jew in Spain was forced to choose between conversion to Catholicism or leaving the country without his or her possessions. A total of 150,000 Jews left Spain; many first went to Portugal but were then driven out and went to the Ottoman Empire.

    According to some sources, the last Jew left Spain on July 31 (the 7th of Av on the Jewish calendar). Other sources claim that it was Aug. 2 (the 9th of Av). Columbus sailed on Aug. 3, 1492. He insisted, however, that all of his crew be on board Aug. 2, which was not only the day all Jews had to leave Spain but also the 9th of Av.

  14. loved this question from xxx previously:
    what religion was mohammed before he was a muslim?

    Great question, any answers? Catholic probably, lol.

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