Rothschild to become the carbon trading kings


Date: 03-Sep-02

Billed as the first of its kind in the Asia-Pacific region and soon to be followed by other similar private investment vehicles, the Carbon Ring Consortium seeks to raise $2 million, with individual investors obliged to pay $100,000.

“With recent developments in international climate change policy, the question is no longer if, but when the global carbon trading market will emerge,” said Richard Martin, chief executive officer of Rothschild Australia.

Rothschild said in a prospectus that the Carbon Ring Consortium would be open for investments until October 30.

It would be wrapped up in June 2003, when the carbon credits purchased will be distributed to investors pro rata.

Trading environmental credits is an emerging market designed to allow firms that fail to meet emissions standards to buy credits from other firms that undercut their targets.

The Kyoto accord signed by developing nations in the Japanese city of that name envisages some carbon credit trade between countries with so-called carbon sinks – forests – and others that produce higher levels of pollution than they are allowed to.

The same applies to companies, and a nascent market has already emerged in the United States where some states have limits on acid rain components like sulphur dioxide and others have limits on carbon dioxide emissions.

Greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide are blamed by many scientists for rising world temperatures.

The investment bank said it was estimated that the global carbon trading market could be worth up to $150 billion by 2012.

It said it looked increasingly likely that the 1997 Kyoto Protocol on reducing greenhouse gas emissions would be ratified by enough countries to come into effect, notwithstanding the decision of the United States and Australia to reject the accord.

The process of investing will involve workshops to allow investors to gain hands-on knowledge of the new market.

The unregistered, managed investment scheme will be the first in a series of private investment vehicles that Carbon Ring Pty Limited, a joint venture between Rothschild and E3 International, expects to launch in the coming years, the partners said.

Carbon Advice Group Plc is pleased to announce the appointment of Oliver Rothschild as its non-executive.

Matthew Sullivan, Founder and CEO of Carbon Advice Group, welcomed the appointment saying:

“We are delighted that Oliver Rothschild has agreed to join Carbon Advice Group Plc as Chairman. We believe that Oliver will bring significant experience and international credibility to the Board of Carbon Advice Group Plc as it rapidly extends its carbon offsetting services and network of environmental entrepreneurs across Europe and the United States”.
Oliver Rothschild said “Carbon Advice Group Plc provides a unique way of engaging individuals and businesses in combating climate change across borders and nationalities. I am pleased to join Carbon Advice Group Plc at such an exciting stage in the company’s growth. I look forward to the exciting challenges of the future and working with my colleagues at Carbon Advice Group Plc to ensure the company provides a quality service to justify the public’s continuing support”.
“We want to motivate the average person in the street to get online, join our global network, build their own carbon offsetting website and get the message across to everyone they know,” continued Carbon Advice Group founder Matthew Sullivan.

“Everyday we see, hear and read about the catastrophic effects of global climate change. We all know we need to do something, and we need to do it now. We believe the appointment of Oliver Rothschild will help Carbon Advice Group Plc get closer to achieving our objective of bringing carbon emissions reduction and offsetting into the mainstream” Sullivan continued.


Notes to Editors
Founder and principal of Buchler Rothschild Investments, Oliver Rothschild has held several key positions including Chairman of UNICEF (Appeals). He is currently the Ambassador of the Monte Carlo Film Festival (IETFF), Ambassador of the charity Fresh2O and is closely associated with several other charitable bodies and boards. Oliver is the Patron of the St.Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra, Chairman of Pinewood Media, a Director of Twilight Films Ltd and Chairman the Tripleplay Group.

His track record of successful business development includes Property Investment, ICT and Entertainment, Public Relations, Fine Arts & Antiques. Oliver’s board level experience is equally extensive. He has served as Chairman for an international travel organisation, senior vice president of American General Investments and as director of a London auction House. Principle shareholder in a Fine Arts and Antiques business, Oliver is currently serving as Chairman of AB Entertainments and Fusion Universal, as well as holding directorships with a number of IT, PR and Investment companies.

Fluent in French, German, Spanish and Italian, Oliver Rothschild is actively developing business opportunities throughout the US and Europe including the former Eastern European Block countries, where he is both investing and advising on property and business acquisitions.

About Carbon Advice Group Plc
London-based Carbon Advice Group PLC has created a unique web-based service that enables individuals and businesses to take an active role in combating climate change. The site enables users to directly calculate their carbon footprint and immediately purchase carbon offsets.

The Carbon Advice Group allows anyone to get involved and take an active role in the emerging green economy. The site offers motivated social entrepreneurs a short process to set up their own merchant site to promote and sell carbon offsets as part of the Carbon Advice Group’s network. They are also able to create their own partner downline network.

The Carbon Advice Group’s mission is to create a worldwide network of environmental entrepreneurs by giving them the necessary tools, understanding and motivation for them to bring carbon emission reduction and offsetting into the mainstream and make it a vital part of everyday life. Allowing individuals to promote, purchase or provide carbon offsets, the group offers a compelling answer to the “What can I do?” response to global climate change issues.

Carbon offsetting enables individuals and businesses to compensate for unavoidable emissions by purchasing equivalent greenhouse gas savings. With the Carbon Advice Group, these savings can come from wind power, biomass power, or a renewable energy charitable contribution.

Available carbon credits meet strict international standards. Users who purchase carbon offsets will receive certificates, windscreen permits and window displays so they can proudly demonstrate their environmental credentials.


they got their claws into this a long time ago..ground floor access..these companies will be the winners in this carbon credit trading playgrond and rothschild who is most likely an architect of carbon trading, will be there with bells on


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  2. the solution to the world problems is the rich should cut back on their lifestyle only 20% and plough what is saved to the poor. Carbon and climate issues are diversions

    • you are correct..carbon and climate is a huge diversion..good post

    • You’re 100% wrong…

      GIVING the poor money only makes them more welfare dependent… If you want to help them, then stop taxing the rich to death, and they will take that saved money and invest it in order to make even more. In so doing, they create and expand private sector business, which is the ONLY generator of wealth that exists.

      When business expands, the poor have more opportunities to pull themselves up out of poverty. Those who actually CAN’T work will be taken care of by private charities. Those who want free handouts who are too lazy to work, will either change and survive, or starve.

      As Dennis Miller said:

      “I want to help the helpless, but I don’t give a damn about the clueless”


      • you immediately associate helpless with clueless..i dont..your view of the world is horrible..we agree to disgaree..your thoughts are based on a flawed ideal that rich want to help the poor..they dont give a you are indeed..100% wrong.

