UK infrastructure faces cyber threat says GCHQ chief

The UK’s critical infrastructure – such as power grids and emergency services – faces a “real and credible” threat of cyber attack, the head of GCHQ says.

The intelligence agency’s director Iain Lobban said the country’s future economic prosperity rested on ensuring a defence against such assaults.

The internet created opportunities for hostile states and criminals, he said.

For example, 1,000 malicious e-mails a month are already being targeted at government computer networks, he said.

Speaking to the International Institute for Strategic Studies, Mr Lobban said he did not want to go into detail about the threat to the UK’s “critical national infrastructure”.

But he said the threat posed by terrorists, organised criminals and hostile foreign governments was “real and credible” and he demanded a swifter response to match the speed with which “cyber events” happened.

Critical national infrastructure also includes sectors such as financial services, government, mass communication, health, transport, and food and water – all of which are deemed necessary for delivering services upon which daily life in the UK depends.

With both the Strategic Defence and Security Review and the Comprehensive Spending Review due to be published next week, Mr Lobban said ministers would be looking at what capabilities the UK needs to develop further.

“Clearly they will also be deciding how they trade off against other spending priorities.”

He added: “Just because I, as a national security official, am giving a speech about cyber, I don’t want you to take away the impression that it is solely a national security or defence issue. It goes to the heart of our economic well-being and national interest.”


thanks to eggins10 for the link..

follows on from the australian post earlier..more scares..the big bad boogeyman is ready to take down your country..give us the power know we will protect you..


~ by seeker401 on October 15, 2010.

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  3. The system that was foisted upon us is beyond repair, they know it and anyone who is awake knows it, the quicker it comes crashing down the better, lets get on with it and build a system that works for everyone and not just the well heeled.

  4. More cyber pimpin’

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