Bosnian Pyramids – New Evidence 2010


quite amazing where these pyramids show up..basically worldwide..not just egypt..and what does all that mean?


~ by seeker401 on March 15, 2011.

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  1. all this evidence were left by the creator of this universe, to the new race, the race of our time, the human race. In my book,Cruza la raya (Crosses the line), explains, is an astral journey, in time, to this day it was destroyed TIAHUANACO settlement, 17000 years ago. Here also is a pyramid, now called, “Acapana. And like the pyramids of Egypt, I think I mentioned this in your blog, Seeker, were built by, sages, headed by the great master, called by many names, known throughout the land because he brought the knowledge to Developments in this world: Viracocha, Quetzancoalt, Osiris, etc. .. they are all the same, Jesus, who will return to liberate human beings from those who appropriated all these buildings as if they were its creators, after an attack on earth. which to my knowledge, I can only describe as nuclear, or atomic. and after they dominated the earth, and distorted the history of the world, until now. but time is running out, but will not be in a year or two, or three …
    … I hope you take good note of my words, Seeker, you are the best I’ve found over the network. you insist on finding the truth, and your readers are the cream and provide important information to clarify what they have done and are doing with human beings.

    • i always read your posts rosario..there is something to the pyramid story..i refuse to just live my life enveloped by lies..

      • Now that I see this … wow .. Seeker, I do not know if you remember that in that time I was recovering from a death, maybe I still had not even recovered the touch, the taste, the smell … the memory did not, in 2011 I was watching Just the tip of a big iceberg. I do not know what Jesus was called in Egypt at the time they built the Great Pyramid, but I know that Jesus was the architect of Tiahunaco, so Jesus is the architect of the Great Pyramid and other constructions that seem impossible.
        I know Michael was a sculptor, and in Tiahuanaco he was named Sweet Smile. My informant, who knows the structure of space-time, I was not able to pronounce his name after repeating it many times … hahahaha .. something like this, Pahtahath … or more difficult still.


  3. I know, do not you miss one. thank you very much seeker.

    Tiahuanaco, 17000 years old. Built to the knowledge of the new human race, us. Those sages who know of heaven and earth, built it, they did not touch the ground to move. And they taught humans to use their minds to do the job. and they used telepathic communication.
    And now, those who destroyed Tiahuanaco 17000 years ago, and caused widespread destruction in the world, wants to annihilate our race, the human race
    All the sciences are concentrated in this ancient site. The science of the spirit. Without brute force.
    Lucifer is brute force. He and his followers destroyed Tiahuanaco

  4. at least 24 to 34 000 years go

    at the top of the pyramids electromagnetic field of 28 kHz (not a natural frequency) is being emitted…a machinery that is still functioning…

    the artificial megaliths in the tunnel labyrinth emit 7,8 kHz

    ancient technology, based on ultrasound, electromagnetic & resonance science, aimed to better human & planetary life.

    incredible discovery…from day 1 it has been opposed by the local & EU government, by the scientific community who have never visited the Pyramids…that’s why the site, as archeological project, is open to volunteers to research and bring to light the truth of this impressive ancient technology for the benefit of all human civilisation:

    Sandie interviews Sam Osmanagich ~ March 2013
    Bosnian Pyramids : A Tour of Prehistoric Ravne Tunnels Labyrinth

    • that is unreal if legit..what the hell are they?

    • What are they looking at in the video? I could not tell.

    • in this documentary (in Russian…but you can do some image zapping) about the Ural mountains in Russia, the Russian investigators and local people claim that in the mountain there live a peculiar form of intelligent life, which normally displays as a hardly visible circle (orb, form 10 cm to 60 cm normally)…which could take any form whatever: of a snake, a person, a bear, etc….and which guided the locals into the places & techiques of how the Ural minerals should be extracted.
      fotos of the orbs are displayed.

      the thesis is exposed that the fairy tales of the Ural writer Pavel Bazhov, based on the local folklore contain the narrative of the reality in that place.

