Dr.Dre and the subliminal 666 in the HP commercial


i dont care what you say..they are not the letter “B”..they are sixes..3 of them..in the shape of a pyramid..damn..


~ by seeker401 on July 24, 2010.

18 Responses to “Dr.Dre and the subliminal 666 in the HP commercial”

  1. i see the sixes, not the pyramid…

  2. yup , they are 6’s, and they put the 6 inside a middle of a sun.

  3. Good read. props

  4. DANG! I thought i would be the one n only to notcie the 6’s and saturn! My eyes dont want to take in what i already knew.It all really seems like a sick joke

  5. the door with the hp logo on it just before the female enters to room with dre is an all-seeing eye also

    • also at 0:10 as the door opens the two slanted lines of the design on the door form the sides of an unfinished pyramid with the hp logo at the top serving as the all-seeing eye. WAIT THERE’S MORE: at 0:13 you can see as the “b” or “6” chip is removed… what’s that on which it was placed? a little white triangle/pyramid… once you see one thing, you’ve got to analyze thoroughly. multiples of 3 are used extensively in the ad. i was looking for a rune or symbol that might explain the 3-armed light hovering above the red sphere at 0:20, but to no avail. anyone have some insight?

      • the 3-armed light is an incomplete rune for the Beast. the complete rune has lines connected each point of the arm to the others, forming a triangle about the center. funny that so much about the Beast is represented and the product is called Beats Audio. Beats = Beast

      • nice catches phoenix..the more you look at it the more you find 🙂

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  7. I’m not wastin time on these idiots like dre,kiss,jay devil’sidiot zee etc.i’ma rep the king Jesus n we’ll see whose da true King reighning!gino all da way 4rom cape-town,south-africa!grace

  8. After all of the things I’ve read about this…Illuminati stuff…this is the first thing that’s turned me into a believer. I’m actually pretty shocked.

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