Why do people hate Bono?


Hate Bono? If you answered “yes”, you’re not alone — even U2’s long-time producer admits that no one likes the band’s frontman.

So why is Bono-hate so rampant? Is it because of the famous rocker’s legendary ego? Is it because everyone’s just jellus of his fame and fortune? Nope — producer Brian Eno reckons it’s because Bono can’t keep his nose out of international affairs.

“Bono is hated for doing something considered unbecoming for a pop star — meddling in things that apparently have nothing to do with him,” Eno told theDaily Express. “He has a huge ego, no doubt about it. On the other hand, he has a huge brain and a huge heart. He’s just a big kind of person. That’s not easy for some to deal with.”

But even though Bono is apparently reviled by Britain, Eno says he’s not universally hated.

“They don’t mind [him] in Italy,” he said. “They like larger-than-life people there. In most places in the world they don’t mind him. [In Britain], they think he must be conning them.”


i dont hate him..i dont like what he has become..and who he calls mates..and i still love U2’s music..if you hate bono..what is it you dont like?


~ by seeker401 on January 31, 2010.

65 Responses to “Why do people hate Bono?”

  1. imho is at sheep of good intentions that don’t look deep hehehe
    how about is is move by “they” puppet master
    i never like brian eno either but i think i say that all ready on and other post lol
    so..i don’t trust either(brian) or (bono) in this article

  2. yea eno and bowie are buddies
    By the end of the 1970s, Eno had worked with David Bowie on the seminal avant-garde “Berlin Trilogy,” helped popularice the American punk rock band Devo btw devo is from Akron Ohio and one of the members Mark mothersbaugh was name on the Lauren Canyon series hehehe) eno and reed “they” collaborate make same type of avant garde noize music with laurie anderson
    and bowie sang back up on Lou reed transformer.

  3. just because you can sing, you dont have the best view.

  4. Haters don’t like his politics, his religion, or both. They think his charities are helping corrupt governments to allow their people to suffer and if he weren’t stepping in, said corrupt governments would be held more accountable and more likely to change the way they cheat people. Haters think they can do better than Bono in all things, and they resent him announcing his opinion when they haven’t asked for it. They hate seeing his name and/or face every time they open a newspaper, magazine, or homepage. They hate the idea of being forced to pay for downloaded songs. There’s so much more the haters hate…they have a facebook page with thousands of members who get together for the soul purpose of hating Bono in stereo. I feel sorry for the Haters; that they spend so much time and effort at it. Mostly they hate so much because he loves so much. I think they misunderstand him, take him too seriously. He doesn’t take himself that seriously, he knows he’s a goof, but a goof with a big brain and giant heart and, unfortunately for the Haters, a microphone. he’s just trying to be true to himself and use his assets (ala the microphone and his celebrity) to take steps to bring us all closer the the elusive “ideal world.” I only agree with about 50% of his stands (I’m pro NRA) but I love the man dearly for putting his balls on the line for what he thinks is right. He’s not all about sex, drugs, and rock & roll, and that provokes the Haters.

  5. morning seek and hi to all! anyways, bono: follow the money!



    • thx baya

      The relocation of U2’s music publishing will halve taxes on the band’s songwriting royalties, which already reportedly total $286 million. Although Bono has declined to comment on the move, the band’s lead guitarist, David “the Edge” Evans, said, “Of course we’re trying to be tax-efficient. Who doesn’t want to be tax-efficient?'” Writing in the Observer, Nick Cohen noted that Evans “sounded as edgy as a plump accountant in the 19th hole.”

      U2’s tax-shelter scheme caused an uproar in Ireland when the story broke there in August. But it’s scarcely raised a ripple in the United States. A conservative would argue that’s because in this country, we don’t begrudge a man the opportunity to keep what he earns off the sweat of his brow (or even off the sweat of someone else’s brow ) … even if that man spends half his time trying to goad governments into spending more to alleviate poverty. But a liberal could answer that in the United States, we are so used to seeing rich people avoid taxation that even a wealthy hypocrite who shelters his cash abroad can no longer qualify as news.

  6. I Don`t really understand why do you “hate” people that tries to make something good in the world with his life and time, it seems that we only care about drunk celebrities that puke on the street.

    Bono is a great human being.

    • where did i say i hate him?..i didnt..go and read the post again..you are welcome to your opinion of course 😉

  7. Seems to me the haters are just sheep who hate because their peers hate. Nobody seems to know exactly why they hate Bono which leads me to think that it is simply a fashion thing. Sad really.

    I remember, back in the 80’s, thinking that Bono’s lyrics were really powerful but I wondered how sincere he was. And then he came out and started crusading for the poor and the underprivileged and it became clear to me that his words had always been sincere. It was a comfort to know that his music was real.

  8. Bono’s sincerity, hm, check it out:
    that is what is all about, he sold out. U2 were great musicians, but money changes everything.