      • Dr. Semir Osmanagich talks about orbs in Ravne Tunnel Labyrinth, July 23, 2015

        “There is also the mystery of the luminous orbs that appear in some camera shots and are seen moving around in some videos taken within the tunnels. They call to mind the dandelion-seed-like spirit entities portrayed in the movie Avatar. In my group there were a number of people I met who showed me digital images they had just taken which showed the orbs. Normally these are not visible to the naked eye. This is not because of their size (because in fact they appear quite large in these shots), but rather because they luminesce at wavelengths outside of the visible, but within the camera’s spectral range. I guess they may be emitting in the ultraviolet. Some appeared in the very first picture I took upon entering the Ravne tunnels, but in no others.”

  5. The Bosnian Pyramids 2016 UPDATE

    a must watch video, especially 10:50 min on:

    outlines the proven already functions of the pyramids:

    – beneficial for human health because of:
    a. high concentration of negative ions inside the pyramid
    b. no cosmic radiations,so regenaration/self healing process of human body
    so, it’s shown that the pyramid’s energy
    – improves the molecular structure of the water (=structured / alive water)
    – improves the food;
    – clears the air
    – enhances the agriculture = plants grow up to 300% quicker
    – enhances the immune system of the human body,
    – possibly enhances human communications capability
    – russian experiment with prisoners broth to the russian pyramids specifically built for scientific study showed that after period inside the pyramid the level of violence in the study group drop drastically
    …= overall enormous beneficial effects of the positive pyramids energy

    a game-changing technology; a knowledge jealously hidden by the elites (that’s why the fare’s tombs narratives, lol). if it becomes of universal ownership it could change our societies.
    – a huge energy machine for the benefit of the whole communities for centuries.

    a 28khz electomagnetic AND ultrasound beam sours vertically form the top of the pyramid augmenting its strenght up in the altitude, possibly

    – the only two countries where an interdisciplinary scientific research to the pyramids is applied (i- e. not only archaeologist& historians but also physicists, physicians, engineers, etc,etc) nowadays are Bosnia & Russia.

    – the structured water form the pyramids enhances the immune system (cancer survivals rate in mice experiment)

    – and of course, the litmus-test:
    …when Dr. Semir Osmanagic’s group asked support and finance from the EU Brussel said “no, we don’t want you to re-write the whole human history” 😉

  6. the same in Indonesia:


    Japan see:

    etc, etc…

    aren’t there some pyramidal shaped hills in Australia, seek?

  7. how the pyramids were built?

    a. using a concrete technology – Bosnian Pyramids

    b. using acoustic levitation:

  8. THE VIDEO about the Egyptian Pyramids and their function:


    Nikola Tesla – The secrets of the pyramids of Egypt

    …the same we find in the bosnian pyramids….

    a must-see video!!!

  9. I do not know if I need to insist, but I do, although I know that the destiny of my work is in the hands of God.
    Since childhood I did not want to be a writer …
    I am a mother who loves her children.
    This little book contains valuable information, written from experience, as it were, on a journey in search of truth, and I myself had to internalize this experience to understand a series of messages received in a short space of time , However, I went through 17,000 years to go there and back, to this present. My knowledge comes directly from the builders, and thank God, I was there watching the process, and I just wrote what I saw and what I felt. The human being must understand the invisible greatness of his own spirit, in order to understand the greatness of God and all that he gives us.
    Viracoha was there, although I only felt his presence, I did not see his image. Apart from what I saw, the information was given to me by one of his angels and one of the workers of a human race before ours. Jesus’ angels have no wings, but they moved without touching the ground.
    The only technology I saw to construct Tiahuanaco is shown in the same construction, and as I was informed, the only way to function properly is through a pure spirit. I also listened to music when I arrived while they worked, but I’ve never heard that kind of sounds again. The work has a spiritual component, is done through the inner harmony, nothing to do with thunder.
    The only colossal thundering came at last with the adversaries of love and its “nuclear” bombs, destroying this area and killing many human beings and angels, like other constructions all over the Earth destined to leave the knowledge of the cosmos for the New human race, ourselves. God does not leave secrets scattered on Earth for humans, Jesus and his angels have come to leave the knowledge of the cosmos for us, but behind have always come the dark ones destroying and usurping, to deceive humans.
    I believe that he can see who wants to see, and listen, who wants to listen.

