Charles “Chuck” Feeney – the worlds greatest philanthropist


Charles F. Feeney (born April 23, 1931 in Elizabeth, N.J.), an Irish-American businessman and philanthropist. He made his fortune as a co-founder with Robert Warren Miller of the Duty Free Shoppers Group.

Feeney, an Irish-American with dual citizenship, was born in New Jersey during the Great Depression. He served as a U.S. Air Force radio operator during the Korean War, and began his career selling duty-free liquor to US Naval personnel at Mediterranean ports in the 1950s.

He attended the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration.

Feeney has four daughters and one son. Two of the daughters are Diane V. Feeney and Leslie D. Feeney Baily. He married twice. His first wife, Danielle, from France, retained 100 million USD and a number of mansions and apartments after their 1990 separation and subsequent divorce.

“I had one idea that never changed in my mind — that you should use your wealth to help people. I try to live a normal life, the way I grew up,” Feeney said. “I set out to work hard, not to get rich.”

Feeney founded Atlantic Philanthropies in 1982, and in 1984, having made provision for each of his children and for his first wife, as well as very modest provision for himself, transferred the bulk of his wealth to the foundation.

Up to 2005, AP had given away $3.547 billion.

Feeney has been a major donor to his alma mater Cornell University, which has received over $580 million in direct and AP gifts. He has also donated around $1 billion to education in Ireland, mostly to third-level institutions, most notably the University of Limerick, and over 220 million to causes in Vietnam.

A 2003 article in Irish America magazine noted that Feeney’s personal donations to Sinn Féin amounted to over a quarter of a million dollars, making him the organization’s largest American donor at the time. The donations were personal ones, made outside of his foundations.

Anna Bligh’s struggle with out-of-control health costs received an unexpected bailout yesterday, when the secretive philanthropic svengali Chuck Feeney stumped up the biggest-ever donation in Australian history.

Feeney, the subject of this Australian Story in 2007, famously gave up his personal fortune in 1984, gleaned from selling duty free goods to British expats at the old Hong Kong Airport, to work behind the scenes to fund worthy projects. Feeney doesn’t live in Australia — his main connection to the country is through old tennis mate Ken Fletcher.

With Bligh and Treasurer Wayne Swan on hand to celebrate his largesse, the soft-spoken Irishman pledged $100 million to three medical institutes, bringing to $270 million the total amount given by his private donations behemoth Atlantic Philanthropies over the past decade. The donation is all the more extraordinary given the leverage extracted from government  — the Queensland and federal governments will match Feeney’s funding to the tune of $177 million and $325 million respectively.

The re-emergence of Feeney was unexpected, after Atlantic provided notice in mid-2003 that that it had shifted its funding priorities away from Australia to focus instead on the developing world and needy communities in the US and UK. However, it had been quietly donating locally since then, with $50 million distributed in 2005.

So what does it say about home-grown philanthropy when a quiet Irish American can suddenly set local records?

“It is absolutely tragic that greatest philanthropist in Australia doesn’t live in Australia, is not married to an Australian and whose only connection to Australia is via an old tennis mate”, philanthropy activist and former Microsoft Australia chief, Daniel Petre, told Crikey.

The man pulling a worn blue blazer over his head in mock modesty was none other than the onetime billionaire Chuck Feeney.

Never heard of him? No surprise there.

Over the years, the frugal 76-year-old has made a fetish out of anonymity. He declined to name his foundation, Atlantic Philanthropies, after himself, registering the $8-billion behemoth in Bermuda to avoid U.S. disclosure laws. He lavishes hundreds of millions of dollars on universities and hospitals but won’t allow even a small plaque identifying him as a donor.

“We just didn’t want to be blowing our horn,” he explains in a rare interview at his daughter’s Upper East Side apartment.

The party was to celebrate a biography of the elusive tycoon by Irish journalist Conor O’Clery, titled The Billionaire Who Wasn’t: How Chuck Feeney Secretly Made and Gave Away a Fortune, published last fall.

Feeney said he cooperated with the book and submitted to an interview because he is driven by a new public mission: nudging hedge fund heavies and silicon scions into “giving while living.”

It is the latest trend in philanthropy and one that he, more than anyone, jump-started several years before billionaires like Bill Gates and Warren E. Buffett followed suit.

Feeney, a founder of the conglomerate Duty Free Shoppers, said he wants to set an example for people who have “a jillion dollars. … I mean, honestly, if you ask them, ‘Tell me what you’re doing with your money this week?’ they couldn’t spend a fraction of what they’re accruing.”

Most foundations, set up after the donor’s death, dribble out barely more than 5 percent of their assets each year, the legal minimum.

But Feeney, raised in a blue-collar Irish Catholic family in New Jersey, quietly transferred the bulk of his fortune to his foundation when he was 53. Then, eight years ago, he instructed his board to pay out every last dollar by 2016.

So far: $4-billion down, $4-billion to go. Atlantic Philanthropies is spreading its wealth at the rate of more than $400-million a year, more than any U.S.-based family foundation apart from Bill & Melinda Gates and Ford.

O’Clery, former international business editor of the Irish Times, spent two years traveling with Feeney and investigating a financial empire that had been sheathed for decades in obsessive secrecy. He unfolds a story of ferocious entrepreneurship that operated, he concluded, “on the edge of legality but was never corrupt.”

