Sportswear logos


quite amazing when you see them all lined up..not all of them have been made with occultish designs..but some doubt..there is a meaning behind all of the logos above..if you cant work one out just leave a comment and i will answer it for you :)

if you have any others leave a link and i will add them..


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~ by seeker401 on December 26, 2009.

7 Responses to “Sportswear logos”

  1. i`ve just found an interesting issue about “nike”. “nike” is the old greek goddesss of victory. here you can see an interesting statue of nike in munich (germany): you see the devil pose “as above, so below” and the “horn” handsign…

  2. maybe is late and e-body know it i just found out
    Illuminati TV Spot: MTV Wishes You A Masonic And Satanic Christmas

  3. i got it at little late , is evil

  4. oh common is mtv…lol imho mtv dye in the early 90’s i think it was pretty evil them is own i forget but one of the big one’s
    YOU right EVIL is not cool at all

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