15000 protesters descend on Croatian capital


Croatian police clashed with some of the 15,000 anti-government protesters who rallied in the capital Saturday, and state television reported that officers used tear gas to disperse the group. At least 25 people were injured.

Dozens of mostly young demonstrators charged at a police cordon preventing them from reaching a central square in Zagreb where the government headquarters is located, Croatian TV said.

The protesters threw stones and bricks at police, who responded with tear gas, the report said, adding that several people were injured and nearby windows were broken. Police set up metal fences to corral the crowd.

Croatian police said they detained 60 protesters and that 12 police and 13 citizens were injured.

The protests in Zagreb come two days after several hundred protesters clashed with police at another anti-government rally.

Many Croats blame the government for economic hardship and alleged corruption.


the contagion knows no boundaries and its picking up where it left off in europe before christmas..just waiting for the australian protests to start..i wont hold my breath..


~ by seeker401 on March 1, 2011.

6 Responses to “15000 protesters descend on Croatian capital”

  1. “..just waiting for the australian protests to start..i wont hold my breath..”
    No dont hold it.
    She will be right, mate.
    200,000 keen-to-set-foot-on-Australian soil Indonesian army personnel to the north and a few million more in China drooling over the southlands of the Pacific.
    Law and Order in Australia under pressure and hardly enough cops to do street patrols.
    Never see them out there in the burbs any more.
    Yes…she will be right, mate.

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