After graduating from college, Feeney, who had served in the U.S. Air Force in Japan during the Korean War, moved to Europe. With a partner he knew from Cornell, Robert Miller, he began peddling duty-free liquor to sailors.

The two went on to sell cars to American soldiers based in Europe and Asia. Eventually, profiting from a postwar boom in tourism, they built Duty Free Shoppers into the biggest retailer of liquor and cigarettes in the world and a global purveyor of luxury goods.

Their ingenious schemes stretched the limits of the duty-free concept.

As O’Clery explains, Duty Free Shoppers allowed a tourist in Mexico, for instance, to peruse a catalog and choose a cashmere sweater to be shipped from Amsterdam to his home in the United States. Leaving Mexico, he could declare the faraway sweater as “unaccompanied baggage” and avoid paying duty. Feeney and Miller operated with Swiss bank accounts and offshore headquarters in Lichtenstein, Monaco and the Netherlands Antilles. They registered assets in the names of Danielle, Feeney’s French wife, and Miller’s Ecuadorean wife, Chantal, as a precaution against the long arm of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.

Today, Feeney makes no apologies. “Most large companies structure their affairs so that they minimize their tax payments,” he says, rocking back on an armchair in his daughter’s apartment. “As long as you do it within the law, it’s okay.”

IT’S SAD to see a good man suckered, and the Irish-American Charles (Chuck) Feeney is a very good man. Feeney could afford to live like an emperor, yet he owns no property, flies economy class, dresses off-the-peg and wears a $15 plastic watch.

Having given his children modest endowments, he is engaged in the considerable job of giving his enormous fortune away before he dies: “giving while living” is his motto. Yet, though he is highly intelligent and well-read – and became a billionaire through flair, courage and industry – Feeney has been badly suckered.

No philanthropist has poured money into Ireland like Feeney. Between 1992 and 2002, his foundation, Atlantic Philanthropies, gave $702m – $548m of which was to the Republic. If the presidents of our universities don’t say prayers daily in gratitude for Feeney’s munificence, they are an ungrateful bunch. They have no other way of rewarding him, for Feeney hates publicity and wants neither honorary degrees nor buildings named after him.

Feeney’s areas of interest dictate where and on what Atlantic Philanthropies focus. In 2004, of total grant funds of $165.7m, 43 per cent went to projects in the US, 17 per cent to Vietnam, 13 per cent to South Africa and – considering the size of our little island – a whopping 13 per cent ($22.1m) to the Republic and 2 per cent ($3.2m) to Northern Ireland. The charity’s new focus is on disadvantaged children and youth, ageing, population health, reconciliation and human rights.

There’s no doubting the integrity and compassion of Feeney and the board of Atlantic Philanthropies. The problem is that the republican movement has taken cynical advantage of them.

Feeney was introduced to Gerry Adams in the early Nineties. “I talked to him and I liked him,” said Feeney. “He was very straightforward.”

Feeney spent much time and money encouraging the republican movement down the political path: from 1995 for three years he, personally, (Atlantic Philanthropies is debarred by its constitution from funding political movements) provided the Sinn Fein office in Washington with $720,000.

“The goal was to establish a Washington office to put Sinn Fein on a respectable platform where they could say ‘this is what Sinn Fein does, we’re not the IRA’.”

It was during this period that the IRA, under Adams, broke its ceasefire with a bomb at Canary Wharf that killed two newsagents.

Feeney has to be too shrewd to have gone on believing Sinn Fein and the IRA to be separate, but he was undaunted. Post-Agreement, he began directing large sums of money towards rehabilitating green and orange paramilitaries. In 2002, for instance, £1,968,000 went towards helping politically motivated ex-prisoners become involved in “positive political and community development”.

That same year, £85,000 was awarded to Community Restorative Justice Ireland (CRJI) under a programme called ‘Equality, Rights and Justice’, followed in 2003 by a three-year grant totalling £926,000. Northern Ireland Alternatives (NIA), its loyalist equivalent, got £860,000.

Feeney’s objective was to stop the knee-cappings and beatings, and worse, by providing some kind of non-violent community alternative while policing was being sorted out. Three years on, while NIA is cooperating with the police, CRJI refuses to do so: its 14 schemes have institutionalised parallel policing in its ghettos.

So, as Atlantic Philanthropies invested millions in human rights programmes, it had been suckered into bank-rolling people who interrogate children suspected of anti-social behaviour and intimidate those who offend them.
Harvey P. Dale, Founding President
University Professor of Philanthropy and the Law, New York University School of Law
Director, National Center on Philanthropy and the Law

Christine V. Downton
Former Partner, Pareto Partners

Charles F. Feeney, Founding Chair

William Hall
Chair of Medical Microbiology, School of Medicine, University College Dublin

Gara LaMarche, President and Chief Executive Officer of The Atlantic Philanthropies

Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot, Deputy Chair
Professor, Harvard Graduate School of Education

Elizabeth J. McCormack
Advisor, Rockefeller Family & Associates

Thomas N. Mitchell, Deputy Chair
Director, Trinity Foundation
Former Provost, Trinity College Dublin

Frederick A. O. Schwarz, Jr., Chair
Senior Counsel, Cravath, Swaine & Moore, New York
Senior Counsel, The Brennan Center for Justice
Chair, New York City Campaign Finance Board

Peter Smitham
Chairman of Actis
Partner in Permira

Michael I. Sovern
President Emeritus and Chancellor Kent Professor of Law, Columbia University, New York

Cummings V. Zuill
Senior Vice President, Bank of Bermuda, Retired
Bermuda Charity Commissioner

ATLANTIC Philanthropies, the American group headed by multi-millionaire Sinn Fein sympathiser Chuck Feeny and which funds restoratice justice schemes in Northern Ireland, has pulled the plug on money for the Centre for Public Inquiry. The CPI is headed by Frank Connolly, the brother of Niall Connolly, one of the Colombia 3 who is wanted by the government there for his alleged role in training FARC guerillas there with an IRA team.

