Secrets of the American dollar note

There is definitely something strange and weird about the USA Dollar. From hidden secrets and symbols to cataclysmic prophecies the Dollar has it all. Just have a look at this initial collection of bizarre findings. Please note that there are so many secrets that we’ve classified this as a “live” page which means we’ll keep adding to it.

These secrets only seem to appear in the Dollar currency. We’ve looked for similar effects in the Pound, the Rupee, the Euro and even the Rand without any success. However, with the Dollar we just keep on finding them! After Months of study we can honestly say that the Dollar is the most complex, intelligent, intricate, mysterious and beautiful of currencies. It is the perfect representation of Art and Science.

Read the rest here:


thanks to metric for the link..

i knew most of these but there were a few i didnt..its like a big playbook of codes ..


~ by seeker401 on November 7, 2010.

4 Responses to “Secrets of the American dollar note”

  1. i look at the picks and i don’t see the owl the same one that in the bohemian grove is lilith

  2. yep

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