Anthony Peratt – Characteristics for the occurrence of a high-current, Z-Pinch aurora as recorded in antiquity

The discovery that objects from the Neolithic or Early
Bronze Age carry patterns associated with high-current Z-pinches
provides a possible insight into the origin and meaning of these ancient
symbols produced by man. This paper directly compares the
graphical and radiation data from high-current Z-pinches to these
patterns. The paper focuses primarily, but not exclusively, on petroglyphs.
It is found that a great many archaic petroglyphs can be
classified according to plasma stability and instability data. As the
same morphological types are found worldwide, the comparisons
suggest the occurrence of an intense aurora, as might be produced
if the solar wind had increased between one and two orders of magnitude,
millennia ago.

ON July 9, 1962, the United States detonated a 1.4-megaton
thermonuclear device in the atmosphere 400 km above
Johnston Island. The event produced a plasma whose initial
spherical shape striated within a few minutes as the plasma electrons
and ions streamed along the Earth’s magnetic field to produce
an artificial aurora. Fig. 1 shows a photograph of the artificial
aurora three minutes after detonation as recorded from a
KC-135 aircraft.

Concomitant with the artificial aurora was a degradation of
radio communications over wide areas of the Pacific, lightning
discharges, destruction of electronics in monitoring satellites,
and an electromagnetic pulse that affected some power circuitry
as far away as Hawaii.

The event was recorded worldwide as the plasma formed at
least two intense equatorial tubes, artificial Van Allen belts,
around the Earth. These tubes, or plasma toroids,
contained relativistic electrons bound by magnetic fields; the
source of intense amounts of synchrotron radiation. The radiation
lasted far longer than expected; the decay constant was
of the order of 100 days. (Mankind, unknowing, has viewed
synchrotron radiation from the Crab nebula for centuries. The
only known mechanism that produces synchrotron radiation are
electrons spiraling about a magnetic field at nearly the speed
of light).

Thus, the shape of the phenomena as recorded at radio, visible,
and high frequencies was that of plasma “donuts” encircling
the Earth, which mimicked the Van Allen belts.
Manuscript received May 19, 2003; revised October 15, 2003. This work was
supported by the Mainwaring Foundation, in association with the University of
Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, Philadelphia.


Gregg Braden – Magnetic Field, Schuman Resonance, Pole Shift and 2012


thanks to platy for the great links..

take some time to look at the pictures on the scribd essence..they are writing about the ancients and what they saw in the skys and recorded in petroglyphs..the same signs can be found when looking at a plasma cloud..along with a plasma cloud comes auroras..they are saying that the ancients saw something in the sky that is indentical to what you get with a plasma what did they see?..and when is it coming back?

the video talks about the lowering of our magnetic field and the is happening..right now..


~ by seeker401 on March 27, 2010.

23 Responses to “Anthony Peratt – Characteristics for the occurrence of a high-current, Z-Pinch aurora as recorded in antiquity”

  1. fast forward tv series is about some can of electromagnetism that make plp fast forward for 2 minutes 6 months in to the future
    and i start thinking well “they’ always use pop culture to adapt us to “they’ changes and this concept was not too far out maybe not us at flash forward but as something else .
    Auroras are cause by the ionize gas contact the earth magnetic field
    all this concepts was use by Tesla

  2. Fascinating Isabel! As the author says, plasma physics is not a widely studied field. Who knows what could be possible?

    I wonder if there is a reason why they got us all buying plasma TVs these days? haha

  3. This video is completly ridiculous. This is snake oil, used car salesman, and horoscope.

    • thanks for your opinion squid 😉

      its easy to denigrate..but i see you didnt comment on the scribd doc..couldnt understand it? or didnt look at it?

  4. Bluesquid ,yes i like SCI-FI is at door always to the future
    and to know and that in my book is good 🙂
    what he say in the video is not the only one that say it and i been hear about the shift of the poles for at while but he say it also this ” don’t miss YOUR life thinking about what can happened”
    only time we have is the present!
    thx Seek for the video
    also the gravity is changing too
    something is up with the fast everything change lately explain it with fractals
    Fractal Time: The Secret of 2012 and a New World Age (Hardcover)
    by the same author than the video Gregg Braden

    • isabel..have a look in my vodpod for matrix singularity will enjoy an they explain all the changes we are seeing now

      thx for the i said yesterday..we are here to explore doesnt mean we believe in everything 100%

  5. Full explanation of what is going on with the Earth:

  6. “we are here to explore doesnt mean we believe in everything 100%”
    i totally agree with that Seek but i need to defend myself when someone insults me that’s all

  7. thx Seek!
    one of my friends have at big tattoo of the Mayan calendar so always i try to learn more…. YOU know that Russia have some of the parts of the Popol Vuh ( the rest the spaniard destroy it 😦
    here this from El Salvador Mayans
    thx Platy i think i see this series before
    here is some interesting links
    Mayan motives were popular in Soviet times in Russia.
    Breaking the Maya Code (2007)

  8. i don’t know is Arguelles or the one that was so good the Swedish professor( not Calleman he still alive ) that dye at while ago sorry i forget his name or some other book or source or person sorry 😦 about some p one part of the Popol Vuh was in power of Russia the rest was destroy by the Spaniards 😦 so more of the history is pass by word of mouth and some writings of at Spanish priest
    that is why i post the link to the El Salvador Mayans
    i look for at while for the Swedish author that is dead but i can find it btw was young

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  12. crazy? or not so much?

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