What sits in the middle of the Pentagon building?

CIA HQ in Virginia

Capitoline Hill


Here is yet one more proof the Jesuit Order rules the Vatican’s “Un-Holy Roman,” Fourteenth Amendment, Corporate-Fascist, Socialist-Communist, American Empire (1868-Present) overseen by Illuminzed/Jesuitized Scottish-Rite Freemasonry.  The symbol of the Owl—utilized by the Company of Jesus for centuries—is to be found at CIA Headquarters, at the Pentagon and at the Capitol Mall in Washington, District of Catholics—which, since its incorporation in 1871, has been “Rome on the Potomac!”


 i have seen alot of things throughout this journey but i can still be amazed..so obvious and hidden in plain sight..this is another..sitting right in the middle of the pentagram pentagon..our friend the owl..and we see a few other owls around the place as well..and dont forget the american dollar bill..purely occult..nothing less..


~ by seeker401 on November 19, 2010.

9 Responses to “What sits in the middle of the Pentagon building?”

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  2. is lillith
    The Owl and Luciferianism

  3. Thought I would share this:
    Saw this picture of Groom Lake area, aka Area 51, looks like an owl perched on a triangle to me, it is supposed to be a munitions area. Or maybe I am just seeing owls everywhere now ;).

    From http://www.crystalinks.com/area51.html

    Grew up around that area, no aliens :), but did see lots of interesting planes and other things in the sky. The rumors about “aliens” were good for tourism, as well as a great cover for the planes being tested there. The concept was promoted by the State of Nevada and they even named a road the ET highway…no aliens though, just lots of desert…

    • good to speak to someone at the coal face so to speak..i think area 51 is a complete psyop

      looked owlish to me to..take a look at HBO logo..turn it on the side 😉

  4. “Molech” is also depicted as a bull…. Where is there a famous bull (Wall St.?)

  5. That’s the “owl of Minerva” (or owl of Athena, in the greek), an ancient symbol of wisdom, which was the original symbol of the Illuminati in Bavaria before they were driven out by the King & eventually ended up in the U.S., founding the U.S. branch of the Masons.
    D.C. was founded by Masons (most of the founding fathers were such), and when D.C. was designed, they incorporated this symbol into much of the architecture. You will also find the owl in the Bohemian Grove “cremation of care” ritual, it is a large stone owl at the deet of which which the ritual takes place.
    You will find these owls in the homes of many of the more prominent people in the Masonic/Illuminati hierarchy, and if you ever watch Kubrick’s movie, “Eyes Wide Shut” you will see the leader of the oligarchical “club” is wearing an owl mask…and the very term “eyes wide shut” refers to the owl itself, as when the owl sleeps & its eyes are closed it still looks like its eyes are open. It is a reference to the Illuminati never ceasing to observe.

    Believe it or not, the Illuminati started out as a group of learned men that actually wanted to use their wisdom to help civilization free itself from the wars & tyranny of the “nobles,” but eventually it was corrupted by those very “nobles” into the power-mad, self serving, NWO ego-freaks we see today.

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