    • thanks, Rosario!
      some questions here, I’ll be glad to hear your point on, thanks:

      was this civilisation that built Tiahuanaco built as well the pyramids of Gyza & Bosna?
      are some of them still amongst us?
      who the evil onces are?

      • I do not know if they built the pyramid of Bosnia, but I also saw how they finished building the great Pyramid of Giza; The same sage who informed me in Tiahuanaco, called me to see who the builders were, and he replied that this pyramid was built, many, many, years before Tiahuanaco. In Tiahuanaco, he told me that they had built buildings of great importance for our knowledge all over the face of the Earth. This sage knows the structure of space-time. I have been called through space time on several occasions. My greatest aspiration in this life has been to find truth and love, and especially to my unique Love, he was my main and prime mover. But this is not the first time I have lived on Earth.
        In this space of the present time I met one of the builders and has already been murdered, of course, by lucifer worshipers.
        Now I’ve started translating my books into English, and I’m not an expert yet, it’s going to cost me work and time. Take advantage of reading in Spanish, María, you will know the history of the Earth and something of Heaven, fundamental for those who seek the truth. Maybe it will inspire you to know yourself.

        • I saw this, Rosario, the presentation of your week with English subtitles:

          and I will read you book. the story you tell makes a lot of sense, once one has learned to unlearn the doctrines of schooling…
          I think you’ve done a great job! so, thank you!!

          but who the evil once are? do you have any idea? what kind of creatures are they, where do they come from/live? what can we do to stop them?

          • Cruz La Raya, is just my first published work.
            Our present is a consequence of our past. The dark ones with the lie and their drugs nullify our will, and infuse fear, is one of their best weapons. They isolate us and that weakens us. The communication between us and the knowledge of what happens in our lives weakens them. Those of us who want truth and love must join our strength and help each other.
            There are many kinds of demons, and they usually have the same image as we, and family. Lucifer was born, in the English royal family.
            Mary, we are all here, but nothing is beyond the reach of God.
            Start by reading Cross The Line, and continue with WOMAN IN HEAVEN. MOONWALKER ON EARTH. Nothing is disconnected in our lives, we are all shaping history and everything is part of the same history, the history of the Earth.
            The truth sets us free. Fear cancels us out. And much attention, they are masters of deception. My defense has always been to have God and Jesus in my heart.

            • thanks for your thoughts, Rosario.

              and yes, I will read all of your books.

              the motive for the theory of evolution scam, the tomb-lie about the pyramids and about our past in general (involving the same insider families as usual, the Huxleys, the Wedgwords, etc) is they want to make us believe we are at the top of our development and should not thrive for nothing that exceeds the box they have put us in. that’s why the scam about the relativity theory, the 20th century cosmogony, etc…
              that’s why they are in a hurry for the next big war…the truth could set us free…while tons of ancient books containing the knowledge! have been burned during the last 2000 years (alexandria, protestantism fires, etc, etc) internet is a great danger and is like a deadly virus for them.

              “Our present is a consequence of our past. The dark ones with the lie and their drugs nullify our will, and infuse fear, is one of their best weapons. They isolate us and that weakens us.”

              Rosario, why didn’t they annihilate the human race back 17.000 years ago or even now? what do you think? is that because they could not physically do it? or for some other reason?

