Kevin Rudd stabbed in the back..Australia gets its first female PM..the angry nerd is gone

KEVIN Rudd has stepped down as prime minister of Australia, with Julia Gillard elected to the position unopposed.

There was no need for a leadership ballot as Mr Rudd stepped aside before a vote was taken.

It is understood Ms Gillard had more than enough party support to win the vote if it had taken place.

Ms Gillard had walked into the party room this morning alongside Wayne Swan with a spring in her step and a broad smile.

Mr Rudd walked in from the opposite side of the building with a phalanx of seven supporters. He did his best to maintain a stiff grin alongside Bennelong MP Maxine McKew.

Channel Nine’s Laurie Oakes reported that Mr Rudd broke down in his office after last night’s press conference when he announced this morning’s ballot and was so distraught he was unable to say a few words to his staff.


i have been calling for this for a while but i would have preferred it in an election but either way he is gone..almost felt sorry for him the way his backers turned on him and panicked like rabbits caught in a we get gillard now..she voted for everything that rudd did so we have more of the same just rebadged..but at least the nerd is birthday present from the labor party today 🙂


~ by seeker401 on June 24, 2010.

25 Responses to “Kevin Rudd stabbed in the back..Australia gets its first female PM..the angry nerd is gone”

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  2. Happy Birthday Seek! 🙂

  3. good shit!!

    even better shit…..’the australian’ newspaper has a poll running; who would you prefer as our next pm, gillard or abbott……….abbotts winning by 66% of the vote!!!

    labor has backed the wrong ‘nag’….bwhahahahahah!!!!!!!

  4. Happy b-day Seek! have at good one 🙂

  5. when that is happen i just read for first time now
    whats going on everyone is resign in

  6. rudd gets dethroned on ur bday?

    maybe there is a god

    have a good one seek

  7. I think Rudd should’ve just just finished his term. His own party stabbed him in the back ==”

  8. Happy birthday btw O_O”

    • cheers i said..i would have preferred an election loss as that is the proper way to do things..not this assasintion stuff..incredible day to watch it unfold

  9. He sure got the knife.
    I didnt like him, but didnt want to see him go this way.
    Maybe Julia will boost Defence if prodded.
    I dont think theres a gun in the Defence arsenal to give to the citizens…and the old red dragon eyes this great, big, wide and wonderful land we call home day and night.
    The dragons 1,000 agents on Australian soil are not just here to keep an eye on Falun Gong or other Chinese nationals.
    I think I will give Julia a prod today:)

    • do it man..i see the same horse with a different jockey on board..almost felt sorry for rudd..getting screwed like that is not cool for anyone

  10. Happy birthday for yesterday:)

  11. oh yeah. we should mention julia is a carpet chewer, and her male ‘partner’ is a hairdresser……

    not that theres anything wrong with that……..


    “God forbid the Australian public gets a little something for their minerals. But Rudd wasn’t the first Australian Labor Party PM to be driven from office by his British Crown bosses.”

    • clearly whitlam was a coup..rudd maybe as well..what about gillard and her carbon tax? she got rolled as well..but rudd was the darling of the UN so its not all black and white..


  13. Thanks, seek. I know nothing about Rudd and Australian politics :(. I just read the article and saw some familiar patterns…

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