Laurel Canyon residents and deaths – Wikipedia


 Deaths in Laurel Canyon


a few new ones included in the residents list..the whos who..but the biggest laugh is reserved for the deaths..3..LOL..thats we know that is a lie..dont we ?


~ by seeker401 on January 15, 2010.

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  1. not time to go to the list now i see Corolla and Farley to pick up 2 comics so one death and one live imho
    i think that is the motto of this canyon is like the cross road of
    blues song

  2. sorry Farley is not in the list he died in Chicago but i think is at relationship to this because the curse of that movie i don’t know right now the name i will look it up lately
    btw how many houses are in that Canyon e-body that is somebody is in the list

  3. finally i got to all the list and i write down the current musicians surprise that Tom Morrello from rage again the machine is there 🙂 no surprise with the red hot chili peppers and the good charlotte or Marilyn Mason (i have some histories about them )
    surprise for the melvins that are at little underground ,trenz from nin move after to Nola were he lives,big surprise with devo mark mothersbaug (church of the subgenius is at parody) is kind of at guy that people follows smart dude
    janes addiction and porno for pyros no surprise there the same with iggy or slash is more i was expected surprise with the great producer rick rubin no surprise with the bands that recorder there like the \metal/ band slayer.
    look @ some of the actors zack braff,christina apelgate ,alicia silverstone
    jen aniston cloony ,neve campbel also don’t forget david carraidine dye this summer in Honk Kong of at bizarre death
    now when we listen to them or see them we will think different eh?

    • thanks for that…good wrap..some interesting names to say the least

      you might also like to look at the other side of the usa and in england at around the same time..lou reed,velvet underground, warhol,nico, pink floyd, genesis, bryan ferry, bowie..same stuff different places and lots of deaths ..look at pink floyds original vocalist 🙂

  4. WOW! yeah i know ,never a big pink floyd fan but what at lyrics they have ,never at fan warhol factory crow ny i be compare
    my place to that many times thx God never i care
    don’t like genesis or brian ferry like Suzy 4 but i don’t know much about them, admire bowie clothes like all the young dudes tune write by him performer by Mott the Hoople i use to like bowie most when i was at kid .
    so…. still i don’t got touch yet for any of my favorites musicians i got touch with one of my favorites writers and philosopher Ayn Rand and with black sabbath but not the ozzy era i like orson wells and alicia silverstone that is at vegan surprise me
    oh sorry i forget lou reed one of my favorites albums when growing up was rock’n’roll animal with Steve Howe on guitar is at pretty heavy album. btw Nico dye in Ibiza of heat exhaustion that is at pretty terrible death
    in the list is also the fall out boys the guy from the talking heads and i forget tool i don’t dislake that band but now i need to look deep in the lyrics always i tough there are complicate the same than there art work
    and the list Seek will continue and we be surprise oh well
    btw someone told me today :
    that if i’m storage up all this info in disk i say also is in print on my brain but i try to write it out too
    she knows something is up so i say: hope and pray don’t be like Fahrenheit 451 by
    Ray Bradbury novel and the film directed by Truffaut were all the books are burn 😦

  5. thx Seek! 🙂

  6. Staying in a hotel down the road from Laurel Canyon Blvd, hopefully have some time this afternoon to take a little drive. I didnt read the laurel canyon stories but may have to revisit the posts based on my current location.

    This morning I took a drive down to Malibu through Mulholland Hwy and Decker Canyon road, those roads are very windy and in some areas 5mph would be too fast. I cant imagine hitting up the LA nightlife and driving back home through those switchbacks, I would image the life expectancy drops dramatically in that situation.