  9. Moved his African clothing line to CHINA to make it more profitable. Funny, but I don’t recall him ANNOUNCING THAT like he did when he rolled this baby out telling us how ‘fair trade’ and ‘fair wages’ were so important to these people.

    POS Hypocrite.


    • thanks mate..the endless search for cheap labour:

      Originally, the couple were against the idea of manufacturing in China as they felt this would be contrary to the brand’s mission. However, today a mere 15% of the company’s products are manufactured in Africa, while 70% of the overall production is now created in Asia.

  10. He is exteremely hate-able for a variety of reasons.

    First and foremost is that he profits off of the misery of others. Profit comes in many forms, including ego-massage.

    But it is his role that is particularly heinous. He is seen meeting with the head of the world bank or some other huge power broker, and he is seen as a champion of the poor. There are MANY, MANY people that the scum corporate bankers could be meeting to discuss such things, but they meet with Bono SINCE IT SERVES BOTH THEMSELVES AND BONO TO DO SO.

    A quick look at his charity’s finances dispels all myths. They spent some of the money on U2 concert tickets. no joke!

  11. I am african american,and an alternative artist.Bono went to a christian
    high school.If you knew that U2’s song 40 was actually written by king
    david(psalm 40)you would realize that although Bono has spoken on every
    other thing BUT his faith and religon,you would understand his deep
    spirituality!!And although these diatribes of dislike do not have the
    same John Lennon feel,Bono NEVER said more people listen to him than
    reading the bible!!the joke is on all of you because Bono is just being a

    • Christians have been among the most ruthless murderers in history. In my book, anyone calling themselves a Christian is instantly suspect. And that’s perfectly logical given the factual history of rape, murder, and genocide committed by Christians. Note that I do not make a distinction of “those that call themselves” Christian. Since the whole damn thing is based on a guy that didn’t even exist, it is a label – in any form – wholly unworthy of a thinking person.

      If you are an Arfican-American who is not of Coptic heritage, then Christianity is something that was forced onto your ancestors by slave owners. Is that the religion you follow today? Is that the god you worship? You should be ashamed of yourself!

      Bono is a fraud of the worst sort – the kind that treads on the backs of the helpless – just like a Christian would. His charity (along with that of Bill Gates) is being outed as we speak.

    • george w bush says hes a christian to..

  12. @Bobby Wilson, Seems fitting to quote Gandhi here: ” I like your Christ but I do not like your Christians. They are nothing like your Christ “.

    And there you have it. He’s out to make money and FEEL good about it but the money part, despite him having probably all he needs, comes first.

    Psuedo Christian or typical Christian I can’t say…but believe me, I’m saying ‘christian’ like it’s bile rolling off my tongue.

  13. it is not good to hate. it is good to tell the truth. it does many, many years, that I do not buy discs. for many years I do not go to the cinema, and rarely I see some movie, and I was a movie-goer many years ago, and I spent a lot of money on discs, many years ago.
    the music of Bono, it is not the style that I more like.
    I do not like that the people are used with the music, many are those who order message negatives for the human being under the appearance of the kindness, and many have been doing it for many years.
    and the one that faces the industry of the music and wants to be they themselves, to that one, they extract of the market although it is in a golden box.
    They know, that all of us like the music.
    Because the human being, it is created by music. The music is inside us.
    I love Jesús and I wait for him.
    And I love Michael Jackson, that he is a Jesús’s friend.

  14. Do I hate people that raped, tortured, and killed members of my family?

    You’re goddamned right I do.

    “Peace” and “love” when preached my mass murderers, is a LIE.

    Each and every religion is the same. They were invented by rulers to maintain their position. That is all.

  15. Dont get me started, I can’t stand this guy, he makes my blood boil!! Who does he think he is sticking his nose every which way!

    The only person I hate more is the St George Dragon!


  16. The system itself breeds hypocrisy and the more success Bono has achieved, the more hypocrisy in his life–the more he desperately tries to purify himself by campaigning for the world’s poor. Bono is a product of the system. And this system has had its course and needs to be reassessed as to its relevance. We need to end poverty and related disease and must take steps to do so–But will every child ever escape poverty? Not in a money market system. One out of five kids die of poverty and related disease every three minutes, if you look at this from a technical reality, it is totally rediculous. When you look at this from a technical perspective rather than a monetary perspective–we could easily feed everyone on the planet. The starving of the world are not so because of lack of food, it is because they lack purchasing power. We can technically provide for every man, woman and child on this planet. We can end poverty, war and social ills. So, what Bono and ONE are doing is not without merit, but the root of the problem is not lack of transparency in the financial arena, as Bono refers, nor is it lack of political will, (sorry, Bono) it is infact the system itself and the intrinsic flaws and pyschological distortion created by it. We are interested in taking the MDG goals to an unheard of level. We are interested in eliminating war and poverty altogether, as the suffering that these systems generate is fully unacceptable. We are interested in a resource management system that recognizes that the planet and its people are one. We are interested in seeing every child have enough to eat and a relevant education. Not just the lucky few. We are interested in an economy based on resources and strategic, efficient use of them, to benefit all the world’s people…

    and we will accept nothing less.