Is a political party in Ireland. The current party, led by Gerry Adams, was formed following a split in January 1970 and traces its origins back to the original Sinn Féin party formed in 1905. It is a major party of Irish republicanism and its political ideology is left wing. The party has historically been associated with the Provisional IRA. The name is Irish for “ourselves” or “we ourselves”,although it is frequently mistranslatedas “ourselves alone”.

At the European Parliamentary elections 2009, Sinn Fein topped the polls in Northern Ireland , making them Northern Ireland’s largest party for the first time . Sinn Féin is currently the second-largest party in the Northern Ireland Assembly, where it has four ministerial posts (including deputy First Minister) in the power-sharing Northern Ireland Executive, and the fifth-largest party in Dáil Éireann, the lower house of the Oireachtas, the parliament of the Republic of Ireland.

Sinn Féin is the largest group in the Republican wing of Irish nationalism and is closely associated with the IRA, with the Irish Government alleging that senior members of Sinn Féin have held posts on the IRA Army Council. However the SF leadership has denied these claims.

A republican document of the early 1980s states, “Both Sinn Féin and the IRA play different but converging roles in the war of national liberation. The Irish Republican Army wages an armed campaign… Sinn Féin maintains the propaganda war and is the public and political voice of the movement”.

Sinn Féin organiser Danny Morrison at the party’s Ard Fheis (Annual Conference) in 1981, said:

“Who here really believes we can win the war through the ballot box? But will anyone here object if, with a ballot paper in this hand and an Armalite in the other, we take power in Ireland?”

The current British Government stated in 2005 that “we had always said all the way through we believed that Sinn Féin and the IRA were inextricably linked and that had obvious implications at leadership level”.


chuck is a very interesting man to research..the greatest philanthropist of our time and hardly anyone knew it was him till the last few years..i have been unable to come up with anything decidely bad about chuck..he appears to be a great guy who is very generous..his ties with sinn fein are dubious at best..sinn fein’s links to the IRA are well known..but if any of our readers from the UK are able to give a little bit more information about this man it would be appreciated..he has given away 4 billion dollars in his time, and will give away another 4 billion through atlantic philanthropies..i note a harvard lady on his board and also one from the a rockefeller charity


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  2. It is a great thing to be able to give and make this world a better place. Many people believe that the world is a horrible place to live in this day and time with all the poverty in the world. This goes deeper than just handing out money. I would hate to think of how it would be if we did not have the level of giving and caring that we do have. I am a Humanitarian and advocate for the empowerment of children to help keep wells of what is good in this world. It is great that Mr. Feeney has and is giving so much to help this world be a better place.

    I do believe that a great well of advantage is being missed or at least he is not talking about it. I personally know 5 people with a vision to make this world and even better place to live, including myself. We are women, we are mothers and we are visionaries. We have a great desire to make a difference in the world but faces governmental bureaucracy and red tape to make something happen in this world. Why do we have to apply for a loan to make a better life for people, for children and the future? What kind of borrowing is that? I do not understand. My vision is simple. Changing the world one child at a time. I plan to impact thousands and may only impact 15 or 20 personally. It is a start. I could be helping the next Charles Feeney and not even know it. I challenge Mr. Feeney to take that into consideration (engaging a few visionaries for the betterment of the world). I challenge him on the behalf of many young men and women that are looking for a chance in life to use their God-given abilities to make a difference in the world. That is an investment like no other.

    I have a vision that is coming to fruition and know that there are some others out there too. I hope to one day meet Mr. Feeney and share my vision if only to let him know how I did it and how investing in young people allowed me to also become a philanthropist to continue to build the wells of opportunity impacting the ordinary yet gifted who are hidden in this world. These are those who would not ordinarily be found. They will be found by someone passionate enough to believe and speak until they actually make a difference. That is me.

    I will never be found by Atlantic Philanthropic because I am one small spec on this planet hoping and planning to make a difference. No one can see me yet but they will. It is great to see someone who does not care about how much money they give away to make a difference in the world because that is also what I plan to do on a different platform. Mr. Feeney it is a great thing that you are doing, you challenge me to continue building and following my vision and do all I can to have a great impact on the the future. I challenge you also to look deeper and see us visionaries.

    I am in the building process. Please feel free to check out my website.

    Respected Philanthropist,
    I am an Ex Army man from India and finally retired from the Government service in April 2004. On hearing about your generosity of helping the needy people I put forth the following few lines with a view to enunciate my pathetic poverty. Due to constant medical treatment of my wife for epilepsy and diabetic I could not save anything in my service.

    Ambition of my wife is to do my last rites in own house and so in a greedy anxiety I have joined and arranged down line members in the National Federation of the Blind and Manav Foundation said to be working for the backward community with a high hope of getting incentive while serving the needy people but they have cheated and drown into pauperism making loss of my entire pension benefits besides run into debit of more than $25000 in the process of coming out of the tragedy. As I have no source to repay the loan and my meager pension is not sufficient even to pay interest(24%) on the loan amount trembling with fear and now in the street for daily bread and needs. Down line members are agitating bitterly. Torture of down line members and mental agony debt burden some time thinking of suicide also.