    • especially back in the day if you were tripping as well !

      awesome Q..grab some pictures if you can..wonderland ave, whiskey gogo club, spahn ranch signs,altona, hilltop research centre etc..will post any pictures you if you get a fan pic 🙂 “401 says follow the money” 🙂

  7. Laurel Canyon is a very intriguing aspect of the war for our minds….I enjoy going back to it here and there when it seems as if ‘they’ are implementing more it’s schemes on society. Today I ran into this

    Wavelength 1967 Michael Snow said to be a film made in Laurel Canyon

    I don’t intend to continue watching this at one sitting, as it is very creepy…and irritating, YET…..I can’t help to wonder if this isn’t what it’s like to be MKULTRA’d The frequencies in this ‘movie’ are horrible, so be warned. There’s really nothing to this but two females in the beginning of the movie walking into a room, silence, then frequency sounds, color, and farther into the film, flashes of light…….. more intense color and higher and louder frequencies BIZARRE!

    I’ll put more about Michael Snow in another post….

    Wavelength 1967

    The timing of this is interesting…. during the height of the counterculture.

    MK-Ultra, a known “mind-control” operation of the CIA, whose real focus was the spread of LSD through the Haight-Ashbury scene of San Francisco, to produce the 60s counter-culture scene, as per the dictates of the notorious Frankfurt School of psychologists. The chief evangelist of the project was Aldous Huxley, the kingpin of the CIA’s subversion of culture, and author Brave New World, a dystopia about a society drugged into servitude.

    I can’t help but wonder if Michael Snow had ties to Tavistock.

    There’s a newer Wavelength movie from 1983 Is it true? I doubt it, but who knows. This one is about ET’s.

    There is a website here that talks more about the 1983 movie

    This movie was never released on DVD, this is the full version of Wavelength.
    Two young lovers learn that a small group of child-like space aliens are marooned on Earth and are being held prisoner at a top secret military facility. The couple then decide to liberate the extraterrestrial castaways and help them make a rendezvous with a rescue ship sent from the alien home planet


    One of the ways that the government can control human beings through mind control technology is the Lilly wave. The Lilly wave was developed by a Dr John C Lilly during his time at the US National Institutes of health. In the course of his work, Lilly discovered that a certain form of wavelength could manipulate the water molecules within a subject’s brain which could essentially change the way that they think and feel. According to Lilly’s friend Patrick Flanagan, the technology can be utilised using frequency waves of 40hz and did not require the use of electrodes. Flanagan claimed that the US government had immediately decided to weaponise the technology as soon as it came to light.

    According to Melissa and Aaron Dykes of Truthstream Media, the Lily wave is only the tip of the icebergs. The couple claim that a man named Hendricus G. Loos patented an extraordinary invention called Nervous System Manipulation by Electromagnetic Fields from Monitors. Writing in the patent paperwork, Loos claims that the invention can alter a human’s emotional state by altering the electromagnetic fields around them via devices such as television screens and computer monitors. Loos wrote, “It is therefore possible to manipulate the nervous system of a subject by pulling images displayed on a nearby computer monitor or TV set.” Perhaps the most sinister aspect of this invention is that it can be used without the subject of the mind control ever being aware of what has happened.

    Melissa and Aaron Dykes have also exposed the brain mapping technology which is said to be a priority for the controllers of the Davos network. According to the team at Truthstream Media, this technology will be capable of decoding a human brain – essentially this will mean that it will give the users power to read the thoughts of other people.

    • whose real focus was the spread of LSD through the Haight-Ashbury scene of San Francisco, to produce the 60s counter-culture scene, as per the dictates of the notorious Frankfurt School of psychologists. The chief evangelist of the project was Aldous Huxley, the kingpin of the CIA’s subversion of culture, and author Brave New World, a dystopia about a society drugged into servitude.

      all that lab created LSD and it was all evidence yet that it was manufactured by the cia as described..

  8. More interesting tidbits on the history of Laurel Canyon

  9. Michael Snow 1983 interview and more of his ‘work’

  10. Seems he’s still working our minds……


    The Corpus Callosum is the part of the mind that allows communication between the two hemispheres of the brain. It is responsible for transmitting neural messages between both the right and left hemispheres.

    Posted February 19, 2019
    A short review commissioned by Film Comment (July-August 2002), which left out the asterisk in the title. – J.R.

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