  3. And you don’t have a clue as to the real nature of capitalism and how wealth is created… You’ve never lived in a capitalist society, unless you’re about 150+ years old. The govt has been interfering with the mechanism of the free market since the late 19th century, and EVERY abuse that you and the rest of petulant children on the left blame on capitalism and greed, was actually caused by the govt’s interference, not by capitalism itself. Study the history of the railroads, which were built as govt created monopolies, and which failed once the once the levels of traffic and freight rose to the point where they were economically viable. Of course the capitalists who built them took the blame not the govt “SUBSIDIES” that led to their creation. It’s been that way ever since.

    You think that rational self interest is synonymous with greed, that the rich don’t care about the poor. That’s right… they don’t, and they never will nor should we expect them to. They’re out for themselves, and are only concerned with making money…

    But by trying to make more money, the capitalist creates new businesses, builds new factories and puts more people to work. It is a FACT that every time that taxes were lowered substantially, total tax revenues from the increased prosperity actually rose.

    Business, the profit motive, a man’s desire to create a better world for his children, is the ONLY thing that creates wealth. If I may quote Dr. Adrian Rogers: “What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it.”

    Did you know that no other language, including the English of the British before we came along, has ever used the phrase “to make money”? They referred to it as “receiving an income, or being paid a salary, or a stipend. That phrase “making money” is purely American. It was because of our freedoms, that we recognized that wealth is something that is created. Everyone else, most specifically the left, thinks that wealth exists in a static quantity, and that evil capitalists fight over who gets the biggest share, and of course they fight dirty by exploiting the poor. That’s bull$hit and it has always been bull$hit..

    The progressives think it’s only a matter of distributing it fairly, which they alone in their enlightened state know how to do, after taking their cut off the top of course.

    H.L. Mencken said “The urge to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it.”

    He was right. No form of collectivism, be it socialism, communism, or fascism, has ever worked, not can it ever work, because it violates man’s basic nature and self interest to provide and build a better life for his family. And all bureaucrats are scum. They seek power over men, whereas real men seek power over nature, to shape it and make it suit their needs. Everything you hear from the progressives is a lie. In virtually all cases, the exact opposite is true, and nowhere is this more clear than in all the climate and environmental crappola they’re trying to ram down our throats.

    This entire climate change movement is a complete hoax. There is no climate crisis, and if there was, the only thing we could do is learn to adapt to it. CO2 is basically irrelevant to the science. It’s the sun stupid. And the earth is just fine. We have plenty of resources, don’t worry. Pollution is indeed a problem, but we’re getting better at cleaning it up, and we pollute less each and every year. AND CO2 IS NOT A POLLUTANT.

    Mother nature knows how to take care of herself, and govt created hysteria, does nothing to help the problem, but it does add to THEIR wealth and power.

    H.L. Mencken described politics best: “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”


    PS: There are people who care far less about the poor and people in general than the rich. It’s the politicians!

    • go and read some of my have assumed many things about me incorrectly..try the climate change category for starters

    • “And you don’t have a clue as to the real nature of capitalism and how wealth is created… You’ve never lived in a capitalist society, unless you’re about 150+ years old. The govt has been interfering with the mechanism of the free market since the late 19th century, and EVERY abuse that you and the rest of petulant children on the left blame on capitalism and greed, was actually caused by the govt’s interference, not by capitalism itself.”

      You forget that corporations are in bed and benefit from legislation, ie. gov’t guns, to get their monopoly share of the pie. Of course this isn’t the free market. It’s an oligarchy swemson where businesses are part of the gov’t. Many of the big businesses, check the Council of Foreign Relations for one, do not have clean hands in this. Don’t think just because they call themselves businessmen, that they are actually businessmen. They are the gov’t now along with many other corrupt entities. I think you need to rethink what the free market is swemson.

      • his view is outdated and very right wing based..i agree with his thoughts on climate change but then we go off at 180 degrees..

  4. Wow, swemson, I have been here on this site from its conception and have never thought of seeker401 as a liberal or progressive. You obviously have half the story on capitalism, but if you had the whole story you would realize that enterprise corruption has been going on since the beginning of mankind, and those who enjoyed those government subsidies are doing so willingly and happily.

    The rich pay for nothing! You do, and I do and the rest of the peasants do. It’s always been that way. I certainly do not expect to be robbed in the daylight by people who are supported by our system of government to enrich themselves. That doesn’t make me a progressive, it makes me one pissed off taxpayer.You need to brush up on your lessons and stop listening to the tea party folks. They are backed by the best of the best of the corrupt.

    By the way, there is no one on the net who has screamed louder than seeker401 about the sham called global warming/climate change. This cap and trade BS has been set up so the rich can continue to rape and rob the nations of the world of their resources, while making the peasants fund it.

    Chill out man.. you don’t know all you think you do, you are missing quite a few lessons on how the world was built.

    • To: Intriguedbyr

      You think you know what you’re talking about but you don’t.

      The corruption (dishonestly) you speak of is a simple fact of life. Govt has the responsibility to oversee the private sector, and to catch the crooks and punish them, but they don’t do that job very well, primarily because they’re all so corrupt themselves.

      The people you refer to who are part of the “crony capitalism” system, in which the govt gives their companies special privileges and subsidies, in exchange for campaign contributions and other under the table presents and bribes. Those businessmen are just as evil as the corrupt politicians.

      Your fear and hatred of “THE RICH” stems from the way the left, primarily the progressives, have twisted and distorted the true history of our country. It’s so egregious, that almost everyone who’s been a product of our schools & universities, has a twisted perspective on most of these issues.

      You and seeker401 probably don’t think of yourselves as progressives, and you’re not to be fair, but you’re still a long way off from understanding the free market. The problem for many like you, is that none of us have lived in a truly free market. Just prior to WWII, Alcoa, which had started the aluminum industry was broken up by the govt anti trust department, because it dominated the industry, not because they were doing anything wrong. Then, during WWII when we fell critically short of aluminum for the aircraft industry, Alcoa got the blame. If you want to understand why govt is the cause of all of our problems, read the decision against Alcoa written by Judge Learned Hand.. You can probably find it on google.

      Dishonesty is an unfortunate trait in much of humanity. Now think about the word corruption. It almost always refers to someone in govt. Sure, there are a few corrupt bankers, and other business men, but we just think of them as crooks. In order to be called corrupt, you need to be in some type of position of trust, which the corrupt one’s betray.

      But dishonesty is a trait of imperfect people. It’s not an indictment of the free market system. If there were no corrupt politicians, judges, and LAWYERS, you’d see far less dishonesty in commerce.

