Presidents launch Haiti quake fund

Barack Obama, flanked by former presidents George W Bush and Bill Clinton, launched a national drive to raise funds for Haiti today.

The US president and his two predecessors gave a televised address outside the White House on Saturday, amid a mounting death-toll in the earthquake–stricken country.

Obama, who has already pledged a $100 million quake relief fund, said: “Presidents Bush and Clinton will help the American people to do their part, because responding to disaster is the work of all of us.

“In these difficult hours, America stands united.”

President Bush appealed for Americans to “just send us your cash” to help Haitians struggling without shelter, medical supplies, food and water.

A website has been set-up by the former presidents for American donations.

Obama added: “By coming together in this way, these two leaders send an unmistakable message to the people of Haiti and to the people of the world.”

Haitian authorities believe as many as 200,000 may have been killed in the 7.0 magnitude quake, while the search continues through the rubble and bodies pile up in the street.


george seemed to be smirking throughout..and bill couldnt stop crying..strange


~ by seeker401 on January 17, 2010.

16 Responses to “Presidents launch Haiti quake fund”

  1. That’s just what Haiti needs. Three US presidents with plans to help them.

  2. “By coming together in this way, these two leaders send an unmistakable message to the people of Haiti and to the people of the world.”
    Yes “They” do

  3. form the AP “France and Brazil both lodged official complaints that the U.S. military, in control of the international airport, had denied landing permission to relief flights from their countries.

    Defense Minister Nelson Jobim, who has 7,000 Brazilian U.N. peacekeeping troops in Haiti, warned against viewing the rescue effort as a unilateral American mission”

  4. “Presidents Bush and Clinton will help the American people to do their part, because responding to disaster is the work of all of us.”

    Well, well…as if the American people need another Bush/Clinton team to collect money “from” us to “help” us do “our” part! We saw how well that turned out with Katrina didn’t we?

    Which Americans will the Bush/Clinton team be helping, Haliburton? Caterpillar? Bechtel? (LEED, of course)

    Or perhaps GAP or Levi’s.. After all, isn’t Bill Clinton’s dream of lifting the economic base for the Haitians another few tens of thousand of $3 a day sewing machine sweatshops?

    Prayers to the people of Haiti, and may God forgive the leaders of this world and their apostate church friends who enslave us all.

    • well said intrigued..i dont see why bush and bill have to be involved except to help feather their own nests

  5. well say Intriguedbyr!

  6. Here’s what Benjamin Fulford has to say regarding the quake:

    The desperate, evil, Bush Nazis attack Haiti with a Tesla Earthquake machine

    The recent earthquake in Haiti was caused by an earthquake machine using technology developed by Nicola Tesla, according to MI6. The earthquake machine is not HAARP as I have previously suggested but rather some sort of nuclear device, according to this source and a CIA source. The CIA source says an expedition sent to the epicenter of the Indonesian earthquake that triggered the tsunami found it to be totally lifeless one year later, something that could only be explained by radiation. “The oil companies won a war and got rights to the oil in that region and nobody even heard about it,” the CIA source said.
    In confirmation of these comments, recently declassified documents show the US government planned to attack Japan with a tsunami towards the end of World War 2 by setting of a large explosion along an underwater fault zone.
    The attack on Haiti was a Bush/Nazi faction response to the ongoing cut off of their financial assets, according to the sources. The attack cut undersea cables and prevented the transfer of large sums of money to South American central banks. In addition, the attack was a warning by the Nazi faction saying: “If you squeeze us too hard we will start killing lots of people.” These criminals need to be punished for these evil acts.
    Multiple sources are also saying a new 911 type incident is becoming increasingly probable as financial deadlines for the Federal Reserve Board approach. One important deadline is expected at the end of this month.
    The sources also say the Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate sold China the anti-missile defense technology recently announced by China. These traitors to the US are almost certainly selling other types of secret technology to China in a desperate bid to keep themselves from going bankrupt.
    Meanwhile, two sources who claim connections to the Pentagon Space Command say there will be major disclosure coming soon. Since there is plenty of evidence the Nazis planned a fake alien invasion, these “announcements” (if they really come) need to be examined very carefully and skeptically.
    In Japan meanwhile, a decision has been made by the secret government to put power broker Ichiro Ozawa in jail in order to prevent him from forming a dictatorship.
    Events are escalating and much turmoil is predicted as the ancient secret government goes through its death throes.

  7. thx Nanashi !Fulford and Stulin there are good!
    btw YOU know were is more info about this group that protected US
    (the people that is searching for the true and fight for that,i know Fulford say is at group from Japan and china i post it here on @ old post the name.
    btw the same day of the earthquake was set the nuclear football
    one second up so now is six seconds hooray we have 1 second more

  8. great tune Seek!:) i like Neneh She is in the underground lately
    The Roman Empire with his evil inside most of the time and of course ripping off the Greek culture is really curious that they don’t have any problems with races or skin tone in the empire
    is pretty cool!:)

    • got a neneh cd..she was good 🙂

      check out the haiti story on the forum isabel..some worrying information coming out

  9. i wil read it sorry i’m not big in forums 😦 i use to use it b-fore but i got tired of them it seem imho a lost of to much time and we don’t have much time lately
    but YOU rock!for make one for US thx 🙂
    here is at good article great underground writer not much info about him either but is at problem is in Spanish

  10. global research Canada have the same or really similar article

  11. guess what……!!

    Royal Navy pulled from waters near Haiti – just weeks before the quake.

    Naval sources told The Times that the unpublicised cut marked the first time that the Royal Navy has had a significant gap in cover in the Caribbean since the 17th century.

    The force, which usually includes a Royal Fleet Auxiliary vessel and a frigate, is deployed in Caribbean waters to provide support to British overseas territories, particularly during the May-December hurricane season, and to support Britain’s counter-narcotics role in the region.”

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