Nina Hagen: “Lady a satanic bitch”

Anyone older than about 8 knows that Lady Gaga isn’t the first bird to dress all cer-azy and sing songs at the same time. Hey, Bjork and Roisin Murphy probably roll their eyes each time Gaga whips up a new fashion don’t.

But what happens when your musical kook godmothers get their claws out? Pure hilarity.

When original pop fashionista/gender-bender Grace Jones was asked by The Guardian what she thought of pop’s most costumed new star, she replied: “I really don’t think of her at all. I go about my business.” Ouch!

Turns out Gag even asked to work with Grace, and was promptly denied.

“I’d just prefer to work with someone who is more original and someone who is not copying me, actually.”

Think that’s harsh? How about this translated-from-German rant from New Wave punk legend Nina Hagen?

“Lady Gaga is a pop prostitute, a satanic b—- with her fascist and demonic secret signs! Her pop prostitution has more to do with bikini advertising than with warmth,” she apparently said.


perhaps it takes one to know one?

have to agree with nina..she knows what gaga is doing..she knows the signs and symbols she uses..all hidden in plain sight..note when artists do the “A’Ok” sign in front of an eye..they are actually replicating 666..think about it..heaps of them do it..its for a why is nina doing that on her record?..maybe she has reformed now? 🙂


~ by seeker401 on April 30, 2010.

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  3. Nina is pretty mellow i think she form at commune in Ibiza i don’t know she still living there

  4. A little history on the name “Gaga” at this link:

    In Sumerian Cosmology, Gaga was Anshar’s (Saturn) emissary, come to warn the galaxy of impending doom in the heavens. Anshar sent Gaga (sometimes called kaka) off to warn that Tiamat was going to be destroyed. Tiamat was, supposedly, in the orbital place that the Earth occupies currently. Part of her is now the (Ea)rth. Tiamat’s consort Kingu became the moon.

    The name Gaga or Kaka is an old Babylonian hermaphroditic deity.

  5. […] Nina Hagen: “Lady a satanic bitch” « Follow The Money […]

  6. […] Nina Hagen: “Lady a satanic bitch” « Follow The Money […]

  7. […] Nina Hagen: “Lady a satanic bitch” « Follow The Money […]

  8. […] Nina Hagen: “Lady a satanic bitch” « Follow The Money […]

  9. bahaha poor girls try to make their lifes more notorious by insulting someone who is far more famous than they ever were 😉

    • gaga is so 80s its not funny..she is a madonna copy..she is not new or original

    • you think Nina Hagen or Grace Jones give two fucks about fame or Gaga? They’re well etched into music + fashion history as Godmothers to trustafarian Germonotta and will far outlast her in every way. Know your history, silly D.

  10. Gag is becoming derivative of herself, let alone Madonna, Bowie, etc. She’s blatantly satanic, but, that’s been the thrust of pop music since the Beatles. It’s the nature of the BEAST666.

  11. Good read. props

  12. You’re right about that… But it’s only because Gaga is an industry creation, developed by a corporation that is desperately trying to figure out a way to keep the wheels of digital progress from chewing up and spitting out the big music business. Nina and Grace managed to become famous w/out the benefit of a billion-dollar marketing drive, simply because they were pioneers. Besides, Grace Jones was a megastar, long before the web made it possible to spread hype across the globe w/ one click! She was a high-fashion model, movie star AND a great recording star. Let’s see where Gaga is in 5 years. Likely making b-grade slasher movies w/ her tits out.

    Try opening your ears before you criticize great artists. You might learn the difference between a billboard and a masterpiece.

    • thanks icepulse..who are you adressing though with the last line of your comment..i agree with nina!

    • You shouldn’t judge others too quickly. Gaga is a brilliant performer who made t to the top herself. She wrote, played and sung in downtown New York for more than two years before being noticed, signed to a label, dropped again then writting hits for New Kids On The Block, Britney Spears and The Pussycat Dolls, then signed to Interscope, and writes all her lyrics and melodies and plays them, with RedOne producing, on drums and her freinds (now Brian May) doing guitar work on her songs.

      And before you start on her being satanic, she is a Roman Catholic, born, bred and raised.

      I, myslef am more into grunge/punk/indie rock and stuff but am a fan of, and do respect Gaga. Xo

  13. I thought I hit “reply” under Dolores’ post. Sorry for any confusion.

  14. If Gaga wanted to really bounce up her cred, she’d forget about “working” with Grace Jones, and try to get those old Compass Point session guys (Chris Blackwell, Sly &Robbie, et al) that were behind three of the most ass-kicking, balls-out funky albums ever set to wax: “Warm Leatherette” (1980), “Nightclubbing” (1981) and “Living My Life” (1982).

    Anyone who thinks there’s an ounce of innovation to LG and her whole oeuvre, you really need to check out the above-referenced.

