South Korea buries one million pigs alive,_Mass_Criticism

Since the first case of the disease was confirmed in November the country has embarked on a mass cull.

Foot and mouth disease affects all cloven hoofed animals such as pigs, cattle and goats, and any country that has cases of it is unable to export the animals’ meat.

The South Korean government has so far refused to vaccinate pigs against the disease and is now slaughtering them in record numbers despite appeals to stop.

On January 4 in one area of Gangwon-Do, 33,900 pigs alone were destroyed, according to the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE).

Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) told Sky News Online that South Korea’s actions contravene international guidelines.

Michele Danan from the organisation said: “Live vaccinations are the best route but if they do have to kill them we would prefer that they were at least slaughtered humanely.”

The estimated cost of the cull so far is believed to have reached around £230m when a mass vaccination programme would have cost an estimated £63m.

Some animal rights campaigners have criticised the government for putting economic considerations ahead of animal welfare.

The Republic has begun inoculating cattle in some areas and the OIE reported on Thursday that sows and boars are starting to be vaccinated but only in a few locations.

It is believed the live burial of pigs began at Christmas and the figure is likely to climb far above the one million mark.

Joyce D’Silva, Director of Public Affairs for CIWF said: “Compassion in World Farming is appalled that the Republic of Korea is allegedly throwing pigs into pits and burying them alive.

“This is totally contrary to international guidelines on humane culling, which the Korean government endorsed five years ago.

“We urge the Korean government to end this horrendous practice at once and to ensure that, if animals are culled, this is done humanely.”


oh dear..if that is correct..besides the waste it would be shocking scenes..

“The South Korean government has so far refused to vaccinate pigs against the disease”

why not?


~ by seeker401 on January 8, 2011.

7 Responses to “South Korea buries one million pigs alive”

  1. When will the human race finally grow up? The “Hoof and Mouth Disease” is a virus that infects cloven hooved animals is not generally contracted by ‘humans’. In fact, the disease clears up after two to three weeks on its own, even i the animals are not vaccinated. Only the very young or very old ANIMALS are at some risk of dying and the symtoms are flu-like. The disease that humans get is called (unfortunately) “Hand, Foot and Mouth” disease and is NOT contracted from animals! It is a diferent disease altogether. This unspeakable cruelty of burying more than a million of these highly intelligent, social fellow creatures alive is for monetary reasons only. It cannot even be blamed on ignorance! The Koreans’ only concern was their ability to ‘export’ and sell their product. All creatures at the mercy of ‘human beings’ are being subjected to all manner of torture and cruelty every minute of every day all over the world. I can only wonder at the lack o public and media outrage. Most of the time I can honestly say I am ashamed to be a member of this dreadful human race.

    • i cant fault your comments joan..i was amazed at the brutality..sometimes i do wonder about the human race…but i also believe in good overcoming bad

    • Hi Joan – just read your comment above – HUGE respect to all you have said here, I have cried a river over this myself, the images are AGONISING and soul destroying. These are such incredible & intelligent creatures – as they all are! As a vegetarian & animal rights activist it broke my heart to see this, the cruelty at human hands leaves my blood cold – and like you, my faith in the human race gets destroyed with every story I read 😦 There should be global outrage over this! I am producing a show currently that will broadcast here in New Zealand, and as long as I have breath left in me I intend to do everything to promote animal rights & push for justice for them!We have to be their voice!! Your comments above have helped me see there is hope that some of us on this earth still care!Thank you ❤ Best thoughts to you all, you are angels… Carlie

  2. Joan L i have not clue about this thx and good point

  3. I totally agree with you Joan, I am ashamed too and most people don’t care. At least these long suffering nonhuman animals are dead now and out of the hellish misery that awaited them in the factory system. There’s a long way to go before humans will see what this is doing to ALL animals on this planet (including us) and to the environment. The only way forward is being a vegetarian and buying less stuff that we don’t really need.

    • i wondered if they couldnt have given them to starving north koreans at least..that way its not a total waste..i think the north would eat anything..its better than chewing grass and eating mud cakes 😦

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