Project Triangle aka “A Pyramid”


Paris council has unveiled plans for a 50-story glass pyramid after voting to drop a ban on high-rise buildings.

Proposals for the Project Triangle, designed by Swiss architecture practice Herzog & de Meuron who designed the Olympic stadium in Beijing. The tower will have offices, a conference center, 400-bedroom hotel and restaurants and cafes. It will be surrounded by parks, gardens and shops. The building is planned to be around 590 feet high which will make the third highest building in Paris. The tower will run on solar and wind power and is set for completion in 2012.

























According to French financial daily La Tribune, Apple has received approval to build one of its eponymous stores in Paris. The location? Where else but under the glass pyramid in the Carrousel du Louvre.

It would mark the second piece of geometric glass architecture used by the Cupertino company, the first being the cube at the Apple’s Fifth Avenue store in Manhattan, New York that first opened in May 2006.

The plans encompass a 715 square foot area under the pyramid formerly inhabited by two shops known as Résonances and Lalique.

the glass and steel structure and is considered by many to be one of the great landmarks of Paris along with the Eiffel Tower. From the book “Conversations with I.M. Pei,” the architect had this to say about his design, “‘The glass pyramid is a symbol that defines the entry to the Louvre. it is placed precisely at the center of gravity of the three pavilions [and] assumes the function of a symbolic entry to a huge complex of meandering interconnected buildings which had no center.”

Approval is only the first step and does not guarantee that an Apple Store will actually materialize under Pei’s structure, but it makes one wonder about future Apple stores showing up in places like the Glass Cylinder memorial in Madrid, the Globus II shopping center in Kiev, or perhaps even in Germany’s Reichstag.


the french love their pyramids as we only have to look at the louvre to see their first one built, and project “triangle” will deliver a huge one for the french people..the most common of all occult symbols will overlook paris and thats just how the secular nation likes it..and calling it a triangle dont fool anyone 🙂


~ by seeker401 on August 25, 2009.

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