Mae Brussel


Mae Brussell, the Carmel Valley conspiracy theorist who sometimes faced death threats because of her work, died from cancer Monday afternoon in Carmel Convalescent Hospital. Mrs. Brussell, 66, had been in the convalescent hospital about three weeks.
She was widely known as a writer, radio commentator, lecturer and researcher of a premise that the United States is secretly run by powerful groups that will stop at nothing to maintain control.
Mrs. Brussell started her conspiracy research and presentations after President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963.
“It started the day Kennedy died,” her daughter, Barbara Brussell, said last night. “She thought something looked fishy, especially when (Lee Harvey) Oswald was shot.”
39 File Cabinets
In the 26 years that have followed, Mrs. Brussell amassed enough reports, news clippings and notes on the Kennedy assassination and other events to fill 39 four-drawer filing cabinets, said John Judge, who has taken over her library to set up the Mae Brussell Research Center in Santa Cruz.
She taught an accredited course in conspiracy at Monterey Peninsula College in the mid-1970s and wrote for such publications as The Realist, The Rebel, People’s Almanac, The Berkeley Barb, Penthouse and Hustler.
Mrs. Brussell’s controversial radio show, “World Watchers International,” was on the air for 17 years—851 weekly editions. It originated with KLRB in Carmel, then listener-supported KAZU in Pacific Grove, and was sent on to a half-dozen other radio stations. Mrs. Brussell gave up the weekly show this March, after she reported a death threat from a listener who telephoned her home.
Death Threat
In the mid-1970s, Mrs. Brussell reported a death threat from a Charles Manson follower. She had alleged in a radio broadcast that the Manson Family was working with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department to commit mass murders.
She described herself as a political researcher and told a Herald interviewer in 1976:
“I’ve never really pushed any of my ideas. I’ve just gone about my research slowly and steadily, but after Watergate I found a lot more people were listening to me.”
One friend in Pacific Grove, Bette Phillips, said Mrs. Brussell was perceived as “far out” by some, but she was careful to publicize only what she could prove. “She was a tremendous person and a true patriot,” Ms. Phillips said. “Mae loved her country and she didn’t like some of the things that were happening to it.”
Mrs. Brussell lived in Carmel Valley for 23 years.
She was born in Los Angeles on May 29, 1922. Her father, Edgar Magnin, was a noted rabbi in Los Angeles. Her great-grandfather, Isaac Magnin, founded the I. Magnin clothing store.
Mrs. Brussell is survived by two sons, David Goodwin and John Goodwin, both of Los Angeles; two daughters, Barbara Brussell of Los Angeles and Kyenne Brussell of San Francisco; and a brother, Henry Magnin of Los Angeles. Another daughter, Bonnie Brussell, died in a car wreck in 1970.
Visitation has been scheduled from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m. Thursday in the El Estero Chapel of Mission Mortuary. A graveside service will be held at noon Friday in Monterey City Cemetery.


very interesting lady who was doing research into the shady world of international politics and was very accurate with certain can find all the links to the stories she researched above..she died suddenly of cancer after numerous death threats..sound familiar?

enjoy..she has many good stories to look at including our old friends from the laurel canyon days and everything associated with that..RIP mae


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7 Responses to “Mae Brussel”

  1. Mae Miss you, and it was too bad you did not know that john judge would steal the money and the names. Anyone disputing that -all you have to hear is her daughter Kyenne brussell on Dave Emory show. Just google both names together and you will hear what really happened. I worked at the Mae Brussel Center, so I will assert till the end that Judge is not who he seems to like the movement to think he is.

  2. I recently discovered her, wow. She foretold what was to come, 24 years later here we are exactly as she warned.
    No one compares to her…I was just a child when she was rolling.
    Bless her heart…I am sure she is very sad for humanity.

  3. I have read everything at her site, her research was fascinating.
    To add to her Manson writing, there is also a (purported) connection with Manson and the scientologists.

    • laurel canyon nomnomnom..

    • “From HELTER SKELTER by Vincent T. Bugliosi, Paul Watkins when Bugliosi interviewed him about Manson’s philosophy:

      Manson had told him that while he was in prison he had studied Scientology, becoming a “theta” which Manson defined as being “clear”. (p. 237)
      An Ex-intelligence officer for Scientology, Robert Vaughn Young said:

      “I…was at staff at the Davis franchise from 1969 until ’71. …Well, because of the work that I was doing in Davis, I started to do some public relations work as well as some other staff positions there, meeting the media. I was also running a program in Vacaville Prison, which is a medical facility that’s just west of Sacramento — happens to be the one where Charlie Manson was kept for a long time — that I would go in every — you know, every week and hold a class in Scientology.”
      A few selections from Snapping, by Flo Conway and Jim Siegleman This is also a MUST BE READ book for anyone involved in trying to do something about the Scientology problem and for mind control cults in general.

      The Manson Murders.
      Although it is public knowledge that Charles Manson was deeply interested in Scientology before he formed his Family, even though he never joined the sect, the possible resemblance between some Scientological practices and Manson’s methods of controlling his band has not been fully explored. We do not believe or intend to imply that there was any formal or informal connection between the Church of Scientology and the now legendary murders of actress Sharon Tate and her houseguests and another couple, Leno and Rosemary LaBianca. We are, however, suggesting a similarity between some techniques used and taught by Scientology and the manner in which Charles Manson manipulated the members of his Family.

      Vincent Bugliosi, prosecuting attorney in the Manson trial, made frequent mention of Scientology and one-time Scientologists with ref- erence to Manson’s life and career in his best-selling account of the case, Helter Skelter: The True Story of the Manson Murders, published in 1974. Bugliosi served up all the details of Manson’s drifting, troubled youth-an illegitimate child, he bounced from town to town, engaging in a haphazard string of petty crimes and larcenous acts. Seventeen ofManson’s first thirty-two years were spent in jails and prisons, yet, Bugliosi noted, Manson’s criminal record to that time showed no sustained history of violence.

      “Burglar, car thief, forger, pimp,” he wrote, “was this the portrait of a mass murderer?”

      It was in prison, apparently, that Manson became interested in Scientology. According to Helter Skelter, in the early sixties, Manson’s tutor in Scientology was another convict, Lanier Rayner, and under his direction Manson claimed to have achieved Scientology’s highest level, which he described as “Theta clear:” Bugliosi wrote that Manson, whose career goal was to gain recognition as a rock musician, remained interested in Scientology longer than in any other subject except music. A prison progress report written during that period asserted that Manson “appears to have developed a certain amount of insight into his problems through his study of this discipline.”

      There is no way to determine whether Charles Manson actually experienced becoming a Scientology clear. It is known that not long afterward, upon his release from prison in 1967, Manson began to formulate his grand delusionary and messianic schemes. It was also during this period that he began to demonstrate an uncanny ability to exert influence and control over other people.”

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