      And your statement that the rich pay for nothing is absolutely absurd. They pay disproportionately high taxes that hurt the economy. Business owners, and that includes shareholders in corporations, are doubly taxed. The govt taxes the profits made by the business, and heaps on dozens of regulatory fees (licensing fees) and other taxes. As a result, most industries are lucky if 30% of their profits ever reach their shareholders. Then, the shareholders, who for the most part are rich, get taxed on those profits (dividends) again. The actual tax bite on most successful Americans is around 50% if not more, once you realize that their doubly taxed income (net after tax) has to pay taxes on almost everything they buy, plus taxes on their property, and so on ad nauseum. I remember living in NYC 20 years ago, paying a 18% city tax on the cost of my monthly garage space. The rich pay for EVERYTHING… and that’s OK as far as paying more than poor people for the cost of building and maintaining the roads, the military, the courts etc. But the govt has no legal or moral authority to take money from them to redistribute to the poor. If you don’t understand this, I think that you’ll find the following justification for saying that quite interesting and enjoyable:

      And as far as never finding anyone screaming louder about the AGW scam than seeker401, you’re probably talking to one of those folks right now. That’s not to say that I’m not grateful to everyone, like seeker401, for helping to spread the word…

      Please feel free to read some of my articles published online at the following URL’s:


      Btw: the note below was intended for Seeker401

  5. I’ve read quite enough of your tripe thank you very much…

    You may be smart enough to understand that the entire climate change CO2 theory is a scam, but your comment about the rich not caring about the poor tells me all I need to know about you.

    You should grow up and get a grip on reality… A good way to start would be to read “Atlas Shrugged”

    Life isn’t fair, and the smartest, most creative and ambitious amongst us are the one’s who generate progress and make everyone richer.

    Those people leave the world richer than they found it. I have nothing against the less able, but those who think they’re entitled to a free lunch and those who want to give it to them paid for with other people’s money are simply parasites.

    Honor the producers. Production comes before distribution!


    • fine along and go and count your dollars scrooge have no idea of my age so chill with the pathetic diatribes..

      when did i say life is fair?..i didnt..doesnt mean you have to become an ASSHOLE

      “I have nothing against the less able” that right?..but you said this: ““I want to help the helpless, but I don’t give a damn about the clueless”..i bet eugenics gives you a hard on eh?

      go and join your mates at goldman sachs raping the shit out of western countries and sir are one fooled individual..perhaps some time in the shearing shed is needed for this sheep?

      • I see I was right about you….

        Well at least you apparently know that CO2 isn’t a pollutant..

        Best of luck to you sir….


  6. Define “rich”.

  7. swemson, I can tell you get all your info from Glenn Beck. Man, the mainstream media will always mislead you. Stop parroting the pros and start researching. Follow the Money!

    Life isn’t fair and corruption is still a crime, but the justice department doesn’t work for us, the people. You see, the entire system was created of the corporations, by the corporations and for the corporations.

    It goes back to the biblical days, the moneychangers. You should know that, even Glenn talks about them. You are really out of league on this issue, and it is more than obvious, you DO NOT know how things get paid for.

    • Wow…

      You consider Glenn Beck part of the “Main Stream Media” ?

      Are you serious?

      Your entire “I’m a victim of the rich” paranoia and philosophy, is a clear indication that you’ve truly been brainwashed by the progressives.. and I’m not talking about Obama… I’m going back to Wilson, Roosevelt, and what the 60’s revolutionaries have done to our educational system.

      And as for your (and especially seeker’s) assumptions about me, you couldn’t be farther from the truth. I’m a semi retired former Marine (late 60’s) and a writer specializing mostly in marine / naval technology….

      You fellows need to find another form of exercise besides jumping to conclusions.


      • “You fellows need to find another form of exercise besides jumping to conclusions”

        ditto man..ditto..we havent been brainwashed by anyone..we follow enterprise corruption..the rich we talk of are not ceos and managers..we are talking about the uber rich..the rich so rich they dont even get spoken of..the hands behind the curtains..the whole world is a globalisation play..and someone has to run the probably went to a war based on a false flag..tonkin incient ring a bell? who was the winner out of that?..tell me the answer and then we can see if you really know what corruption is 🙂

  8. swemsom, I’m going to read some of your articles, but I also want you to understand that the “rich” I am speaking of, may not be the “rich” you speak of. After I read them, I will gladly engage in a conversation regarding the true nature of enterprise corruption and those who profit handsomely from the blatant debasement of our 401’ks, the inside shareholders who get out before the outside shareholders know what is coming their way, and the many foundations and charities of the rich who launder money while enriching themselves.

    • Those crooks couldn’t exist without the participation and sanction of corrupt politicians.


      • we know the politicians are corrupt..both sides are exactly the same..they play for the same boss..but it means nothing without the “rich” finishing off the “play”..debase the market, debase the industry, lower the wages, rehire at 1/3 of previous wage and the worlds a happy place again LOL..its a game man..and i dont want to play..

  9. swemson, who in the heck here said we are progressives… you did!
    There is nothing progressive about myself at all, I have spent my entire life considering myself to be a “conservative” until I realized the crooks I was voting into office, were the same who continue to send young men to war to fight for resources…not for the defense of our nation.

    If anyone has assumed anything, with all due respect, that would be you. Do I consider Glenn Beck mainstream…you bet I do. He is no different than any of the so called “mainstream” media, all of them tickle someone’s ear. Whether it is Dan Rather, Peter Jennings, Bill O’Reilly or Anderson Cooper. Those are the “mainstream media” of today. Paid shills who work for the corporations who run this country. I am shocked as a semi-retired marine, you haven’t learned that yet. I would also be shocked that you have not realized that the so-called Democracy that this government is “spreading around the world” is nothing short of nation building. I am certain you know that! We live in a global society now, remember?

    Perhaps you can tell me who is paying for this technology you work with, do you really know? I will find for you though, many ties to former military bigwigs who left their roles in Washington to become board members, trustees and CEO’s of industries that are blatantly involved in enterprise corruption, if you know how to follow the money. Government contracts that are exclusive to privately owned corporations, who have subsidiaries and union contracted sub-contractors. The biggest theft of our tax dollars is the medical industry where Newt Gingrich seems to be King! He can personally teach you a little enterprise corruption while claiming to Restore America! There’s a heck of a lot of money in Medicare fraud, especially if you’re caught and your fine for participating is a slap on the hand and a 10% fine of the amount you stole from the people. Not that Newt would ever be involved with that, but sometimes the people you mentor seems to get their hands a little dirty.

    Newt is a whiz kid at setting these types of businesses up. Ask Richard Scrushy about when Newt was gonna make a contract with America and how profitable that was. Maybe you should research some of the things he is going to do for “America” and who will really profit from the taxpayer funded health-transformations he will bring us.

