Celebrities who sold their souls and channel spirits – 6 Part series


prepare to be shocked..i was..so blatant..so in our face..so damn evil..please watch..


~ by seeker401 on April 8, 2010.

15 Responses to “Celebrities who sold their souls and channel spirits – 6 Part series”

  1. anyone channeling luciferian spirits here? lol. jk..

    nice vids…if anything you don’t usually here these er, artists(?) claiming they’ve sold their souls to the devil in the msm…


  2. Its downright insanity to open doors into that gross, obscene dark, fallen realm.
    All through history men and women have sought contact with evil spirits for power, wealth and sexual pleasures…not realising just how suicidal it is.
    One of the great concerns for born-again Christians regarding Harry Potter material is that young Harry actually shows how to open the doors. Any kind of chant, spell, clairvoyance or curse can open the door. Ouija boards are notorious for bringing up spirits to oppress and terrify the player of the Ouija board.
    If a spirit latches on, it can end up with psychiatrists and psychiatric medication for the victim as he/or she tries to get away from the voice of the spirit.
    In the end an exorcism is all thats left…i.e. the laying-on-off-hands at a lively Christian church in order to kick the thing out in the Name of Jesus Christ.
    Another hazard is that in becoming involved with witchcraft, one can get involved with witchcraft people. Not all witchcraft people do the right thing.
    In the US and the UK police have statistics that show that after witchcraft and pagan festivals, in an area, there is a higher probability that people will have gone missing because of some of the witchcraft people.
    If we look at old, now vanished civilisations, they generally vanished when they got to a certain place in their development where they became involved in four destructive activities… 1. the worship of idols, 2. increased sexual immorality, 3. the killing of themselves (sacrifice/in 2010 it will be abortion) and 4. witchcraft (the openning of doors into the dark realm and the fellowshiping with evil spirits in order to receive power, wealth etc).
    God, as history shows, gets rid of them.
    I wonder what stage the great western civilisation is now because of its sin?
    Three, maybe two minutes to Midnight…and The Lords Judgment?
    Dont play with demons!

    • 2 minutes to midnight sounds right..i beleive in demons and spirits as well..if you want it you will get it ( as in spirits )..potter is exactly that..making the kids think its cool..dumbledore is openly gay irl..good role model?

  3. i watch y-day nigth to the 3 part i was getting physically sick i need to stop turn everything off and try to listen about harrp(http://www.earthpulse.com is the site of Nick Begich the author of angels don’t play that harrp) even is horrible too for some reason don’t make me sick and put me to sleep thx God
    so…thinking maybe i don’t watch the rest

    • i hear ya..we need to watch these things though to see exactly what and who is being played..

  4. No..you lost me with the comments of this post. How the guy that made these videos say it is “Proof”? I like the previous posts with the media/celebrities/brainwashing, those ones are really eye openers. These videos over here are not, at least not for me. I think it is adrenaline pumping into your brain and your body in addition to other (natural or non-natural) chemicals that put you in a particular mental state, so a performer performs.

    • hi quantum..well its the stars actual comments and songs that have been used to show what they are into..i think its fairly obvious really..but thanks for posting

    • i think adrenalin would play a factor as well, as you say, fwiw

  5. favourited it.

  6. Y do u all sell ur soul

  7. […] “Celebrities who sold their souls and channel spirits – 6 Part series” https://seeker401.wordpress.com/2010/04/08/celebrities-who-sold-their-souls-and-channel-spirits-6-par… […]

  8. […] “Celebrities who sold their souls and channel spirits” https://seeker401.wordpress.com/2010/04/08/celebrities-who-sold-their-souls-and-channel-spirits-6-par… […]

  9. “Sold my soul to Satan”, is just a metaphor in show business for selling out. They don’t ACTUALLY mean they worship Satan. I can’t believe anyone could be so gullible to think someone would do that (like it would even work) and then advertise it. I thought we all figured this out in the 80’s.

    • oh..i see..*phew

      your comment makes absolutely zero sense..they say they have “sold their soul to satan” because they are “selling out”?? thats what they all say and have for the last 30-40 years? sounds a bit repetitive and corny and not what a 21st century popstar would refer to as that would put them in the christian box and they dont want to be put there do they?

      i thought sheep like you didnt exist on the internet and that you only watched football and drank beer..wake up..you have no fucking idea of whats going on in your world, there is a whole spiritual side you arent even considering..and when someone shows it to you, you get scared..you dont know everything and you certainly dont know why these people ALL say what they say..

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