Afrika Bambaataa: “Hip-hop has been hijacked by a Luciferian Conspiracy”

Afrika Bambaataa, considered to be hip-hop’s godfather recently spoke with the Chicago Sun Times regarding the state of hip-hop.

“Hip-hop has been hijacked by a Luciferian conspiracy,” he says, quite matter-of-factly. “People have used hip-hop in a lot of ways that cause a lot of mind problems. They use the word wrongfully. They use it to mean a part instead of a whole. Like many of these [radio] stations say they’re hip-hop, they’re playing hip-hop. I go to these stations, and these so-called program directors don’t know jack crap about hip-hop culture. They know rap to a certain extent. But I question them. I say, ‘Where’s your go-go, your hip-house, your electro-funk, your raga, your R&B and soul?’ They get real quiet.”
– Chicago Sun Times

One of the founders of hip-hop is speaking out about this…what else do you need?


afrika is correct..but my question is..have you yourself been hijacked?


~ by seeker401 on February 9, 2011.

2 Responses to “Afrika Bambaataa: “Hip-hop has been hijacked by a Luciferian Conspiracy””

  1. Afrika is da man and kudos to him for speaking out.

    He isn’t the first hip-hop artist to speak out. Jam Master Jaye and other members of Run D.M.C. said that they do not listen to modern hip hop – shortly before Jaye was murdered. Members of Wu Tang Clan have said publicly that they do not like new rap music and only make it in order to make money.

    Even if you put aside the symbolic imagery, the hijacking is plainly obvious. From Public Enemy and KRS-ONE to bling-bling crap in a mere 10 years. About the same amount of time it took them to kill the Black Panthers and replace them with the black gangs.

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