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    Bless you Mr. Feeney. In the event that you may help us, my contact information is below. Once again, God bless you.


    Tracy L. Jordan, BS, RCS,RVS
    P.O. BOX 961943
    Riverdale, Ga, 30296
    ( I can send you my physical address if you need it)

    • Good luck.

      • I pray that you will show my daughter and I loving kindness so that I can stop worrying as much as I do. My gas was cut off last week and now I am at risk of having my water cut off. I am one paycheck from the streets. I hope to hear from you in the near future.

        God bless you!

        Tracy Jordan
        “khloe’s mom”

  5. All i can say is, God bless you.

    Also, i think you could teach my x husband a lot of lessons as well as his family. I gave him years of love, but never enough money, he never understood my “giving side” , never learned the lessons you live. Money pays for comfort yet does not buy love, nor make you happy, people by their nature have value.

    As my health declined more and more, he chose to divorce me, having prepared well his move, to live in luxury, with his high position and status.

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    Maybe my way is non material, none the less I do what I can, how i can… if i make one person smile today, my life was a success. A lesson i learned, and you already know.
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    One day, i hope i meet a man like you. Rare, and a true spirit. One who knows that to live, and love from the soul is more precious than gold.
    You have discovered the greatest power of all. Love. And i wish you to Be blessed with love, joy and happiness.
    Money can not buy happiness, nor love. Comfort yes. Sharing it, giving it away… Joy, fulfillment. What a delight to read about you.


  6. Hi Charles, This is good of you to offer feed back- I took these words from your grant website: It says the exact following that you wish to help-
    ” youth, population health, reconciliation and human rights, and the founding chair’s initiatives, ” .Then please know people asking for money wouldn’t do this if they had good JOBS- reasonable paying able to take care of my family “JOBS” that is how to be able to have people be able to stay home with the kids because Dad makes good money, and heath care is affordable because Dad has that in his company, and people tend to be a lot happier when they can pay their bills. The people here every one !! Has issues of money and this all stems back to the root of the problem -no jobs that pay well. So if you really want to make quality jobs we need quality work products and that is the reason the U.S. and many other nations are failing because they have no jobs that have been taken by China because of products that are made cheaper there. We have had the job market sucked away. and the only way to re-build it is with patented products that China can’t touch. I have well over 4,000 product ideas, how many manufacturing jobs would just ONE product make, sit down and figure it out. Hundreds !
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    looking forward to hearing from you!!! May God bleeing you!!

  9. Still struggling need your advice. Its all about the now

  10. Dear Sir Feeney, i hope you wiil listen to my story and hopefully can help me., I don’t know how to tell my story. My name is Shayer and Im living in Holland. Something terrible happend in may 2013. A woman who I love that she doesnt know about, was in a divorce, but her husband and parents in law kidnapped the children and locked her up in her own house, were her neighbours were manipulated by them and said if she was going to flee or get any help out of her house, she will be killed and also her children. Even her best friends take the side of her hubsand and parents in law. I could not believe I was the only one who was trying to help her. Even the police did nothing about it. Now about 4 weeks she is getting kicked out of her home with her 3 kids. the youngest very sick with heart problems, she dont has a job cause she have to take care of 3 children. And i lost my job while giving up my work for helping her.. the love of my life. I want to suprise her with her dream house, and I know its alot of money, my dream is o get 1 million euros to suprise her with a dreamhouse. Please can you help me with this. I will pay everything back in 3 years. Ill give you me passport copy., I am not lying. Im crying everyday I will do everything for her and the children.Theyougest sick child might have a chance of dying. I also have this story written as a movie, please help me to tell my story to your friends I will do anything for my love, please can you tell my story to the world. Please! Im begging you. She is 35 years old and im 23. I love her so much, she has been abused for 35 years. She dont have any family, no mother no father. Please help me to get the children in a good home. I will doe anything in favour back to you. Sorry for my bad english. Greetings from Holland.

  11. I had this email sent to me and i would like you to see what was sent to me and what i replied …..

    Thank you for confirming the validity of your email address and also accepting this grant. My foundation ( Atlantic Philanthropies ) technically is responsible for awarding grant/donation but I have always wanted to make a personal donation to random individuals in any part of the world and that is why I have decided to give [$1,900,000 USD] to you secretly without my foundation being aware. It gives me great joy finally being able to make this donation to you, let’s make the world a better place by giving and solving each others problem, all people have the right to opportunity, equity and dignity.

    To facilitate the disbursement process of the funds valued at One Million Nine Hundred United States Dollars[$1,900,000 USD] which have been donated solely to you, please send me the below information before proceeding with remitting the sum of One Million Nine Hundred Thousand United States Dollars [$1,900,000 USD] to you. I am hoping that you will be able to use the money wisely and judiciously. I ask you to do what you can to alleviate the level of poverty in your region and also try to enhance the standard of living of as many people as you can and see the joy and happiness of giving.

    Do make sure you provide me with your complete information below so I forward it to my selected payout bank for disbursement.

    Full Name:
    Contact Address:
    Mobile Number:

    I am trusting you to make good use of this money.

