Author claims 3rd Fatima prophecy was about Freemasons and the Illuminati

Pope John Paul 2nd in Bulgaria 2002

“Pope John Paul II took the decision to visit Sofia at his sole discretion in order to dissolve completely any suspicions of the Bulgarian trace in the attempt on his life. His councilors were absolutely against the idea but he refused to listen to them. This was one of the few cases when the Pope would not take their opinion in consideration.”
This is the gauntlet high-ranking Mason, Dimitar Nedkov throws in his first novel 33 – The Menace Dan Brown.  The book will be released together with the December 1 issue of the Standart. In the book, Nedkov, who is recognized as one of the notable experts in the history of the Freemasons suggests that the mission of John Paul II to Bulgaria was coded in the third prophecy of Fatima. This has been one of the most jelously kept secrets of the Vatican. The Pope was the only person who knew its contents.
The mysterious story began on May 13, 1917. Then three young shepherds witnessed the apparition of the Virgin Mary in the vicinity of a small Portuguese town of Fatima. The vision reappeared on every 13th day of the month till October. Thus the children learnt about the First and Second World War, about the onset of Communism as an official state power.
On her last appearance, Our Lady of Fatima spoke fateful words. In her third prophecy Our Lady said things that were later related by little shepherdess Lucia and written down. Lucia’s writing was put into an envelope and handed to the Bishop of Leiria. Lucia became a nun; her request was the envelope to be opened after 1960. The bishop sent it to the Pope.
After the envelope was opened, the Vatican surprisingly refused to reveal the secret to the general public. The same was the response of Pope John-Paul II. “This is a spiritual message which doesn’t concern any concrete events. It is unnecessary to make a sensation of it,” the Pope explained his decision.
“The third prophecy of Our Lady of Fatima is one of the reasons why the Pope -Freemason John Paul II – was so persevering in his efforts to rehabilitate the Freemasons before the world,” Dimitar Nedkov continues to send challenges in his first novel.
The author hints that the Third Secret of Fatima refers to the Freemasons, the Illuminati, the Knights Templar and the Bogomils. The author claims that it’s the Pope, along with the Grand Commander of the Masons and a monk from Mount Athos, who are the real guardians of the Brotherhood’s greatest secrets.   
“Bulgarians have worked in the Vatican’s most secret archive chambers,” Nedkov reveals in his work.
The author alleges that representatives of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church have had access to documents about Pythagoras, Galileo Galilei and the Mysteries of Fatima.

Impatient readers, Freemasons and politicians queued to buy the novel “33 – The Menace Dan Brown” by Dimitar Nedkov, a high-ranking mason himself. “In the last few days we have been making lists of the people willing to buy The Standart daily with the book,” newspaper sellers said. “Our orders for the newspaper almost doubled,” they added.
The novel that for the fist time unveils secret rituals and initiation oaths of the Freemasons is already on the market. It can be found at newspaper stands and in bookstores. The novel is an intriguing adventure, which is read all in one go and would become a hit at the starting tomorrow XXVIII International Book fair in Sofia. Dimitar Nedkov’s “33 – The Menace Dan Brown” is expected to become one of the most fascinating premieres at the fair.

Sofia mayoress Yordanka Fandakova will open the most important event connected to literature and books. The book fair takes place in the National Palace of Culture and will be opened to public till November 6. Bulgaria’s minister of culture Vezhdi Rashidov is expected to visit the book fair.
The story of “33 – The Menace Dan Brown” is about how Bulgaria’s membership in NATO and the EU was hanging by a thread just because one of country’s PMs wanted to outlaw the Freemasons, the Illumini, Rozenkroizers and all Rotary and Lions clubs in Bulgaria. The director of FBI personally advised him that if he does that, the USA wouldn’t consider Bulgaria as its partner.

33 – The Menace Dan Brown challenges both historians and Masons by revealing that not the Priory of Sion but the Bogomils were the original forefathers of the Knights Templars. The evidence for this is kept in Bulgaria.
Mr. Nedkov’s novel further reveals that Pope John Paul II personally decided to arrive in Bulgaria in May 2002 and that his mission was a respond the message coded in the third secret of Our Lady of Fatima.
“Dan Brown is away from the truth, he does not know everything about the lost symbol,” the outstanding expert in Masons’ history in Bulgaria, Dimitar Nedkov, writes in his book. He believes the American writer may learn the true story in Bulgaria.


pretty wild story this claim the 3rd secret off fatima is to do with the masons and co. is rather worrying if true..and this book is written by a mason again so i expect the same sort of shill like writings as dan brown has done before..


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  1. wow. im not reading this today…..but it may be significant. hell, they are the evil in the world. unless its all bullshit to entertain and disguise…

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