Tiffany Evans claims Rihanna and others are satanists » i-had-an-abortion-gloria-steinem-illuminati-pyramid-ms-magazine-freemason-300×300

12 Responses to “i-had-an-abortion-gloria-steinem-illuminati-pyramid-ms-magazine-freemason-300×300”

  1. what an idiot.

  2. If you don’t realize this. This woman is not an artist for Rockafella records but flashing a illuminati sign of human sacrifice. Even though Jay-Z and Kanye Weat are doing the same thing.

  3. Horrible, horrible woman, she will pay for it in the end…

  4. Yes abortion. Something to be proud of and announce to the whole world. People when you hear about “reproductive health” or “rights,” run in the opposite direction. If there is a Hell, and I believe there is (does Adolf Hitler deserve eternal paradise?), then murdering innocent children in the womb should qualify for getting a person there.

  5. As a whole, this photo appears to reveal the Illuminati agenda of population control by happily advertising abortion and linking that to Illuminati symbolism.

  6. too bad gloria’s mom didn’t see it that way .

    steinem is CIA, btw.

  7. […] Does this picture look familiar to you? pyramid […]

  8. This woman has betrayed many black women in ways that simply make women who believed in her go into a state of shock she was manipulated by the cia and is too stupid to admit that she was once a woman who could have made many changes concerning the oppressions of black women and she chosed to allow the very patriarchy she complianed about to cause her to betray women

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