    Don’t forget to look into the Tenet Healthcare programs either, they are very profitable sources of taxpayer funded capitalism as well. I guess I fail to see how exposing the fraud and theft and delusion this nation has been assaulted with, makes me a progressive. Quite the contrary, I think it makes me angry but better informed than those who stick their heads in the sand and go shopping at the malls to keep the economy going. Believe me, its hard when you wake up and face the truth that everything you believed was a lie, but once you understand how things are really paid for, you can spot the next Enron a mile away.

    The one thing I will absolutely agree with you is the deliberate dumbing down of our education system and destruction of our culture and society. It is intentional and it is criminal. Truth and the Progressive Movement are world’s apart. We live in an illusion where our so called leaders prefer we stay tuned to their propaganda media shills and American Idol, while they build nations in the name of “democracy”, the few making decisions for the many. Meanwhile, back at home, this has been a socialist country since the day they revised history and made this nation a corporation, great guy that FDR was, eh? I’m going to read some of your ideas now, but look forward to a further discussion, maybe we can learn from each other.

    • thats almost worthy of its own posting intrigued..cheers mate!

    • Intriguedbyr;

      I never said you were progressives.. re-read what I wrote, before making such accusations…

      Your closing words above show that you’re an open minded serious person who takes the right attitude in discussions like this… unlike your pal and cheerleader seeker, who is merely crude and boorish, which is why I won’t waste any further time on him.

      And I don’t think you’re a progressive, although I do believe that you’ve been intellectually corrupted by some of their bull$hit historical revisionism.

      I think that you’d be shocked over how much we have in common… I’m socially liberal and fiscally conservative.. more of a libertarian than a conservative, but I’ve learned that the state of our world is far more complicated than your nicely wrapped up theory that everything is simply controlled by a bunch of evil rich guys hiding behind the curtains and pulling strings.

      We didn’t go into Vietnam because we wanted their resources. We went there in a misguided attempt to make a stand against the spread of communism. Of course there were other reasons too, including the military’s desire to use up all the old leftovers from war 2 and Korea, in order to get Congress to give them the funding needed to modernize our arsenal. But I can assure you that when I joined the Corps, AFTER graduating college, I knew what I was doing and why I was doing it. And I was of course a volunteer…

      BTW: Look up Eisenhower’s thoughts on this subject. Google: “Eisenhower on the military industrial complex” I think you’ll enjoy reading that speech.. he was smarter than moist of us thought.

      I know quite a bit about Maurice Strong and Agenda 21. It’s hard to talk about it, because most people think you’re nuts when you mention that their plan includes the elimination of some 6 billion people.

      I’m not sure about the true motivation of people like E. dR. It’s kind of hard to accept the idea that all they care about is amassing more and more wealth. I’m pretty sure that they don’t even know what their entire family’s net worth actually is. It’s also not rational for them to really believe in the sick crap that evil scumbags like John Holdren and Cass Sunstein believe in. It’s like the impression that the progressives like to create of businessmen all being evil little monopoly men, who want ALL of the wealth for themselves. If that were true, who the hell would have the money to buy the products made by all of their businesses.

      It’s also a lot like the crap I heard in school, i.e. Monopolies are inherently evil. What would happen if one evil rich guy bought up all the cows and then raise the price of milk to ten bucks a quart? Of course if such an absurd thing could happen, the obvious result would be that most of his cows would die of starvation, because he wouldn’t be able to afford to keep feeding them if nobody could afford to buy milk.

      It’s real simple. All we were promised is life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We were never guaranteed that we’d be happy, or prosperous, just that we were free to pursue prosperity and happiness… But if we’re not allowed to keep the fruits of our labor, that freedom becomes meaningless.

      Our founding fathers created a system in which the powers of the govt are derived from the consent of the governed. If I’m starving, I don’t have the right to break into my neighbor’s house and steal his food, so there’s no way I can delegate that right to my government.

      Our system of government has beed perverted out of all proportion. Democracy in the pure sense cannot work. The majority (have-nots) can’t simply vote to help themselves to the property of the minority (the haves). Bureaucrats are all scumbags, they always have been and always will. Cicero had them pegged over 2,000 years ago when he said: “A bureaucrat is the most despicable of men, though he is needed as vultures are needed, but one hardly admires vultures whom bureaucrats so strangely resemble. I have yet to meet a bureaucrat who was not petty, dull, almost witless, crafty or stupid, an oppressor or a thief, a holder of little authority in which he delights, as a boy delights in possessing a vicious dog. Who can trust such creatures?”

      I don’t know if we’ll be able to stop the decline and defeat these people. History says we won’t. It’s similar to what they say about addicts. You can’t rehabilitate them until they hit bottom. In America, as in Europe, far too many people have become addicted to the handouts, and there’s no way we can ever fulfill their “needs” Sooner or later, they’re going to get a dose of reality, and I’m afraid that it will probably not come through peaceful evolution. Even if we could eliminate all the evil and crooked politicians and their cronies, unless we dramatically change our government back to the basic principals of our founding fathers, they’ll just be replaced by new looters who’ll get elected by promising to get rid of the lies and corruption.

      The next few years are going to be interesting. I suggest that everyone should prepare themselves, just in case it all comes tumbling down, and we actually do need to feed and defend ourselves….

      I’ve got my generator, and my vegetable garden & fruit trees, and I’m within walking distance of the coast & I know how to fish… And while I’m nowhere near as lean or as mean, I’m still a Marine….

      Ooh Rah!


      • im crude and boorish yet it was you who came into my blog, my house, and told me i was 100 % wrong, have some respect next on..i have had plenty of practice dealing with argumentative posters who assume everything about someone without checking..i would probably enjoy most of your work but i wont be bothered to piss off friends and cohorts with one stupid comment..all you had to do was a little research on my blog instead of assuming..but you didnt

      • swemson,

        lol… You came in here swinging, but lacked the patience to know what people mean here. Ask questions next time. It makes being humble worthwhile instead of kneejerking reactions based on your yet unknown insight into who the people here really are. Let’s move on and put this aside. And your “Ooh Rah!” is getting you into trouble because usually the opposite of patience is quick to anger. God is slow to anger, full of patience. Everybody, including me, can learn from the Most High. Don’t you know that when you said this:

        “When you refer to who are part of the “crony capitalism” system, in which the govt gives their companies special privileges and subsidies, in exchange for campaign contributions and other under the table presents and bribes. Those businessmen are just as evil as the corrupt politicians.” – swemson

        That this is the rich seeker was talking about. The “businessmen (that) are just as evil as the corrupt politicians.” If you know what the free market is, then you would have the discernment to judge that such business (the rich they were referring to) are not part of the free market but are in essence the gov’t (along with other entities). And yes Glenn Beck is a shill. I don’t trust anybody on the TV most of the time, and on the internet that much either.

