Illuminati symbols in movies including 911 references


excellent quality video and i was just amazed at the 911 references that can be found BEFORE 911 even happened..


~ by seeker401 on November 27, 2009.

16 Responses to “Illuminati symbols in movies including 911 references”

  1. Seeksy this video was awesome dude, now this video is hard to refute and provide any logical reason as to why all this movie had the same symbols !? WHy WHY WHY !? Mention of 9-11 in so many movies,….seeksy this is unbelievable !

    • yeah..i have seen and read a lot of things but this video still blew me away totally..i would love to think its all coincidental..but we know its what exactly is going on..and for how long have some known what would happen on 9/11..sends a chill up your spine..especially the terminator scene

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  3. There are some sick secrets out there about how to
    make total mind control slaves … unbelievable.
    Most of these secrets are in this book:

    How The Illuminati Creates a Total Mind Control Slave

    This is a 360 page book that normally goes for
    $29.00 and you can get it for half that.

    There are only ten left.

  4. Very good…Thanks for sharing…Thanks admin…

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  6. The catholic church and illuminati are the samething. It is not about religion, its about power, wealth and control. The truth is the illuminati worst enemy, they are real, they are the occult. As more poeple see them for who they are, they lose the control they so badly need to keep the power and wealth.

    • hi mike..good comments..we will keep exposing them..they use religion for the power and control..they will pollute anything they infiltrate

  7. Ya this world is sik… we need to bewere of the Gov. did you kno they wana start chipping people in there right hand and the 4head it will be the mark of the beast trust me its in the bible too. obama is a bad man as well. God bless everybody!

  8. Hey guys, just to let you know, 9-11 signs in movies is not a way for them to try to tell you that something is gonna happen on 9-11.

    No, for their religion 9-1-1 is 9+1+1 which equals 11. 11 for them is the number that is higher than 10 (in their religion 10 represents god) and 11 represents Satan so in that way since they think that Satan is above God, they put 9-11 together symbolizing that message.

    Its really sickening and disgusting but thats their belief, and theres alot of evidence to show online that 9-11 was a mega ritual for these satanic worshippers

    • mega ritual yes..i am not sure the 911 we see b4 911 werent a way of telling us what was going to happen though..

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  10. the movie big with tom hanks,,,josh haskins makes the wish at the zoltar machine on 9/11/1987. he is pictured on a milk carton missing since 9/12/1987

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