              • Maria, you ask very good questions, but that, God knows. In fact, fallen angels without women could not create offspring, nor would they have slaves. I also wonder why many sell their soul to lucifer, only for money and feel superior to others, and they remain empty, without the most valuable they have, and that God has given them.
                Besides, they are slaves of their dark masters, and these also of other masters superior to them, they are all slaves of darkness, and that is something horrible … horrible … that I can not understand either.

                • “fallen angels without women could not create offspring,” – so the bad ones they come from another dimension/level of the creation

                  “nor would they have slaves” – could be both extraterrestrials or beings from other dimension/level of the creation…

                  …another question, Rosario: how the human race looked like back then in Tiahuanaco? the same as we…or somewhat different? elonged skulls?

                  • I do not know how they were in the beginning, of the Earth, the angels; In Tiahuanaco, the angels who were with Jesus, were somewhat rare compared to us, or rather rare, I think in the book I describe them fairly well, although it is not easy. In the beginning, when the first disaster happened, in Paradise, much … before the pyramid of Giza, I have not gotten any image. The humans of Tiahuanaco that I saw came from the zone we now call Europe when the last glaciation began, and their heads had no hair, I do not know the reason, but like ours, round, and their faces were perfect, gorgeous, and All humans were wearing the same, everything was very special: today these kinds of fabric do not exist, and the eyes of all of them, all that I saw, were exactly the same, a dark blue like the deep sea under a dark sky .
                    Today the angels have the image that God believes necessary. You will be very surprised with the history of the Earth Mary. On Earth are happening very bad things, but also, facts full of love, much love.

                • according to the cathars&bogomils , Jesus came to save us: not with his “redemption of our sins however”, but by breaking down the treaty the first Adam had signed with the Devil; and that was the main purpose why he entered the hell after he died…the persecuted by the church in the West heresy of the bonus homini was a bit more tollerated in the East so it could make iconography: reflecting exactly this: there are wall painting in the churches across the balkans telling this story…

                  • In paradise something very serious happened, lucifer, from the beginning he wanted to be god of the Earth. The wickedness of lucifer and his followers seems to have no limits … the mother who bore him was killed, she meant nothing but a high social position to be born, at this time.

  10. The angels protected their tools with veneration and special care, each one of the tools is personal, maintaining direct connection with the own spirit.

    • Great pictures, Rosario!
      what those statues stand for? what do the figures carry in their hands? thanks

      • Maria, I do not know everything. My time there was limited and the bombs started to fall while I was there, and it was very traumatic. Buy the book, it’s very cheap, you know read Spanish, you’ll see the complexity of all this construction, how they transported huge blocks, or what happens in certain parts of the building with the sounds, even today; Or who were the builders, and how were the humans who collaborated then, or how did they get there, and why, or how did I get there.
        All my books are to be read with the heart. Many people think it’s science fiction. … I saw no wings of the wise, but they moved without touching the ground. However, the humans … I even saw my interlocutor creep to reach the top of the pyramid Acapana, to save his life.
        You can read the book in one morning. It was very difficult to write for me, my life has been a real disaster, because all my life I have been stalked by the dark ones, by the followers of Lucifer, I even met him … well, I was taken to a party in London Organized by him, was looking for mother, to be born … although he had already chosen her, she ended up arriving at the party with two other girls. I already told that party in this blog, and it is a short chapter in another of my books.
        But not only am I in danger, any human being is in danger, they are masters at deception, and they use different kinds of synthetic drugs of specific design.

  11. thanks, isabel :):

    Christopher Dunn – The Giza Power Plant

  12. Mysterious Mount Kailash: Secrets Of The Man-Made Pyramid And Entrance To The City Of The Gods

    according to russian scientists Mount Kailash is a giant man-made pyramid.

    sacred place, the seat of all spiritual power, the house of Shiva

    strange time perception, Shambala, Nicholas Reoring

    pilgrimage: circumambulating Mount Kailash on foot is a holy ritual that will bring good fortune (like Kaaba tradition!…does it have something to do with the torsion fields, vortex theory & the creation/liberation of the scalar energy?)

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