    Thank you for accepting this offer, I am indeed grateful. I anticipate your earliest response.
    Charles F. Feeney.
    this is what i replied

    Dear Sir

    If this is a scam you have really hit the jackpot here .

    This is my story and you can work it out ok.

    My husband walked out on me 18 months ago leaving me with 3 boys ,took the house leaving me on the streets with my children ,I had a business that went broke lost my car and am declaring bankruptcy.

    I really dont have anything for you to try and take from me as my husband did that ,so I now live with my mother in a 2 bedroom apartment and live on jack shit .I am sure you can maybe find someone else to scam but to do this to me would have to the saddest done to me .

    If you are the person you say you are and have all this to give then if you have time to write to me wanting to give this to me then you have the time to fly to me and hand this person to person .

    My full name well i am not giving it to you and my occupation is a hairdresser that i donate my time to the Aboriginal community here to help them look great and i do this free .Because if i give what i can maybe my life might be rewarded in the end …So sweety really i am the wrong person for you to scam and i find this so sad of who ever you are to do this to a person that has gone to hell and back ,

    How do you like this sad story really do you have a heart or no brain to hurt a person all over again

    Regards ME

    this is so sad that someone can do this Janey

    • hi..the email appears to be to good to be true so its probably comes across as a Nigerian type scam..however..i do not know how feeney hands out his money and this may be how he does it..i dont know..sorry to hear of your pain janey..i hope things pick up for you..

      • Well thank you for you reply that was so nice of you if only this was a true email but we have to be so careful and the world has become so untrustworthy and when we have such a dramatic change in ones life it becomes bitter and we become fightened of what is ahead ………..Good luck to you in your life

        Best and kind regards Janey

  12. Hi seeker401 …i think my message should be told to Charles it would be very interesting to have him actually comment on this as it is all about him that i have never heard of and maybe it would stop people asking and peoples hopes burning thru the roof ………………….


  13. Ok thank you for your time have a great night

  14. God gives gifts beyond the life we live on this earth ! may his blessing touch you further Charles… god blesses those whom care about others ! {his children} Heaven is bigger than any dollar you have made or spent ! it is written that a camel can go threw the eye of a needle faster than a rich man get into heaven ? giving is love ! it means so much to many that rarely ask for a handout… the lord is watching ! you’re deeds will not go un noticed in the eyes of god..

  15. Good Evening Mr. Feeney,

    I’m not sure if you’ll read this but I can’t afford not to take the leap. I am a retired school teacher now burgeoning voice artist and am in dire financial need to save my home. My mortgage lender sold my loan to a servicer that has no desire to offer a loan modification and told me to either come up with the money or lose my home. I was blown away by the freedom you embraced to give your money away to those in need….I can only hope to emulate your behavior. I do give to charities and have recently upped my giving to 15% of my total income. I’ve learned that any amount can make an impact, it’s the heart that counts. I would really appreciate your help and can give more in-depth information for you to verify if you’d like. Thank you and I know GOD will bless you beyond measure.

    In gratitude….D

  16. Dear Sir Feeney, i hope you wiil listen to my story and hopefully can help me., I don’t know how to tell my story. My name is Shayer and Im living in Holland. Something terrible happend in may 2013. A woman who I love that she doesnt know about, was in a divorce, but her husband and parents in law kidnapped the children and locked her up in her own house, were her neighbours were manipulated by them and said if she was going to flee or get any help out of her house, she will be killed and also her children. Even her best friends take the side of her hubsand and parents in law. I could not believe I was the only one who was trying to help her. Even the police did nothing about it. Now about 4 weeks she is getting kicked out of her home with her 3 kids. the youngest very sick with heart problems, she dont has a job cause she have to take care of 3 children. And i lost my job while giving up my work for helping her.. the love of my life. I want to suprise her with her dream house, and I know its alot of money, my dream is to get around1million euros or at least 600,000 euros to suprise her with a dreamhouse and medial care for her children. With the money left over I will begin a buisness. If realy i hope you want to help me, I will begin a buisness in your name or your company’s name, every event I give, you will get 30% of my income. I will also help other children with it. I have connections but dont have ay money to begin. PLease help us im beggin you. And to write this a book of this story. Please can you help me with this. I will pay everything back. Ill give you my passport copy., I am not lying. Im crying everyday I will do everything for her and the children.Theyougest sick child might have a chance of dying. I also have this story written as a movie, please help me to tell my story to your friends I will do anything for my love, please can you tell my story to the world. Please! Im begging you. She is 35 years old and im 23. I love her so much, she has been abused for 35 years. She dont have any family, no mother no father. Please help me to get the children in a good home. I will doe anything in favour back to you. Sorry for my bad english. Greetings from Holland.

  17. I received an email today from someone claiming that they are Mr. Feeney and that I have been randomly chosen to receive in excess of 1 million dollars. I thought you should be aware that this is going on.
    Thank you!

  18. My husband received an email stating that he had been chosen randomly to receive some monies from Mr. Feeney. He just had to verify his email but with so many scams around we didn’t do it. Yes, it would have been fantastic as we have been struggling financially this year. It’s great that Mr. Feeney tries to “give back”… that is very rare today.

  19. enjoy your day, its really nice what you do for people.