  17. I think some people hate him because he cares and he shows this by donating, but when he asks other people to help him out with this stuff, I guess it kind of rubs some people up the wrong way because I mean, here’s a multi-millionaire asking you for money.

    Other people probably just think that he should stick to the singing and keep his mouth shut. Personally, I disagree with this. I think that if other people can express their opinions, he should be able to express his too whether he’s a singer or not.

    • thats true allison..he can have his voice..i dont like how he rubs up with all the elites now

  18. He’s hated because he’s the worlds biggest hypocrite. Telling people not to fly and then flying private jets everywhere.

    His carbon foot print must be the size of Europe.

    Do what he says not what he does. I think not.

  19. Also his charity in the USA last year recorded an income of $10 million, but only $1 million of it made it to good causes.

  20. So, I have been reading these posts by the haters, trying to understand where they are coming from and I think I am starting to get it now. It all boils down to one or two themes it seems. There are those who don’t like him because they feel he does not conform to their image of what a man who helps the suffering should be. And then there are those who feel he is insincere and that he is a hypocrite. There are also those who are just annoyed because they just want to go to a concert and forget about the world and its problems but he won’t let them do that. I am not going to address the last group, only the first two.

    Ask yourselves this: Let us say you succeed at stopping Bono…what then? What have you achieved? You have deprived those who suffer of a champion. That is what you will have achieved. I also would like to help poor people but I have no money to do so. Even if I were to become rich I would like to stay that way AND help poor people. Why can’t I be rich and help poor people? In fact it is BECAUSE I am rich that I can help them. Who cares if I have an unpleasant personality? If I become famous what better use can I make of my renown than to help the unfortunate? Should I just sit in my ivory tower like the rest of them because if I use my fame to get attention for the world’s hungry I might also be getting positive publicity and then people will be able to say I am doing it for myself? No, I should do it anyway. I have the means to help.

    When he was younger and not nearly as famous or as wealthy he called out for ‘one more in the name of love’ because it seemed to many of us then that there were no heroes of love left. The problems of the world have always been of issue to him, since the beginning of his musical career. You may call him a hypocrite but I tell you he is sincere if you look at where he has come from in terms of his idealism and concerns and where he is and what he is doing today. His track record might not be perfect but if I have done bad things does that mean I must cease from doing all good things because then I will be a hypocrite? Come on.

    • thanks for your post kurt..remember that the post title is why do people hate bono,,not we hate bono..now some may hate him..they can in a democracy and it maybe no more than jealousy..i was more interested as you are..in why they do..i personally loved U2 and saw them first in 1984 in australia..but i also can find common ground in some of the points raised by dislikers of bono..yes he started out very well..loved his passion and radicalism..how much radicalism do we see now..shaking hands with george bush..meeting the pope..joining in at davos economic forums..they are the elite..and he rubs shoulderd with them..so nothing will rub off?..it has to and has..the guy is a billionaire..the common joe is not interested in hearing from the uber rich how much more we should be giving to schemes that have actually been found to be corrupt..he pushed a global governance theme that involves AGW and other UN backed ideologies..thats why some dont like him..like a guy called peter garrett in australia..the lead singer for midnight oil…fiercely anti nuke..anti us when he sing his songs..a total radical..where is he now?..sitting in the ALP being a yes man to his party..a sell out to what made him so great in the beggining..

    • Kurt,

      I submit that you are operating under a false premise; namely, that Bono is helping people, poor or otherwise.

      Do you believe the premise that people like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, David Rockefeller, and Ted Turner are trying to “help” people? How can that be when they are inexorably linked to the eugenics movement? If the solution to the problem is the elimination of vast swaths of humanity, how can these men possibly be called philanthropists – which means ‘those that love mankind?’ they simply can’t – not accurately anyway.

      I’ve had the experience of watching multiple people go from college graduate to multi-multi millionaire to self-proclaimed philanthropist. In each and every case, any show of altruism was clearly and carefully crafted – in the most sycophantic of ways – to elevate status and gain access to higher levels of corruption.

      What is the point of meeting with mass murderers from the IMF? Does it make anyone’s life any better in any way whatsoever? And more importantly, what does it do for the IMF to have Bono shaking their hands? And less importantly, but also of note, what does it do for Bono?

      The clear answer is that it benefits the IMF, which is an agency of mass murder and eugenics, guilty of multiple crimes against humanity. These are people who belong in jail for the rest of their lives – criminals – not persons of stature who are to be lobbied for crumbs.