        Do you have a relationship with God swemson?

        peace and love

        • he needs to ask himself why does beck take these positons..he is portrayed as the respectable face of conspiracy theories..he is part disnfo and part truth

      • To: Wilderness and Intrigued;

        I stumbled into this blog because a friend sent me a link to the this article about E.dR, After reading the article, The first thing I noticed in the comments was Mohamed’s remark:

        “the solution to the world problems is the rich should cut back on their lifestyle only 20% and plough what is saved to the poor. Carbon and climate issues are diversions ”

        And seeker’s comment:

        “you are correct..carbon and climate is a huge diversion..good post”

        If seeker had been agreeing with the last part of the comment ONLY (Carbon and climate issues are diversions) and seriously Disagreed with the first part of the comment, I think he would have made that clear, and certainly wouldn’t have added the “good post”

        Therefore I assume that he agreed with the entire post, which makes him and any others who agree with that sentiment totally clueless about the workings of a free market economy, and basically ignorant about economics as well. Mohammed’s “solution” is naive and idiotic.

        I’ve since looked at other areas of this blog, and after doing so have come to the realization that seeker and anyone who spends time on this blog are either idiots or mentally deranged. I won’t bother to try to put a label on your ideas, even though paranoid and delusional seem to fit so well. It’s OK to talk about corrupt businessmen. There are plenty of them. But you folks apparently have bought into the progressive’s lie that all businessmen are corrupt and greedy exploiters of the poor. Most people I’ve run across who believe that are losers who need someone to blame for their failures. I’m guessing that you folks fit right in there…

        My quick tour of this madhouse found one deranged woman, Rosario, who’s obsessed with Michael Jackson. The others I found didn’t have personal profile pages as she did, but from their comments, I can tell most of them are rather off kilter as well.. Wilderness is a prime example of small minded people who are obsessed with religion. Careful guys.. that crap can rot your brain, as it clear has in his case.

        The garbage found here, specifically the Max Kaiser video that Seeker refers to as Israel Inc. is beyond offensive, and shows a total lack of knowledge about the history of Israel and the so called “Palestinians” and clear overtones of anti-semitism. Same goes for the “Who did 911” piece. Anyone who buys into that crap is either ignorant or a liar.

        After this comment, I’ll post one more final item, that describes the true history of the Israeli – Palestinian issue. If any of you are sufficiently open-minded and curious to learn the truth, I encourage you to read it, because it is 100% accurate.

        That’s it folks.. Either grow up (or try to by reading Atlas Shrugged), or you’ll all be doomed to a life of ignorance and hate…


        • we present news as its given to us..its up to the reader to make their own opinions..not have somebody elses opinions slammed down their many times do you want to insult ppl here?

          of course anything YOU show to us is 100% believe must be..what an insular world you live in..getting all your information fron CNN and Fox..dont believe the hype..

          and so what if a poster is a michael jackson fan..doesnt make what she says any less important than you..i get 3000 – 4000 hits here a dont know me or my friends or the audience who comes are a shill

      • “But you folks apparently have bought into the progressive’s lie that all businessmen are corrupt and greedy exploiters of the poor.” – swemson

        Lie. It’s sad you had to resort to personal attacks about the mental conditions of people here. I had asked if you could be humble enough to step back and know what people actually think instead of interjecting deceptions about who I am. I know more about the free market than you think. You’re acting as if some of what is happening is new. You’re comments are naive of how much knowledge the people possess here. I would consider stop parading your arrogance and haughtiness as if you know more than what other people do when you haven’t even investigated what is on our minds.

        “Wilderness is a prime example of small minded people who are obsessed with religion. Careful guys.. that crap can rot your brain, as it clear has in his case.” – swemson

        And now the chips fall where they may. Now I know exactly who I am talking to. Ooh Rah! peace swemson. It’s good for the soul.

        “That’s it folks.. Either grow up (or try to by reading Atlas Shrugged), or you’ll all be doomed to a life of ignorance and hate…” – swemson

        lol. After you belittle people here you, tell them to “grow up” and how we’ll all end up in a life of “ignorance and hate”, yet, contradictorily labeled us “idiots” and “mentally deranged”, yeah, I’ll get on your suggestions – not. After somebody comes along and beats a person over the head and then makes these uncivil demands and belittle’s their character, then they pretend to be a helper, I say they are a fraud and a deceiver. And that you are swemson.


        • the wolf in sheeps contradiction hypocrite

          “After you belittle people here you, tell them to “grow up” and how we’ll all end up in a life of “ignorance and hate”, yet, contradictorily labeled us “idiots” and “mentally deranged”, yeah, I’ll get on your suggestions – not. After somebody comes along and beats a person over the head and then makes these uncivil demands and belittle’s their character, then they pretend to be a helper, I say they are a fraud and a deceiver. And that you are swemson. ”

          you are the ignorant..and you are the hater..”we had to sop communism from spreading” the party line eh?

  10. Palestine – The Big Lie
    Sharon Nader Sloan 


    December 15, 2001

    “The West Bank is occupied Palestinian land.” This phrase is frequently repeated, as a given, by all the governments of the world and by the entire news media.

    This idea that the West Bank is occupied Palestinian land has been accepted by almost everyone. Yet it is, in fact, the greatest lie ever perpetrated on the whole of humanity. If you think this is an outlandish statement, please read on and decide for yourself.

    Palestinians claim that Palestine is their land, and that Jerusalem is their capital, and that Israel is occupying their land. To resist occupation, they assert the right to send suicide bombers into crowded bus stations, pizza parlors, etc., and kill innocent men, women and children. And all Arab and Muslim countries support them in their claims and actions against Israel.

    Because of this alleged occupation of Palestinian land by Israel, because of this alleged crime committed against their Palestinian brothers, all Arabs hate Israel and want to destroy it.

    To anyone who is familiar with the facts, and has an objective eye, all this must be fascinating because never before has a complete lie, on such a large scale, been so successful.

    First, if Arab animosity toward Israel is based on their love and support for their Palestinian brothers and in wanting their Palestinian brothers to have their own state, where was that love and support before the Jewish state existed? Where were they when the kingdom of Jordan ruled Palestine? Why were they not accusing Jordan of occupying Palestinian land? Why did not the Arab world and the United Nations call on Jordan to stop occupying Palestinian land? Second, where were the Palestinians themselves, with all their grievances and claims, when Jordan occupied the whole West Bank, including Jerusalem?

    Did you know that? Did you know that for 19 years, Jordan occupied and ruled the whole West Bank, including Jerusalem? Why didn’t they clamor for a Palestinian state then?

    All this time, did we hear a word about Palestine being occupied by the kingdom of Jordan? Did we hear anything about a Palestinian state? Or about Jerusalem being the capital of Palestine?

    No, we did not.

    Why not?

    Because there never existed a Palestinian state.