    • agree again..shes old hat..same rehashed crap we have had before from the “rebels”..just madonna made for 2010..nothing new here to see

  15. Okkulte Musikindustrie Teil 8 Lady Gaga 1


    Nur damit ihr Bescheid wisst,
    ich bin stolz auf Nina Hagen, sowas hat sich bis jetzt noch keiner getraut. Nieder mit dem Transhumanismus von Aguilera und Gaga. Gaga ist leider ne Transe und als Idol für Teenies total ungeeignet. Da sieht man wie übel es der Plattenindustrie geht. Schaut euch das Youtube-Video an da wird alles haarklein erklärt und begründet.

  16. Hey seeker,

    Thanks for posting this. Being quite the Ninaphile since 2004, I was rather shocked to start recently seeing more and more clips of her on youtube, flashing various Masonic signs during performances (the triangle with the palms, the 666, the pinky/index finger, etc). She was clearly involved somehow (It seems rampant in the music industry (Hell, I’m certain Bjork is a mason now – I’ve seen her flashing things and she’s with Matthew Barney who’s work is about freemason rituals apparently), and I believe her newly born-again Christian status is a rejection of her former life. I quite simply think that a lot of people get caught up in the seduction without realizing what’s really going on.

    • hi joey..thanks for comments..i dont know a lot about nina but i did know of her before this quote..have you watched any of the music industry exposed videos i show on here?..they will answer your queries..sadly they are deluded..yes..but the signs and logos they use are real and have real consequences..they work on our subconcious..if nina is now christian then that explains why she may have said that

  17. any song or artist that comes about is in in one way or another, a copy of someone before them. who gives a shit if she’s all on satans ween. its just music. if you dont like her then don’t pay any mind to what she does. being “original” isn’t a real thing. it has all been done and will eventually be repeated. get over it.

    • ahhh..but taza..shes says she is original..and fresh..she isnt..she is a copycat and a puppet..i can give a shit cuz indont like what she is doing to the minds of impressionable people..peace

    • Taza, we’re going to talk about it because it’s a conspiracy by some pretty fucked up people to poison people via the media – whether it is music, news, or movies.

      I know that when one is young the music one loves almost seems like a personal possession – a part of oneself. So to hear such a thing come under attack would cause one pain.

      But seeking truth can be painful. It can also be beautiful. Forget about popstars who are created by megacorps and rammed down your throat. Go underground, you’ll never look back.

  18. Nina Hagen is right: Lady Gaga is pure crap, uninnovative, cold and superficial crap. Quite honestly nothing more.

  19. Maybe I’m wrong, but I’ve always gotten the impression that these guys/girls who flash occult symbols have no idea what they’re doing, and are more interested in shock value than fulfilling any occult purpose. Not to confuse these types of pure-shock-value artists with deep-underground cult items like Nordic Death Metal bands or 80’s-era Industrial bands like Current 93 or Psychic TV, who seem a lot more serious about what they are/were doing.

    • its seen as hard edged..and so others pick up on it and copy it and now its mainstream but who is who? 😉 but the genesis is evil imo

  20. If it were JUST Gaga, it’s be no problem, switch off, don’t listen, and such but it’s NOT, all the female pop stars are at it, flashing their tits and fannie at everyone, making bland, unimaginitive soulless rubbish music, it’s Rihanna and Katie Perry as well among others. I wish Rihanna would also come under scrutiny the way Gaga does. Revolting girl. There is no REAL art in music from the US and UK any longer. Music scares me because it has lost its creativity and is no longer artistic.

  21. Hello, I’m Lady Gaga. Nina Hagen is a real bitch! I’m not a bitch, I just got a that style. Hagen shall go fuck, and let myself think at first who she is and then let the name-calling of other stars. And I did not copy her because I don’t copy those STUPID BITCHES!!! Fuck you, whore Nina Hagen!
    I love so much my little monsters. Monsters, please, don’t care what this stupid idiot Nina Hagen says… she is a fool whore! :[

    • back in the 80s, that was truly original. meanwhile, lady blahblah is just unoriginal garbage.

      of course, all artists are inspired by those that came before them. it’s just that in lady gaga’s case, some of them end up dead.

      RIP Lina Morgana.

  22. Nina Hagen is the daughter of an opera singer who taught her to sing. Nina fled East Germany in a suitcase, not to end in ostracism, like her mother. She was a great artist, was totally original and unique. But when she saw what was in the music industry, also fled. and she is now dedicated to the spiritual life.
    Gaga, lies, up to the elbows, as we say in my country.
    Michael Jackson, declined to Gaga in concert as the opening act, he told me. Michael chose not to have anyone, rather than having to gaga.
    Although he knew that the concerts were not going to hold, and that the organizers only wanted to make him suffer, and also that they would kill him.
    but gaga, has promoted his career, relying on interviews by television, that Michael wanted to bring her the opening act.
    gaga is a fake.
    Michael, would not someone like gaga, who works for the opposite of what he worked, he did not wanted to see her or photo, Michael worked for the truth and love. And she is working for those who killed Michael. Gaga is deceiving many, but many others know, what works for the demons of Lucifer, and she worships Lucifer in his songs.

  23. Nina’s beloved leader is a control machine. They’re doing very well controlling Nina. Sorry to see… I quite liked her when she first came out in the late 70s.

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