The 12 Masonic signs of recognition


This post is a review of the masonic signs described in the German book: “Freimaurersignale in der Presse” or freemasonic signals in the press.(This book and Richardson’s monitor of freemasonry can be downloaded on peer to peer like emule or you can also buy them online from a number of sources). The names for the signs come from the book “Sign Language Of The Mysteries” which was written decades earlier (see the other post on this blog for a review). Both books describe pretty much the same signs even thought they were written independently of each other.

Read the rest here:


thanks to isabel for this link..

awesome article..written a few years ago..he describes all the signs you can look for..some look innocuous..they arent..they are chosen or selected for a as the author says..not every picture of someone pointing up to the sky is masonic..its not..we are looking at mass distribution pictures from the main 6 media compnanies that run the world..the big ones with pictures of our worlds leaders..take a look today..look at the WSJ, reuters, bloomberg etc..they will have pictures today that will be showing these signs to you and now you know what they me some examples people! 🙂


~ by seeker401 on November 7, 2010.

7 Responses to “The 12 Masonic signs of recognition”

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  2. Ok, fine, they are symbols, does anyone know how to interpret what they are specifically trying to say at that certain point in time with these gestures?

    That would be the key, I think.

  3. I guess its whether they are signs or signals??

  4. the two pointing fingers sign is called “serpent fangs” and is very occult/satanic. you can see it a lot these days

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