    And in the entire history of nations, Jerusalem was never the capital of any country other than that of ancient Israel and modern Israel. So how can there be a claim on Jerusalem as the capital of a state that never existed?

    One of the problems here is that so few people know the history of the world. Hence, lies and more lies, repeated often enough, are assumed to be facts.

    I have heard many scholars, including an Arab journalist, question the very notion of a Palestinian people. What, they ask, makes a people? Well, there are four elements that define a people: language, religion, culture and cuisine. For example, the Chinese and Japanese are both Oriental. Still, they are two different peoples, because they each have a different language, a different religion, a different culture and a different cuisine.

    The Palestinians speak the same language, follow the same religion, manifest the same culture and eat the same cuisine as all other Arabs. They are really Arabs who happen to live in a region called Palestine.

    Palestine is not and never was the name of a country, or the name of a people.
    It is the name of a region. Just like Siberia is a region, not a country. There is no Siberian country, nor is there a Siberian people. It is a region. Just like the Sahara is a region, not a country. There is no Saharan country, nor is there a Saharan people. The Arabs living in that region are Libyans, Moroccans, etc. It is a region.

    Because Palestine is a region, not a country, England was able to carve out half of it and give it to the Arabs living on the other side of the Jordan River and call it the kingdom of Jordan. Because Palestine is a region, the United Nations was able to divide the rest of it between the Jews and the Arabs living there. Had the Arabs accepted the United Nations resolution, there would have been a 
newly created Arab state called Palestine. Instead, they rejected the United Nations compromise and went to war to destroy Israel. They lost the war. Hence, no Palestinian state.
    Here are some cold facts:

    King David built the city of Jerusalem, and King Solomon, David’s son, built the holy temple. This commonwealth of Israel lasted for a thousand years. There was only one break, when, 400 years after King David, the Babylonian invaders occupied the land for 70 years. Then, with the help of Cyrus the Great of Persia, yes, Persia, Israel came back to the land, rebuilt the temple and ruled for another 600 years.

    Then, the Romans came and ruled the land, then the Crusaders ruled the land, then the Ottoman Empire ruled the land, then the British Empire ruled the land, then Israel returned to its homeland and built a modern Jewish state. It was never, repeat, never a Palestinian state.

    So what is all this talk about occupied Palestinian land?

    They certainly have a right to live there freely and happily. Nobody wants to move them away from their land. But from where comes the right for a Palestinian state? Is it because they live there?

    Imagine if the Mexican American community in California, whose numbers are greater than the number of Palestinians in the West Bank, decides tomorrow to claim that the United States is occupying their land, because they live there and they want their own Mexican state. Imagine if, when the U.S. government says, “No, you can live here, but you cannot have sovereignty, you cannot have your own state,” they start sending suicide bombers, shooters, mortars, etc. into the rest of the country. What do you think would happen?

    This is precisely why there was never any suggestion of a Palestinian state, not under the Romans, not under the Crusaders, not under the Turks, not under the English and not under the Arab kingdom of Jordan until after Israel was again established in its homeland.

    I believe it is the big lie of our generation, and we are all buying into it.

    Whatever you believe, don’t you think these facts deserve to be raised when discussing Middle East policies?

    This paper is a follow up to my earlier paper “The Big Lie.”
    Palestine – The Big Lie – Sharon Nader Sloan (added 12/24/01)

    I have received a number of inquiries basically asking: What about the United Nations’ resolution? Didn’t the U.N. allocate part of the region for the Arabs? This is an argument many people use to justify the creation of a Palestinian state. Let me address this.

    Yes, the first United Nations resolution in that conflict was to partition the region between Jews and Arabs. The Jews accepted that resolution notwithstanding the fact that such acceptance would inevitably create another Arab state called Palestine. The Arabs, on the other hand, not only rejected the resolution, they trampled on it by declaring war on the new State of Israel. Five Arab nations attacked her from all sides in order to destroy her. Well, that did not happen. The Arabs lost the war and have been whining ever since about United Nations resolutions.

    Too late, fellas.

    It does not work that way – not in international affairs, nor in human relations. If you refuse an offer and attempt to destroy it, you no longer have a right to that offer.
    I did not address this issue in my first paper, nor did I cover many other details of the Arab-Israeli conflict. And I did not presume to offer a definitive solution to this painful problem. Who am I to assume such a role for myself? Most likely it will be the United States, the European Union, the Russians, the Arabs, and the Israelis who will determine the final outcome of this conflict.

    The reason for my paper was to bring forth certain truths and trust that these truths will effect an honorable solution to the problem.

    Sooner or later all the parties involved will attempt a serious solution to this problem. When that happens these truths must be recognized and placed on the negotiating table, or there will never be peace between Arabs and Jews.

    Because, unless the Arabs recognize and accept these truths, even if they are given a state of their own, and no matter how many agreements and treaties they sign, they will always feel wronged, cheated, and forced into giving up what they now claim is theirs. They will continue to plot and look for an opportunity to destroy Israel in order to take back what they claim is theirs, especially the younger generation that has been brainwashed to hate the “occupying enemy.” Whether there is a Palestinian state or not, there will be no peace.

    In fact, a Palestinian state without recognition of these truths will more than likely end up in a full-scale war with Israel, engulfing the entire Middle East.

    Peace between the Jews and Arabs can be achieved only in one of two ways. Either one side completely defeats the other side (given existing circumstances, this is not likely to happen), or all the Arabs recognize and accept the truths around this conflict.

    One undeniable truth is that there never was a Palestinian state or a Palestinian nation. In fact there are no Palestinians. These are Arabs living in a region that, historically, has been called many things, including Palestine. But there is no Palestinian people.

    They have the same ethnicity, the same language, the same religion, the same culture, the same dress, the same cuisine, etc., etc., as all the other Arabs. Yes, there are minor differences, the same minor differences that exist between the Welsh, the Scots, and the Londoners. They are still all Englishmen. The same minor differences that exist between Yankees and Southerners. They are still all Americans, etc., etc. These inconsequential differences do not make a “people.”

    The small Arab Christian minority, whose religion is different from the religion of all other Arabs, is not the problem. Most of them have stated openly that they would rather be Israeli citizens than live under Arafat and his Palestinian Authority. The problem is the Muslim majority that lives in this region and thinks that living in the region equals sovereignty over the region.

    Are the Arabs living in the Sahara region a Saharan people with their own Saharan government? Are the Russians living in Siberia Siberians with their own Siberian government? I explained all this in detail in my paper “The Big Lie.”

    Again, there are no Palestinians. Hence, the terrorists are not freedom fighters fighting for their Palestinian independence. They are simply Arab terrorists. And the so-called territories are not occupied lands. They are occupied by their owners.

