Nicki Minaj: MK Ultra Barbie


i have no time for this puppet..the poor lady is under a spell..promoted by lilwayne what can you expect but a morals degrading bug eyed zombie..nothing new here..same shit in a different bag..


~ by seeker401 on January 24, 2011.

2 Responses to “Nicki Minaj: MK Ultra Barbie”

  1. The Oprah transcript referred to in the video:

    Interesting reading.

    • WINFREY: Well, if _The Witches of Eastwick_ is a poor portrayal, I would think
      that _The Wizard of Oz_ is an incredibly bad portrayal for witches.

      Ms. CABOT: Right, well, the good witch was in pink, though. She wasn’t in
      black, so that makes it okay.


      Mr. MARQUIS: Basically. Eventually, as I got to the higher levels, your philo-
      sophy is changed. You are now told what’s really going on. Now, a lot of
      witches today, independent witches, people who are doing it by themselves and
      those who haven’t really reached the higher levels yet, honestly believe that
      they’re just, you know, this earth mother religion. After you get to the
      higher levels, you’re actually told what God you’re worshipping. We call him
      Satan, okay, but they call him Lucifer. This group I’m talking about isknown
      as the illuminati. They are the most powerful, subversive group that’s ever
      existed in all of man’s history.


      Mr. MARQUIS: Yes. As a matter of fact, they’ve already infiltrated our govern-
      ment. On the back of the one dollar bill you will find three hexagrams and a
      pentacle. The hexagram with that symbol and the little circle around it, a
      witch can summon up a demon. Demons you order about, you know, to cause things
      to happen. It’s not something psychic we all have, you know, this innate power
      within us. It’s the ordering about of demons.


      Mr. MARQUIS: Four of them are definite human sacrifice ones. The victims are
      easily picked up. They are wandering teenagers looking for a good time, run-
      aways, skid row bums, paper boys, paper girls. You can go out to the street
      the day before or the day during, pick up that child, drug him, or whoever you
      want to, get him ready for the ceremony, and at that time they will slice the
      person’s throat open, pick up the blood in a chalice, because they believe
      that the power in the blood will add to them.

      WINFREY: How do you know this?

      Mr. MARQUIS: I wasn’t the only one who practiced this.

      WINFREY: So you have practiced in going out and picking up people off the
      street and slicing their throats?

      Mr. MARQUIS: Yes, they were the easiest ways to –

      Ms. CABOT: And why aren’t you in jail?

      WINFREY: Wait a minute. I want him to say –

      Ms. CABOT: Why didn’t they kill him, and why aren’t you in jail?

      WINFREY: Please let him speak.

      Mr. MARQUIS: Sharon Tate-La Bianca’s murder, okay, was a witch’s hitting. Sha-
      ron Tate wanted out, but the thing is, the illuminati –

      WINFREY: What do you mean she wanted out? She was a witch?

      Mr. MARQUIS: Yes, she was tired of it. She wanted to get out, but the thing
      was –

      WINFREY: Sharon Tate was a witch, okay. You base those allegations on what?

      Mr. MARQUIS: On when I was in, myself. I’m not the only one who knows this in-
      formation. Anybody who was in witchcraft during that time can tell you the
      same thing.

      WINFREY: That Sharon Tate was a practicing witch?

      Mr. MARQUIS: Yes. As a matter of fact, the illuminati –

      WINFREY: I have no information to refute it, so I’m only going on what you’re

      Mr. MARQUIS: The illuminati sent Charles Manson in to kill her. If you remem-
      ber, she was killed, one leg was strung up from the rafter, her hands behind
      her, her throat sliced open. There is a tarot, 78 cards in a tarot deck. You
      look at the 12th major arcane one, it looks like the hangman. That’s exactly
      how Sharon Tate-La Bianca was left. Charles Manson did not go into prison; he
      volunteered to go in.

      WINFREY: So you’re saying that Charles Manson came from this group, the illu-

      Mr. MARQUIS: He’s one of the most powerful wizards alive today.

      WINFREY: And it was a part of this whole witch plan.


      Mr. MARQUIS: See it was a great – I’ll answer that. You see, back when I was
      just as afraid as any other witch of being caught. What I did, I taught Sunday
      school as a Catholic.

      Mr. STRIEBER: Look, I think –

      WINFREY: Please let him finish. I want to hear what he has to say.

      Mr. MARQUIS: If anybody tried to pin anything on me, I could just go to the
      priest. They would say, “Wait a second, this guy is a long, faithful Catho-
      lic.” [crosstalk]

      Mr. STRIEBER: But he’s saying he taught Sunday school as a Catholic, and we
      don’t have Sunday schools. We don’t have – now, wait a minute. There’s some
      flim-flam going on here, Oprah.

      WINFREY: Where did you teach Sunday School?

      Mr. MARQUIS: It was called St. Mary’s. It’s in Lawrence, Massachusetts.

      Mr. STRIEBER: St. Mary’s, which one? Which one?

      Mr. MARQUIS: In Lawrence, Mass., there’s only one.

      Mr. LARSON: Don’t get so uptight.

      WINFREY: I want to know, so you say you taught Sunday school. [crosstalk]
      Please let’s talk one at a time. You taught Sunday school as a way of
      disguising your …

      Mr. MARQUIS: Right. I was as afraid as most other witches then of being
      caught. There was a lot of turmoil going on. Now, I don’t care if you call it
      white, gray, luciferianism, satanism, the earth mother religion, you have to
      consider where is the source. The source is all in the one saint, and it
      doesn’t come from God. There is one other thing, though.


      Mr. MARQUIS: As a matter of fact, the illuminati has their own hitmen.

      Ms. CABOT: Who is he talking about?

      Mr. STREIBER: I don’t know what he’s talking about. He’s crazy.

      Mr. MARQUIS: Oh, they do. As a matter of fact, Dr. Adam Wieshopf [?] in 1776
      established this order. As a matter of fact, it was supposed to be a new world
      order, as he called it, getting the brightest, the best of intelligent people
      to guide and control the earth.

      WINFREY: So what’s going to happen to you for speaking out against the illumi-

      Mr. MARQUIS: I’ve already had six attempts on my life. They have failed so

      Ms. CABOT: They’re very bad at their magic.

      Mr. MARQUIS: I know people – [crosstalk]

      Mr. STREIBER: They’re [unintelligible] but they missed him.



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