  20. I am unable to work and just in need of a little help ..if their is anyway ou can help me contact me at m email address and I will explaln and futher detail what is going on with me before my utillity our shut-off. email address

  21. hello sir. happy new year 2014, we are from Lebanon, but we are not organization, and we are looking for a sponsorship to do our own business in the best country ever united states of America our business No counterpart in the united states of America if you would like to give hand and help us to realize our goal will be appreciating and we promise that we will pay all the expensive back when our business starting earn money Jesus god bless you and thanks in advance sir. hope to give us your attention.

    best regards…

  22. hello sir , its truly nice what you do for people. may you continue to get more in turn as you give.Am Gifty from Accra Ghana, a senior high school lever who can’t continue now due to no support from anyone. As a matter of fact i supported myself till now but tertiary to much for me to bare so i want to start my own business in addition to what i have been doing for people to support my education in next year or at least in the next two years. i have to work to support my mother since there is no father for us and the home as my other siblings so its very hard to cope with savings and i came out of school not long ago, i am hoping and looking for a sponsorship financially to start my own business in addition to what i do. i earn a little as an senior high lever in my country.I am hoping and appealing to you if you would like to give a hand and help me financially or any other ways to do something to support myself and my family. i may not be able to pay you back now but i know and believe that God blesses anyone who gives even just a cup of water to the need.i hope by the grace of God you will pay a favorable consideration to my appeal.Am ready to provide all evidence or anything as a proof or anything you will ask me to do so far as i can. God bless you in advance.

  23. I received this email and believe it is a scam in your name in as I was unable to respond to it.

    “My name is Charles Feeney, a philanthropist and the founder of The Atlantic Philanthropies,
    one of the largest private foundations in the world. I believe strongly in ‘giving while living.

    I had one idea that never changed in my mind — that you should use your wealth to help people and
    I have decided to secretly give away $1.9 Million dollar’s to randomly selected individuals worldwide.

    On receipt of this email, you should count yourself as a lucky individual

    please Visit the web page to know more about me:

    Charles Feeney ”

    Please confirm if it is truly you!! Thanks and God Bless You for all that you do!

  24. somebody help me i need money to start my business project

  25. Can you please donate to me so that I can start my own small business any help would be greatly appreciated

  26. I don’t know how to start this letter other than to plead for your help in some way. You have been such an influence in my life without ever knowing it. I have always been a huge fan and consider your humility and generosity inspirational.

    Why am I writing to you? I don’t know what else to do. I pray you read this and you have some mercy and empathy for my situation.

    My life is breaking. My name is Ken. I am 54, living in Navan, Meath in Ireland and from there originally. I have three absolutely beautiful children who are confident, musical and generally happy. I had a nice house, a job and a wife who I love with all my heart. We have been married for 17 years, but now everything is crumbling.

    Stress is taking over our lives. We are in dire financial straits and the pressure of bills has taken its toll on our relationship the past three years or so. My job paid most of our bills and my wife taught grinds to make up the rest. We never had a cent left over and lived from paycheck to paycheck. This is ridiculous because you never hear about me in the media – someone who is working but stretched to the nines to hold up the economy so that other people can survive. The pressure has been immense and we have cracked…

    My wife is threatening to separate. She has gone to her sister’s with our children. I know she loves me and I love her. We met in San Diego and moved home 14 years ago. Up to recently, our married life had been idyllic. Now, I am living a nightmare. I have seen my children once in the past 5 weeks. This is so hard on me because I am an emotional man who has given up everything up to spend more time with them as they grow. I am a normal Dad, taking them to school and football and all the other stuff that Dads do. I am completely lost and heartbroken. I wake up every day in an empty house….

    My mortgage has just fallen behind, bills are piling in the door and I am facing the possibility that my wife will leave. I want to put my family back together and quickly. Right now, we have nowhere to turn financially for help. I earn less now than I did 5 years ago yet everything has gone up. I need to get a car to keep my job, which entails some travel. I have no money to do this at present.

    Everywhere I turn, I am caught. We are right on the brink of being destitute, losing each other and the house and everything we have built in 20 years. My back garden shows my handiwork with decking and my wife’s planting draped all over it…showing us intertwined. I am trying so hard to save everything…
    The only thing keeping me alive is music. I play a session once a week….

    I have no right to ask you for anything. You are not a bank or a charity. I am literally on my knees and needing kindness from someone to put my family back together.

    If you need to speak to me to verify anything that you read here, I can reveal my mobile number. This is a private letter to someone I respect and like as a person and have admired for a long time.

    I am hoping, praying and dreaming that you actually get to read this and could help me in any way.

    Sincerely and with great respect.


  27. Thank you. Even your response is a kindness. I have never been here before in my life…never needed help like this…thanks again.

    • no worries ken..your story can happen to any of us..

      Stress is taking over our lives. We are in dire financial straits and the pressure of bills has taken its toll on our relationship the past three years or so.

      its a tragic example of the system we are in and how we are actually “living” in jail cells with invisible bars..locked in the endless struggle to make money to “live”..slaves to the dollar..this isnt how it was meant to be..but we are all caught in the “game”..

      • Someone told me recently that when financial stress comes in, love goes out the door…I didn’t really believe it until now. I just need an injection to get over this. I’ve never sought help like this in my life….

  28. People should be inundating the Vatican with these letters, and demanding they and those they conspire with to destroy the lives of others, while they live in luxury, stop this destruction of the working class people.

    THIS IS NOT IN the best INTEREST of the COMMON GOOD, of anyone, in Any country aside from the ultra rich!

