HBO logo

Home Box Office (HBO), a subsidiary of Time Warner, offers two 24/7 pay-television services (HBO and Cinemax) to over 40 million subscribers in the United States. Apart from United States, HBO services are offered[by whom?] in India, Central Europe, Canada, and in over 150 other countries.

The services include the subscription video-on-demand products, HBO On Demand and Cinemax On Demand, as well as multiplex channels and HD feeds. Internationally, the subscription video-on-demand products HBO On Demand and HBO Mobile, along with HBO-branded joint ventures, bring its services to over 50 countries.

Since 1977, HBO has produced original programming, which includes dramas and comedies in addition to its slate of theatrical films. Most of these shows are rated TV-MA, and often feature suggestive themes and high amounts of profanity, violence, and nudity – content that would be much more difficult to get on basic cable channels, for fear of losing sponsors.


hidden in plain sight..


~ by seeker401 on April 9, 2010.

12 Responses to “HBO logo”

  1. sometimes you make me chuckle

  2. hi, i like your posting

  3. I CANT SEE IT….

  4. Owls can see that which is hidden in darkness. They are also night predators.

    “The owls are not what they seem.”

  5. Heads up
    Tails up
    Running to your scallywag

    Night falls
    Morning calls
    Catch you with my death bag

  6. The Owl SAYS Who!
    But Who is The Owl?
    He Whom Is Called MOLECH
    Lord of El
    God of Caanan
    Land of Babylon

    The Whore of Babylon?
    Consort of King Nimrod
    Nimrod + Isis = Nemisis
    ISIS of Gen = Genesis

    What is a Priest?
    He who offers the Holocaust
    Upon the Altar of the Lord
    Holocaust = Burnt Offering
    Offering = pure human flesh and blood (and there is no flesh purer than of a newborn babe)
    Lord = Molech, Symbolized by the Owl

    The first such Priest?
    Ere we get Cannibal -> Cain Baal -> Priest of the Lord

    More here:

  7. So Let it Be Written
    So Let it Be Done
    I’m sent here by the Chosen One

    So Let it Be Written
    So Let it Be Done
    To Kill the first born Pharoah’s Sun
    I’m Creeping Death!

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