The Bridge of the Horns – Djibouti and Yemen..stargates,portals and hell on earth

The Bridge of the Horns is a proposed construction project to build a bridge between the coasts of Djibouti and Yemen across the Bab-el-Mandeb, the strait between the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden. It will be constructed by Noor City Development Corporation. The notice-to-proceed was issued by Middle East Development LLC, which is headed by Tarek bin Laden.

The length of the bridge is estimated at 29 km (18 mi), with a total cost of around US$20 billion. It has been proposed by a Dubai-based firm headed by Tarek bin Laden. Opening date is expected to be in the year 2020.

To clear submarine and surface vessels, the proposed bridge will have the longest suspension span in the world measuring 3.1 miles. The overall length of the entire bridge spanning the Red Sea, starting in Yemen, connecting to the island of Perim, and continuing on to Djibouti on the African continent, is expected to be roughly 28.5 km (18 miles). It must allow very large ships of the Suezmax size in both directions simultaneously.

It is expected that about 100,000 cars and 50,000 rail passengers will cross the bridge daily.

Two twin cities, referred to as Al Noor City, will be built on either end of the bridge; the prospective site’s developers indicate that they will run on renewable energy. On the Djibouti side, President Ismael Omar Guelleh has granted 500 km2 (193 sq miles) to build Noor City, the first of the hundreds of Cities of Light the Saudi Binladen Group envisions building. The developers state that they expect Noor City to have 2.5 million residents by 2025, and the Yemeni twin city to have 4.5 million, while they envision a new airport serving both cities at a capacity of 100 million passengers annually. A new highway connecting the cities to Dubai is proposed, though there are no plans for roads to connect sparsely populated Djibouti with the population centers of Addis Ababa in Ethiopia or Khartoum in Sudan. The Economist magazine, noting that developers state that the project will make Noor City the “financial, educational, and medical hub of Africa”, commented, “Africans may wonder why the hub is not being built in a bit of Africa where more Africans live and which has food and water.”

One of the uses that are imagined for this bridge is for easy, transcontinental access to the Hajj in Mecca.


THE QUICKENING: The November “Tipping Point” – President Obama, America’s Dissolution, Gulf of Aden Stargate, NASA Announcements, ET/UFO Disclosure, Vatican & the Coming Sirius/Sol Convergence?!


Gulf of Aden- What’s Going On?


thanks to reinhardt for this catch..

i didnt even know they were proposing this bridge but its a beauty..from yemen to try and make djibouti into an african economic hub..big news..and with so much focus on yemen and somalia..are you seeing things connecting now?..have a look at the links i have left in regards to a “stargate” or portal said to be in the strait..sounds wild..but it also ties into what gary vey told us about yemen and what is there..


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  1. one can argue that it can go both ways

  2. the UFO paranormal community are telling for long time about the portals of the gulf of Aden

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  4. I really admire this bridge. I mean it’s really looking very interesting!. This bridge is a need of the time particularly for Yemen because Nowadays this region of Gulf is suffering from different problems.

  5. 1/6/2011

    REPORTING: Master Obi Wan Kenobi (reincarnated as Paschalis Ra kitzis, EL HERCULES, MERLIN THE PROPHET)

    Shining the light is neither a communication “constructed”, by intelligence service think tanks, nor is my own imagination of course. It is true, that there are multiple groups of intelligence service, in almost all countries, cooking all that rubbish about cosmos destruction. It does not have to do with Tavistock institute. As a Jedi, I was taught to be fear-less. Why?
    “…fear leads to anger…
    “…anger leads to hatred…”
    “…hate leads to suffering.”

    “(God) shall destroy those, destroying earth” Revelations of John 11:18. Today there is a war in between the secret and the shadow government, and its ET enemies (skynet A.I.)/allies. To understand this man-machine war, we have to get back to Atlantis.
    Luke 21:25-26: “And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity and anguish at the roaring and tossing of the sea and the waves; Men’s hearts failing them for fear, apprehensive of what is coming on the world, for the heavenly bodies will be shaken.”
    When we see famous people (e.g. actors like OPRAH, industry owners etc) all over the world, to start quiting their jobs and begin disapearing quitely, then the time for a great disaster to occur will be near. They will be heading for deep underground shelters like the one shown to the following link:
     51°10’47.47″N   71°26’48.06″E

