Did Obama work for the CIA?











Of all the outside-the mainstream notions I’ve posited on this blog, the one that annoys the most people is my suggestion that the CIA recruited young Barack Obama during his days at Occidental College. I would further suggest that the Agency link runs in the family. I believe that, at an earlier time, the Agency (or some other branch of the intelligence community) may have recruited his mother, Ann Dunham.

The eye-opener here concerns Obama’s first job out of college. He was recruited by Business International Corporation, accused of functioning as a CIA front company.

You don’t have to take the word of John Pilger, the man in the video. Here’s Wikipedia:

The company has been identified as cover organization for the Central Intelligence Agency, e.g. see Lobster Magazine, issue 14 in 1987. According to a lengthy article in the New York Times in 1977, the co-founder of the company told the newspaper that “Eldridge Haynes [the other founder] had provided cover for four CIA employees in various countries between 1955 and 1960”.

I see no reason to presume that the CIA/BIC relationship ended in 1960. Lobster is a quirky but reliable publication.

William Blum, a left-wing CIA expert, made the same catch:

In his autobiography, “Dreams From My Fathers”, Barack Obama writes of taking a job at some point after graduating from Columbia University in 1983. He describes his employer as “a consulting house to multinational corporations” in New York City, and his functions as a “research assistant” and “financial writer”.

The odd part of Obama’s story is that he doesn’t mention the name of his employer. However, a New York Times story of 2007 identifies the company as Business International Corporation.

In his book, not only doesn’t Obama mention his employer’s name; he fails to say when he worked there, or why he left the job.

Obama’s bios are as important for what they leave out as for what they reveal. I first became suspicious of his now-infamous trip to Pakistan (which he took in the summer between Occidental and Columbia) because he refused to mention this adventure in his books.

Think of it: We are talking about a man who compiled not one but two autobiographical works before the age of 46. We are talking about an ambitious politician intent on establishing his foreign policy cred. Yet he refused to mention a dangerous trip to Pakistan which he made at a time when travel to that country was discouraged by the State Department. That country was then the focus of the CIA’s largest covert operation, the supplying of the Afghan mujahadeen. While there, this callow college kid met with one of the most powerful men in Pakistan — a meeting arranged by an unnamed personage with the American Embassy. (Spook-watchers know what that means.)

If the trip was a pleasure jaunt, why did Obama keep it a secret? And how did he pay for the journey?

This site encapsulates a series of points which I had earlier made at greater length:

Adding to the mix is the fact that Ann Dunham, Obama’s mother, had visited at least 13 countries in her lifetime, and had worked for companies that required travel to Pakistan. Her employers appear to have included the U.S. Agency for International Development, the Ford Foundation, Women’s World Bank, and the Asian Development Bank. Note that USAID and the Ford Foundation have (allegedly) been used as covers for CIA agents. . . .

Like mother, like son. Ann worked for at least two organizations notorious for providing CIA cover. Barack went straight from college to an organization known to provide CIA cover. Coincidence?

Let’s put it this way: How often do such things happen in your family?

Supposedly, Ann was a leftist. Yet she married Lolo Sotero, a key intermediary between the American oil companies and Indonesian strongman Suharto, installed by the CIA in an extremely bloody coup. (Obama admits the CIA connection in his book.) No genuine lefty would have had anything to do with Suharto or his cronies.

I do not claim to have conclusive evidence. Then again, one must ask: When we try to sort of occurrences in the clandestine world, what constitutes hard evidence? If you are emotionally invested in Obama, then no amount of proof will ever suffice — except, perhaps, for a signed note by CIA director Panetta, saying “Yes, he worked for us.”


excellent blog article by joseph cannon and video by john pilger..brings up a lot of good points and so many coincidences..when do coincidences become so overwhelming they become fact?

and just how long ago was obama selected for his current role?


~ by seeker401 on August 25, 2009.

13 Responses to “Did Obama work for the CIA?”

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  2. Like you, I find the possibility of Obama’s connection with the CIA intriguing. I took a few weeks to scrounge around the Internet, send a few emails, and do a little digging, and wrote-up a fairly exhaustive analysis on this issue. If you’re interested in checking it out and comparing notes, see: Digging Through Obama’s Closet.

    • very nice work mate..i have that pilger video in my collection..being an aussie as well i was proud of his comments..if you dont mind..i will post that article in full in a few days ok mate..thanks for dropping by 🙂

  3. It would seem the presidents are chosen by the CIA not the American people. Bush Sr. given the presidency for his role in the Kennedy assassination.
    Dan Rather got his evening news spot for reporting Kennedy’s head going forward with violence.
    Nixon resigned because the Watergate thieves were tied to the Kennedy assassination, (E Howard Hunt and Frank Sturgis).
    Porter Goss resigned suddenly. CIA’s secret assassination squad known as “Operation Forty.” Could this also be the Kennedy connection?
    Gerald Ford for service to the CIA by changing the location of gunshots to Kennedy body.
    William Jefferson Clinton for making Arkansas a “banana republic” for the CIA. (guns for drugs) etc.
    Bush Jr. for his role in 9-11 working with the CIA and Mossed.
    Vice President Joe Biden for his work defending William Jefferson Clinton in his impeachment trial.
    Obama for his service to the CIA in dealings with “Al Qaeda” when Russia was fighting in Afghanistan.

    • scratch my back and i will scratch yours..its an incestuos mix of globalists..thanks for the post..interesting opinion 🙂

  4. This is fairly strange and somewhat amusing. I came across this blog because I was looking for the same thing “Did Obama work for the CIA”… simply because I saw some threads from his office that were bugging (but could not put a finger on it). I’m not a conspiracy theorist nor do I have any interest in exploring this road but there have been a few issues that has caught my attention that led me to ask myself this question.

    What made me realize what was bugging me was / is threads from his campaign tactics. The tactics resemble in my opinion, psyop tactics reserved for military and other US Intelligence agencies Informational Operations Programs. In fact, throughout his tenure as President, there are threads that seem to wrap themselves around the idea that he was involved with some intelligence agency. Kinda makes you wonder…

    Good theory, I wonder if we will ever know:D

    I think you should pose this question; “Did U.S. oil companies intentionally start global warming to melt ice caps in order to gain access to these areas for profit? If so, who profits (follow the money) besides the oil companies and the US government…”

  5. “I’m not a conspiracy theorist nor do I have any interest in exploring this road …”

    but you’re here, and you *are* exploring this road. don’t let the weight of the moronic masses make you say or feel things you don’t have to.

    “…intentionally start global warming…”

    AGW is indeed a scam, but we know from the public documents what that scam is. go read about the Club of Rome’s involvment in the AGW meme.

    • You are correct, I suppose I am on the road…

      I will definitely check out Club Rome and AGW as a scam. It’s good to self educate on both sides of issues as prolific as this.

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