“The Matrix” Illuminati revelations


you will be amazed at the occult symbolism and signs in this movie..they are everywhere..enjoy..and maybe go watch the movie again eh? 😉


~ by seeker401 on November 28, 2009.

11 Responses to ““The Matrix” Illuminati revelations”

  1. Thanks for ruining my fave movie ever!

    good vid

  2. It’s amazing…I wonder if laugh behind our backs in their smug little secret clubs! 🙂 Nice find Seeker

  3. I think they video maker is trying too hard to see something that just isn’t there and fails to see the real symbolism that is. Ya, the double-headed Eagle is there, OK, but just because there are a few images of the Sun, doesn’t mean that this movie has a Pagan Sun-God worship agenda. The checkerboard floors? It’s a STRETCH.

    I think with the Matrix, the whole tale is essentially Gnostic in nature. Remember in Part Deux – “I am the Architect. There were 5 Matrices (Matrixes?) before this one, each one being more perfect than the one before.” The Neo Messiah, who keeps destroying each Matrix, is the predictable fly in the ointment. Sounds like what Plato was saying in Timaeus, and about the worlds that existed before the Great Flood described by Genesis. And Grand Architect is indeed a Masonic term for God, whom Plato called the Demiurge. Gnostics considered the Demiurge as lesser than God.

    • hi dih..checkerboard floor is a noted masonic symbol and very common..i think some if his symbols he says represent the sun maybe correct but we dont all recognise them as such..i think there is another msg in the movie to do with a 6th sense sort of thing..and other things like the white rabbit and the lady in red are very esoteric symbols..thanks for posting mate

  4. I’m not saying that the Matrix isn’t loaded with symbols, but I think the author of that particular video is seeing some that aren’t there, and missing others that are.

    Notice how the Deus Ex Machina at the end of Matrix III looks like a dark sun, with the machine tentacles appearing as dark rays emanating from the center? Is this Dark Sun The Grand Architect, The Demiourgos referred to by Plato?

    Neo is Latin for new. His name indicates that he is the one whose coming heralds the beginning of a new aEON. Yes, Neo is the Alpha-Omega Man. In Part III, Neo confronts the Sun God, the Architect of the world beyond the Matrix. And with that confrontation, a new Matrix is born.

    The Matrix Trilogy is an inventive retelling of Gnostic Cosmology, but I’ve never heard and seen such terrible dialog and acting in a movie.

    Keep up the good work mate. 😉

    • hi mate..yeah i know where your coming from..some were very loose connections and with your background you have found probably more important ones..thanks 🙂

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  6. guys its evil c the one trinity wat do they mean?zion

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