    In shining the light I, communication, we came to the conclusion, that this time, earth will be destroyed by deadly solar flares, expected to occur in between 2011-2014. Very rich, and famous people, were approached and offered a ticket (at a cost of 1 billion US dollars), to save themselves from the coming destruction. However, they were not told the truth. And that is that earth is composed of many parallel “other worlds”, that communicate with each other via “stargate/timegate portals”. Indeed, earth parallel worlds bare an onion structure. If you have not got a ticket, then seek a very good shelter for yourself, as the machines which will invade our world, have a technology millions of years ahead of our current reality technology.
    In their bitter attempt to win the machines of material world, antimatter beings will use many exotic weapons, one of which is to cause huge EMP (i.e. Electro-Magnetic Pulse) explosions from the sun, which are thought to be capable destroying most of the Artificial Intelligence machines, and shutdown stargates/timegates. For your own reference, solar activity can be observed in the following websites:
    On the second link click on Carrington maps, to obtain data for certain events, related to sun activity. You should also look for databases operated by Solar Dynamics Laboratory.
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    Initially, when the Draconians entered our solar system, they contacted each separate external planet, inquiring they surrender unconditionally. Two planets denied, Hephaistus, and Faethon (Son of our Sun). Hephaistus was in between Sun and Hermes, and Phaethon, was located in between Mars and Zeus. Both planets were predicted mathematically to exist by Pythagoras. Both shared the same fate. They were completely destroyed, using exotic weapons, like neutron bombs, gravity canons, and molecular beams. The ruins of Hephaistus were drawn and absorbed by the suns gravity, and Phaethon, is what we see today as the asteroid belt in between Mars and Zeus. Because those planets were inhabited by human beings in the golden era, many of the runs , including buildings had fallen both here on earth and on Mars. There are ancient scripts mentioning of a sky tearing with blood tears.

    Robot YHWH and its dragonian fleet, managed to setup a basic government system on earth at around 5619 b.c.. Since then they are constantly forcing mankind to globallization, a model which will be the tomb stone for many small nations, as they can never compete huge Chinese economy.
    Today, whenever we see a person becoming important, e.g. a famous actor, or singer, a politician, a business-man, etc, they build a very similar clone of this person, and they can use the cloned replica to affect the masses of humans. Even antimatter beings, are astonished, as there are, here on earth beings, with a lot of strange/exotic capabilities, who know a lot of ultra secret things. Neverthless, they are no match at all to the billions of years existing man machine interface of the antimatter beings civilization, but they are a deadly threat for earth and mankind.
    All memories of Pelasgic people, for the universal functions of Zeus, Hera, Apollo, Artemis, Athena etc, were copied and transfered to zombie clones, from that point onwards, so the twelve gods of Olympus is currently thought to be played by high rank officers of the army of traitors Crone & Sabaoth.
    Today the dragonians are utilising a plan, to genetically assimilate the remaining Pelasgic people on earth. By genetic cross-over of Vril (short, big head, large black eyes, with a thin shape), with the Crone-ex-Andromedian people, they created an entirely new species here on earth: the Yellow Race.
    The new race, was initially planted in Mongolian steppes, and to Siberia at around 4000 b.c. (part of Adam and Eve YHWH project).
    Recent uproar in Yemen was because, there are there parallel world stargates, which can be used by artificial intelligence to invade our mixed reality, and convert it to a virtual reality, more or less similar to that shown to the film, the Matrix.

    14° 1’25.28″N  48° 7’22.53″E

    The solar flares will shut down completely all stargates/timegates/parallel reality gates throughout our solar system! They are a fearful weapon, to preserve mankind from extinction by war of machines (Terminator 5 scenario). Machines have scanners, scanning parallel realities, as variable energy states, having a continuous spectrum.
    The time-independent Schrondinger equation, confirms there are infinite parallel realities. For the maths of it refer to the book Quantum Mechanics Simulations (CUPS), by Hiller, Johnston & Styer (pages 24&25, John Wiley & SONS INC, 1995).
    Initially, the native race here on earth was black people. The Andromedian galactic man, were white. The yellow race was formed as a product of Levanian – Lilithian genetic engineering, in order for Dragonians to colonize earth and force a genocide on natives (black-aborigines). Monguls, are the first products of Levanian genetic engineering on humans.
    Vril (Greys) are behind human abductions, cloning experiments and mind control experiments. Usually, they turn up as intense light in the sky, which abducts humans during nights (around half past 3 o’clock), and erases their memories.
    This universe is thought to be created by seven streams of sound (made of the four types of symmetry of energy).
    It is sad people never really realized who is running their political systems from behind the scenes. For example all Greek politicians, have signed “all together”, the dismemberment of Greece. The news headlines however mentioned to people- exactly the opposite- of what really happened!

    Dragonian forces, have battlestar crews of 1st and second dimension of matter rarefaction, while their leader and commander in chief, YHWH belongs to the 3rd. The capability of tracing and scanning of Draconians is not limited by dimensions, since they know how to use wavelets. Their ruling council, consists of 24 + 3 members, under the command of YHWH. Here on earth, they are behind the plans to make people work for very few money (500 euro generation). Draconians are the creators of skynet, and robots, which will fight you in the near future. Initially, people wont understand they are fighting with machines from the future. This will show up later, when robots, will reveal to them their true identity.
    I am afraid, that both Technological singularity and Terminator 5 senario will occur in the future. When machines will reveal their true nature on battlefields, they will have plasma (Tesla shields), which will not be penetrated by bullets!! So, we will need advanced weaponry, plenty of EMP laser-guns and seeds, plus deep underground shelters (caves) to enable us survive this war of machines.
    May the force be with you!

    P.S. For comments, write to Pascal:

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