    Another truth is Jerusalem. The other day Yasser Arafat again talked about Jerusalem being his capital. Jerusalem was never the capital of any nation other than the nation of Israel. And Arafat wants it to be the capital of a nation that never existed, nor does it exist today.

    Why? Because he wants it?

    Jerusalem is not just sitting there waiting for an owner. It has an owner. It belongs to someone.

    Leaving out history, religion, the Bible, etc., etc., it belongs to Israel simply by right of conquest; no less than the Falkland Islands are English by right of conquest, even though the English people are foreigners to that land. They were never there before they took it. The same with Tahiti. It is French by right of conquest, even though they are foreigners, etc., etc. The same with Texas and California. They are American by right of conquest, even though, etc., etc. Conversely, Israel ruled and owned that land for a thousand years and now has it again by right of conquest.
    Arafat wants the world to take Jerusalem and the so-called territories away from Israel and give them to him. Why?

    Iraq went to war against Kuwait and occupied its land. This was a peaceful sovereign nation invaded and conquered by an outside enemy. Hence, it was rightfully called “occupied land.”

    Israel did not go to war against a Palestinian state and occupy its land. Israel was attacked by five Arab nations with intentions to destroy her, and had to defend herself. In that war Israel conquered the territories, not from Arafat and the Palestinians, but from Jordan and Egypt.

    A third truth is that most of the Arabs living in Palestine today are not indigenous to that region. It was after the Jews changed deserts and swamps into a productive and thriving land that the Arabs migrated there. Before that time there were only approximately 120,000 Arabs in the entire region, including Jordan.

    Arafat himself is not a native of Palestine. He was born and raised in Cairo. Few people know this.

    Jews, Babylonians, Syrians, Romans, Muslims, crusaders, Ottomans, and the British; they all ruled this land at one time or another. But never did the Palestinians rule this land. Never.

    Now it is again the land of Israel. God’s promise, biblical prophecy, 1000 years of historically owning that land (including, during the time of Jesus), or simply “the right of conquest.” Whatever the reason, the land is now back in the hands of Israel. It is, therefore, outrageous and deceitful for the Arabs to claim sovereignty over land that was never theirs, and is now owned by someone else.

    And it is fascinating, and sad, to watch the nations of the world, and the media, eagerly embrace this deception. It is the same kind of hypocrisy that allows Syria, a known sponsor of terrorists and an occupier of the sovereign nation of Lebanon, a seat on the Security Council of the United Nations.

    We need to repeat these truths over and over again in order to dispel the lies that are being repeated over and over again.

    Unless there is a massive and long-term re-education of all the Arab people to these truths, with or without a state of their own, the so-called Palestinians will never, willingly, allow the existence of a State of Israel. Only when these truths come to light and are accepted by most of the Arab people can meaningful negotiations begin.

    Anyone who is not mesmerized by the repetition of “the big lie” and not victim to political corruption, and seeks justice for everyone, including the so-called Palestinians – they who have been suffering for years due to the lies perpetrated upon them by their political, spiritual, and militant leaders; those who keep them mired in the refugee camps and incite them to die by jihad – anyone whose heart has not turned to stone, cannot help but shout these truths wherever, whenever, and to whomever possible.

    I can do no more than bring this to your attention. Perhaps you can do more. I pray you will.

    The Trojan Horse
    Sharon Nader Sloan, Esq. 
June 29, 2002

    Will a Palestinian State Bring Peace to the Middle East?

    In all recorded modern history of warfare, hatred and evil, including the Nazis in Germany, the Communists in Russia and China, Pol Pot in Indo-China, etc. there did not ever exist the obscene outrage of suicide killers. Even the Japanese Kamikaze pilots only attacked military targets.

    The model and inspiration for Osama bin Laden’s suicide bombers who hit the World Trade Center in New York, and the Pentagon in Washington, and all the other suicide bombings and shootings since then (e.g., the case in the Indian Parliament, etc., etc.), is Yasser Arafat and the so-called Palestinians.

    The concept that it is acceptable and praiseworthy to commit suicide for the sole purpose of murdering noncombatant citizens; the adulation for people who kill themselves in order to slaughter innocent women, children and babies; training and sending young men to destroy themselves just to kill old men and old women; this horror is the sick brainchild of Yasser Arafat and his cohorts.

    He is the first. He is the original terrorist to bring this level of terrorism, this plague, to the world. He instituted this new darkness that now threatens all of us. He created the green light for others to follow in these bloody footsteps.

    Hence, one has to be either naïve or psychologically impaired to believe that giving Arafat and the so-called Palestinians a state of their own will turn today’s baby killers and their supporters into peaceful neighbors alongside the State of Israel; or that offering them huge economic aid with joint industrial projects will wipe away their deep-seated, bloodthirsty hatred and commitment to the destruction of the State of Israel.

    They want it all.

    Giving them a state of their own will only enable them to really go after what they believe is theirs, namely: the entire region of Palestine, including the Kingdom of Jordan. Yes, they covet Jordan as well. Not too long ago they tried taking Jordan away from King Hussein. Remember? He repelled them.

    The late Faisal Husseini, Arafat’s Jerusalem representative, a man who was cultured, sophisticated and considered the most moderate of all the Palestinians, shortly before his death expressed his true feelings in an interview with an Egyptian newspaper. Husseini said: “We must distinguish the strategies and long-term goals from the political-phased goals which we are compelled to accept due to international pressures.” But the “ultimate goal is the liberation of all historical Palestine.” Explicitly he said: “Oslo had to be viewed as a Trojan horse.”

    The liberation of all historical Palestine! That includes Jordan, does it not?
    The few Arabs who may really want a two-state solution side-by-side with the State of Israel are too few to matter. As soon as a Palestinian state is in place these few will be removed, or killed, and quickly forgotten.

    Add Iran to this equation.

    As much as the Arab countries dislike Israel, Iran, which is not an Arab country, seems to hate Israel, and openly proclaims its desire, and intent, to destroy her. This is strange. Iran used to be a close ally of Israel till the mullahs took over the country. But what harm has Israel done to the mullahs? I have never heard an explanation for this hatred. Perhaps the mullah’s are simply, and cynically, using Israel as an instrument to gain dominance in the region. It is quite clear that Iran, under the mullahs, yearns to become the superpower in the Muslim world. This could be the way. Cozy up to Arafat, support the sworn enemies of Israel (i.e., Hizballah, Hamas, etc. etc.) and send weapons of destruction to Gaza.

    Whatever the reason, Iran is now dangerously hovering over Israel, waiting for a foothold in a new Palestinian state. What do you imagine will happen then?
    Israel will not go silently into the night.


    A final note to this story.