    • exactly..what sort of life is it to leave school and then work 45 years to pay off a house and then you die..thats not living as a wonderful human being..its about being trapped in a money system..

  29. […] […]

  30. sir i am very poor..please help me i need your help.. please contact me at

  31. Dear Sir or Madam,
    This is not in my character to reach out and ask for assistance, but I feel as if I have nowhere else to turn. I am at the point of NO return. Owning a restaurant has always been a dream of mine for years and years, as I have always loved the restaurant business. I have managed, served, wash dishes, run food, cleaned etc. in various restaurants throughout my years, so my experience in the field was ample. I was finally able to achieve my dream 4 ½ years ago, when I opened Russell’s Steakhouse (named after my son) in 2010. Business went well some weeks while others were rough. As a little girl, my father, who I still wish was here to help me through these treacherous waters, always taught me to never give up. My mother and stepfather have always been my biggest supporters, and I am so fortunate to still have them here to offer me their support.
    In January 2009 I invested $300,000+ to lease and renovate a building that was previously a restaurant, but had to be brought up to health department code. The renovations literally took Jan-Oct of 2009 to complete. A lot of money, hard work, and long hours getting the building to pass all the inspections. My dream finally became reality on November 3rd 2010. All of my funds had been depleted in renovating the building, so by the time we opened; we were already in the RED. I then proceeded to build up a very loyal customer base, which I solely thank for allowing me to accomplish what I did. If it were not for all of the supportive, loving and caring customers, I would not have lasted as long as I did. There have been a lot of rough roads along the way, but I have been able to overcome them. The rough patch I have reached is one that seems insurmountable. This is why I need any assistance you can offer. For 1 1/2 years I did not have an accountant, due to the fact all of this was very overwhelming and no one but me to run the business making sure things were running up to par. In the beginning of 2012 I went out seeking an accountant/bookkeeper. By this time, I received a letter from the NCDOR, stating that I was being audited. The bookkeeper filed and gathers all information needed and we proceeded with the audit. After the audit, she left me on my own. I had to contact the NCDOR numerous days back to back and hours of sitting on the phone trying to get an affordable payment plan. I finally entered into a payment plan, even though the payments were very steep, but didn’t want to lose what I had worked all my life for. It wasn’t until January 2014 that an agent from the NCDOR showed up at my place of business, stating I was in default. I was totally blindsided, and ask why. The bookkeeper that I obtained stop filing my tax reports because she stated I never had paid her. I simply ask, how can I pay you when you haven’t ever sent me an invoice. To say the least, I had to now learn yet another task of how to file monthly tax reports. I learned how to move forward and then had to hire an attorney to get me set back up into another payment plan. This attorney office did nothing but charge me approx. Four thousand dollars and never got me into an agreement. From that point, I was back to retaining another attorney, who managed to get me back into a payment plan but accepted an agreement that was higher than the original one I was in. I struggled to pay these payments, asking the attorney to please go back and ask revenue officer for a lesser payment, but to no avail. By this time, things were getting harder and harder but I managed to stay afloat, until I defaulted on one filing and payment ( due to completely forgetting what the date was, due to caring for my quadriplegic brother, whom no one else seems to help). When the revenue officer came one morning to my business and handed me a letter stating I had three days to pay the monies. I explained to her there wasn’t any way I could come up with that kind of money in three days. So immediately I hired a tax attorney. He called the revenue officer, for her to simply state it was out of her hands, he would need to speak with the levy officer. He and I both left numerous messages, but no return phone calls. It was on Tuesday March 31st that I got in touch with her and she stated she was on a case and that she would get in touch with me on Wednesday. She also left the same message for the attorney on his voicemail at 4:45pm. On Wednesday morning at 10:45 April 1st that is when the levy officer with the NCDOR came to my business, giving me fifteen minutes to come up with TWO hundred and fifty thousand dollars or she was changing the locks (they did and I had to pay the guy 175.00) or she would shut my doors due to defaulting one payment and filing. They gave me until Monday, April 6th to pay the owed amount in its entirety, and on Wednesday April 8th the removed everything inside the restaurant, down to stripping sinks off the walls, neon signs, all equipment, etc. The NCDOR is ruthless, especially to small family owned businesses such as mine. I have already paid thousands of dollars to the NCDOR, but because I failed to attend a class (which they didn’t even inform me even existed) they would not let me negotiate a payment agreement. The amount of money mentioned above, will pay all expenses owed including the taxes, which are mostly penalties and interest. Not to mention all of the employees that is out of a job now.
    I am in hopes of saving my house and car, and have to file bankruptcy, but can’t even afford to do that. I have many obligations (as my son will be going off to college in August and need assistance for tuition) and now I have no job or income at present) and this is definitely one of the hardest times of my life, as the NCDOR has stripped me of my livelihood. I assume 100% responsibility for my actions, but I have reached a point where my effort alone in not enough. At this point, any contributions would be more than greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and attention to this urgent matter. I thank you in advance for taking the time to read my letter, and anything anyone of you could do, will be more than greatly appreciated.

    I have also included the letter that was emailed to representative Insko, but again to no avail of anything being done. I have used all of my resources and am now at the point of no return, unless anyone is willing to help. Again thank you in advance for taking the time to read my devastating situation. I look and hope to hear from you soon.