      Can you imagine the raw power and instigation for change that would come about if Bono and people like him declared the criminality of the IMF rather than going to dinner parties with them?


      • “Can you imagine the raw power and instigation for change that would come about if Bono and people like him declared the criminality of the IMF rather than going to dinner parties with them?”

        i like that..

  21. In reply to the last two posts:

    Thanks for your well-constructed (and civil) responses. They have given me food for thought. I certainly have never believed in people like Bill Gates’ supposed philanthropy and have also always believed it to be self-serving (promoting a particular image) but Bono strikes me as different (for reasons I have already mentioned). I think perhaps I will have to concede that his heart is in the right place but that he needs to rethink his position on various issues as well as his methods for promoting his causes. Bob Geldof, although perhaps not a sell-out also seemed to turn his back on what he once fought for. He recently said that he deeply regrets composing those songs for Live Aid and the other concert the name of which has suddenly escaped me. It is clear from examples such as his that a turnaround is possible but, frankly, I want to believe that Bono is perhaps misguided and not quite a charlatan or a turncoat yet. After all his words did speak very deeply to me. It’s hard to let go of that.

    • thanks kurt..as i said i loved U2’s music..and he writes great lyrics..but when you join “them” you leave behind “us”..what is his stance on say 911?..thats always my litmus test

    • It’s hard to separate art from the artist. I can look with amazement at a Salvador Dali painting and still see the beauty in it even if I know that Dali was a blatant supporter of Spanish fascism. The art somehow stands on it’s own, and if you think about it that’s the ultimate success for an artist in a way – that the words or images or sounds stand on their own, available for interpretation by all.

      More for fun than anything, I would like to recount for you a conversation I had in 2004 with an acquaintance who had built and sold a four million dollar company and followed it up by building and selling a four hundred million dollar company. The words are from memory, but this is what transpired:

      me: (after much smalltalk) … so what are you going to do next?

      him: well I decided that the thing I really want to do now is … to help people.

      me: cool…

      (awkward silence)

      me again: so … uhm … how are you going to do that?

      him: do what?

      me: help people…

      him: oh! … well I’ve decided that I’m going to work from now until the end of the year to make sure that John Kerry becomes the next President of the Unites States! I’ve never been political before, but four years of Bush is enough. That’s why I called you .. I need your help.

      me: (laughing hysterically on the inside, trying to keep a straight face on the outside, the laughter then turning to rage.. after a few moments I made a swallowing motion and calmed down enough to speak…) that’s delusional, and why the fuck would you think I would ever help you elect a mass murderer skull-and-bonesman for President?

      him: (completely unprepared for my reaction) I thought you wanted to end the war? This is the best way to do it.

      me: look, we have to stop talking about this. I won’t help you, and you won’t be able to understand my objections. If we want to maintain a professional relationship, we have to stop talking about this.

      him: … ok.

      (awkward silence)

      me: so, what are you going to do next year?

      him: oh! (excited again) we’re putting together a green technology venture. it will be huge, probably billions. we’re waiting on some legislation to get through Congress and…

      We never spoke again. The only time I ever heard from him was a short email four and a half years later – sent to a long list of people – urging us to get out for Obama, the Butcher of Libya and Pakistan.

      • help the people..and that is a damning indictment on what they think the people want..more shit leaders

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  23. Seek YOU right just showing up at the door will be help to save it
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    he can release the album in at k mart in the suburb

  24. He is a hypocrite who demeans and curses the Irish government for not spending more on poverty then moves all his publishing money off shore. He starts a clothing line to help Africa, then moves the production to China, where they use prisoners to make the clothes. He sits with the leaders of the World Bank, the Council on Foreign Relations, Presidents and despots around the globe while crying out about his communion with every man. He writes songs and keeps the royalties on the backs of the poorest people on the planet. He does all this under the guise of sainthood and his phony Christianity. HE IS NO CHRISTIAN. But “Lord, lord, I did this in your name and than in your name” and the Lord answered and said “Get away from me you worker of iniquity. I never knew you”

  25. Haters include….pimples or braces, metalheads, The English…who needs them…

  26. Bongo is nothing but a billionaire businessman who can’t make meaningful music. He must fucking hate himself, because how much is it worth to ask yourself ‘what am I worth?’ and like the answer you get.

  27. hating him, even if he is the anti christ beast of ash wednesday s deception, will not work.

  28. Bono is part of the illuminati, Bohemian club, a club where they do satanic sacrifices, he’s on with Bill Gates and GMO crops known as human killers, and look at his faces and eyes, they get darker and darker as his soul is sold to the devil. Just the picture you posted here shows that he’s part of the Illuminatis! He’s hiding one eye one of the many signs. Too bad for him.
    Do some research and you’ll see.

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