    When the Jews came to modern day Israel, they never stole one inch of land from the arabs there who owned property, and of course many of them are still there and they even have some seats in the Kinesset.

    All the rest of them who owned land sold their land to the Jews personally, not to Israel , the state. The arabs who had done nothing with that land for generations were thrilled by the prices that the Jews were offering for land there, and jumped at the chance of selling it, & the Jews snapped it all up.

    Skip forward 20 years, and the Jews had taken that arid wasteland, and turned it into a thriving nation with farms raising oranges the size of honeydew melons, and the arabs started to think that they sold it too cheap. But the main reason why they got so riled up is that a small bunch of Jews showed them up for the ignorant goatherds that they were, and then, to add insult to injury, every time the arabs attacked them, they got their asses kicked. By doing so, the Jews took the last vestige of self respect that they had (thinking of themselves as macho warriors) and showed them up for the backwards and cowardly human refuse that they are. The arabs were mortally insulted, and since their so called religion already branded the Jews as infidels, it was easy for the mullahs to agitate the idle youth and drive them to jihad. All they had to do was offer them a few bucks paid to their families, and of course the promise of those 76 virgins (that’s the ultimate expression of religion based suppressed sexuality Wilderness…)

    So just as the mad mullahs used hatred of the Jews to gain power over their people, the evil far left / progressive scumbags who have taken over most of the world’s govts are jumping on the bandwagon, because that antisemitism is still common to others than muslims.

    History repeats itself, and if you want to prevent that, you should first learn who your real enemies are.

    BTW: For some hilarious (and accurate) commentary about Islam, search for a Brit named Pat Condell on YouTube. If you not muslims yourself, he’ll leave you laughing your butts off…

    Enjoy !


    • “Enjoy !” – swemson

      lol. I won’t even bother reading it. Work on your conduct next time and maybe you’ll persuade more people. Instead of pulling out military tactics, next time try patience. It works.

    • “Did you know that? Did you know that for 19 years, Jordan occupied and ruled the whole West Bank, including Jerusalem? Why didn’t they clamor for a Palestinian state then?”

      maybe because they were free people then living in a jordanian arab world..sheesh..

  11. Ayn Rand, a pathetic example of a child of privilege whose mother, an aristocrat and as self-centered as the woman her daughter eventually became, was the perfect example of the polar sociopaths in this world that hold fast to the idea that they are the reason all are allowed to live and breathe.

    Ayn Rand believed her philosophy was the opposite of Socialism/Marxism/Communism, when in reality it was its evil twin. Both insist that an elite group of self-centered men and women have the absolute power to impose their ideals on all of mankind. Both groups are dependent on the working men and women in this world to keep them on top.

    Perhaps what Ayn didn’t realize was, she kept her “power base” on Atlas’ shoulders, therefore the arrogant shrug and the fall of all “the naked, twisted, mindless figures of the human incompetent” who try to feed off them.”

    Perhaps if Atlas was to have bent over and vomited at least she would have been more accurate on where the true strength of this world lies; she would have recognized that the rich communists, libertarians, conservatives, marxists, fascists,etc..need the working man much more than they need the elite.

    I believe all men and women have the responsibility to take care of themselves and their families and expect no man to be made to share their wealth. However, when the government expects the working men and women to fund the activities of the elite through programs like grants for drug research, tax credits for the rich, rules and regulations that are removed and put back in place after the rape and pillage of the people like Sarbanes-Oxley, and now the “circuit breakers”, one wonders just who is being abused.

    Religion is an ideology made by man. The same elite from the Vatican down to the CEO of the Blackstone Group know the wonders of its control on the masses. Each and every elitist in this country controls their “people” through one religion or another, including Israel. The next best tool in their box is the division between the masses by way of politics. Dems vs Repubs vs Muslims vs Jews vs Blacks vs Whites vs Hispanics etc.

    Ayn Rand was a great tool. Saul Alinsky was also. Funny isn’t it that both came from the same part of the world, yet their ideals were worlds apart, but the result of their mission has worked better than their masters could have hoped.

    I believe the people in this world had better wake up to the tactics of those who are running the show. Stop arguing over petty ideals and lies.. the real history of this world has been re-written so many times, even Newt sees how much easier it would be to do if all kids just use Kindles. Much cheaper and easier to erase it from the net, than having to collect all those books and pay those peasants a salary to print them and distribute them. It’s quite innovative of him too when you think about it, you just wipe the book clean and add what you need when the next generation of enterprise is ready to eliminate a few more of the jobs those elites are so generous to provide the lowly peasants.

    On a personal note, I would like to outsource every major corporate bigwig who profits from the taxation of the middle class and then willfully works to screw him out of his retirement, every politician who has his hand hanging out, and every lobbyist whose hand is in Clinton’s or George’s front pocket. It would be a great day for all of those who worked their asses off for the employer whose bottom line is not quite what they hoped, so gotta go Joe…cya around…but hey, don’t stay out of the workforce for more than 6 months okay…I mean that just makes you unemployable, you know….

    Our country will never be what either you or I thought it was, because that too, was just an illusion. Kind of like our personal carrot to the dream that was America. Our so called founding fathers, came from Europe, to escape the monarchs because like Lucifer, they wanted to be their own gods too. Their secret societies of yesterday and today aren’t exactly to better us, otherwise they would realize that inclusion would be in the best interest of all mankind. They are brainstorming their next maneuver to put a few more million in their pockets.

    I’m glad you have thought about storing some extra food and supplies, I have also. I too know how to fish, but I am pretty sure that when TSHTF, our waters will have already turned bitter. I pray that men and women have not. I don’t have nearly as much food stored as I think we will need, but you can be sure that I will share it with the sheep who believed that someone owed them a life, because if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be able to live with myself. Thank you for your military service, I genuinely mean that. Vietnam was a terrible time for those in the direct line of fire and for those of us at home watching with horror. I just wish you would have learned the real reasons, aside from the reasons the elite gave for that war. If it was only to remove communism, well then you take out the leaders. Instead, the kings of this world sit back and let the peasants do their dying.

    Good Luck soldier… we are all going to need it!

    • wow..thats very thoughtful and provoking intrigued..many thanks..very passionate response which i agree with totally 🙂

      the kindles is 1984 to the max

    • that was really good intriguedbyr. the self-centeredness and how family or lifestyle cultivates that in some childrens, such as Rand, was very enjoyable. The haughtiness in the Bible of Israel just because they had the privilege of God, but they began to think of themselves as pretty and special and thought they could do anything because God was on their side. Meanwhile they turned away from God and with fallacious words didn’t represent God in a good way. Ezekiel 16:15; Micah 3: 9-11; Luke 1:51

      I pray the heart stays good soil and that the wisdom of Jehovah stays amongst us.


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