    Shelia Swiger
    PO Box 106
    Mebane, NC 27302

  32. Please contact me at
    I really need your help.

  33. Dear Sir,please am pleading for assistance from you i am greatlly in need i am a single parent my first husband passed away and tried the second time but it did not work iam struggling with my two kids i have noone to help me i thank God for people like you who help the needy i live in a smaa apartment and i owe lots of people money who want to attach all my property since am failing to pay rent am thretened to move out by the owner please have mercy on me and help me God will reward you thank yu.

  34. Dear Mr. Chuck Feeney,
    Please sorry for taking part of your useful time. Iam a Ghanaian student. In 2013, I was admitted into Open University Malaysia through Accra Institute of Technology (AIT) to pursue Occupational Safety and Health Risk Management (A 2 year program). The tuition fee was $ 1175.00 per trimester. To be frank, since I started this program I have been facing unbearerable financial difficulties, how to fend for my family becomes a chanllenge as the only bread winner in the family. But God being so good I was able to pay my 1st year (course work) tuition fee which was a Loan I collected from Barclays Bank. In my 2nd year of study (Research work) I could not Afford paying any tuition fees at this time which resulted to a debt of $ 3,525.00 (being 3 trimester’s tuition fee). So my Certificate will be withheld till I defray the debt I own the institution.
    In this regard, I am appealing to you to help me clear/raise fund for the said amount of $ 3,525.00 (including the Barclays Loan of $ 2750.00) to be able to pay my remaining tuition fee and Barclays Loan. If this is done, I will have the chance to graduate and collect my MASTER’S DEGREE CERTIFICATE to search for my future job in order to attain my long awaiting ambition in life so that, I can be able to assist others who may also need my help some day. May God richly blessing you.
    Below are my Student Details. Please, for transparency, you can contact my school account office for my tuition fees details on the following phones: +233577668807 OR +233577668815.
    PHONE: +233575889997
    I will be very grateful if this humble request of mine receives anticipated consideration.
    I count on your co-operation.
    Thank you.

  35. I apologize for the earlier arrival of this message. how to get individual donations. please my family. My family has a lot of debt. if anyone could help my family. thank you email me

    • Kiki, you and the others who are suffering needlessly should place your stories at the feet of the pope, after all it is their year of Mercy and Jubilees…I can’t IMAGINE the Vatican and their many churches not wanting to help those whose lives they have helped to utterly destroy, while they have profited so nicely themselves.

      I will post his contact information below for you, as I believe that perhaps it would be best for you and others to contact him directly, as the Roman Catholic Church surely knows personally just about EVERY rich man walking the earth and the bowels of hell as well.

      Believe me, they are the experts when it comes to philanthropy and encouraging these rich men to donate their money for the ‘common good’, and in these ‘wonderful times of great suffering’, Francis also, must not ‘slumber in comfort and selfishness”. The Vatican and their church, needs to show the world that they mean it, when the pope says,

      “Earnings and capital are not more important than the human person, but should be at the service of the common good.”

      Pope Francis does not have a public email address. If you wish to write to the Pope, you may do so at the following address:

      His Holiness, Pope Francis
      Apostolic Palace
      00120 Vatican City

  36. I am Khalid Majeed from Pakistan, I am telling you my real life story. As You help needy people and care so much so I am approaching you due to some financial problems I am dishearten so much as as no one is helping me in this situation so I am telling you so if you help me to save me and my family from this worse situation this will be greatness and God will give you reward. Actually due to some domestic problems I took loan from bank and then again due to some expenditures of my family and children education I borrowed amounts from my friends . Now these friends are demanding their amounts and I am not in this position to give them . I am college Physics lecturer and having job but this situation is so disturbing me because expenditures are more than earnings so I am requesting you to help me. I am not in the position of taking further loan. I am currently drowning in debt and trying to figure out where to start to get out of it, because I have 2 children I can barely support and take care of while keeping all of my bills by myself . If there is anyone that can help me my email addresses are and I need $5000 please please save my family if any one I will provide my account no.

  37. I am a Malawian poor farmer . I am living in extreme poverty on less than quarter dollar per day. Due to this i have accumulated debits beyond my control. To be relieved from this i am in need of $5,000. The cash will meant for buying land, farm inputs and debit cancellation. I am living in meaningless life without any sign of hope. Can you please assist me to save my soul?

  38. Hello Good Morning
    please I deem it great privilege to have the platform to express my heart desires to you.
    My name is Yaw Sarpong and as a graduate I have the desire to pursue medicine to help the nations globally and to bring the good potentiala in me.
    In view of this I have been offered admission into a medical school so I humbly request for your assistance to help my vision come to pass.
    Please contact me through my email
    I will be very grateful to hear from you soon because the school resumes on 26th September, 2016. Thank you for your time

  39. Hi I’m new to hear about chuck, but filled with much gratitude for his thoughtfulness and generosity.
    Being through many near death experiences, brings more appreciation for positive way of living.
    For over 18 yrs now I’ve furthered my education, getting my master’s last July and turned my status as cancer patient to a health practioner” Therapist ”
    Turn my challenges to empowering positives!
    My passion for helping other goes without question , I’ve gone broke doing so…
    I love that phrase “giving while living”, can’t take anything’material’ with you..
    Only the great memories you and I create..
    I have a gift for Chuck, just don’t know where I can send it. . It’s not much but it’s antique and straight from Ireland.
    Since he’s a simple man he may like the thought..
    After all it is Christmas. .
    If anyone can reply to this email, I’d love to send it..
    God Bless You

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