Japan crisis: Germany to speed up nuclear energy exit..never waste a crisis


German Chancellor Angela Merkel has announced a “measured exit” from nuclear power in response to the crisis affecting four reactors in Japan.

Defending the temporary closure of Germany’s seven oldest reactors, she said the Japanese disaster meant it could no longer be “business as usual”.

Mrs Merkel told parliament that the goal was “to reach the age of renewable energy as soon as possible”.

She urged Germans to show the Japanese people they were not alone.

She said the two countries had 150 years of diplomatic relations and called on Germans to donate money. “This is help between friends,” she said.

Although she stressed that Germany’s nuclear plants were among the world’s safest, she said that “when, in Japan, the apparently impossible becomes possible and the absolutely unlikely reality, then the situation changes”.

Heckled by her opponents, she said the future of energy policy would be carefully considered in the next three months, adding that changing to renewable energy would require a broad consensus.

Chancellor Merkel has come under fire from opposition politicians as well as the nuclear industry for her abrupt change of stance on atomic energy and she was jeered as she addressed the Bundestag (lower house of parliament) on Thursday.

Last year, her government extended the life of Germany’s 17 nuclear power plants by 12 years but suspended the decision for three months in the wake of the Japanese crisis. The decision to shut down seven of the oldest reactors temporarily soon followed.

The Isar-1 reactor in Bavaria is set to go offline shortly, followed by Neckarwestheim, a reactor that has been the focus of large protests in Baden-Wuerttemberg, where Mrs Merkel’s Christian Democrats face a tight election battle on 27 March.


this knee-jerk reaction by merkel is a classic example of never wasting a crisis..there is no parallel with germanys reactors and what is going on in japan..there is another motive at play here..


~ by seeker401 on March 20, 2011.

11 Responses to “Japan crisis: Germany to speed up nuclear energy exit..never waste a crisis”

  1. I doubt her sincerity just like I would doubt any politician’s sincerity.

    However, if they actually are turning off nuclear power plants, then great. It is total and complete folly to think that evil corporations and inept governments would ever be capable of managing something as dangerous as nuclear fuel.

  2. I think you are not right here. There are some very important regional elections on march 27th and with a very strong anti nuclear energy movement in Germany, Merkel had to push the exit button. Otherwise her party and the party she forms a coalition with would suffer a severe loss, that might end her chancellorship….

    • I’ve been to more than one German anti-nuclear demonstration – way more hardcore than anything in the USA.

      To tell the truth, I don’t really care about Germans – my concern is with the people on the bottom, not on the top. With the exception of the old PDS faction (former ‘reform’ east german commies), all of the parties are pro-war – including the greens (who favored the illegal attack on yugoslavia). I don’t have any faith at all in people who repeatedly vote for pro-war parties (*cough*USA*cough*).

    • yeah gotya..your on the ground there so i will take your knowledge ahead of mine 😉

      • I hope I am not making the impression of a being know-it-all wisenheimer and please keep up your excellent work! 🙂

        But the atom lobby is very affiliated with merkels party and with her coalition party. They HAD to take the emergeny exit after fukushima…

        But the big boys have their agents everywhere: The green party may now become very powerful after the elections. The co-leader of this party is Cem Özdemir (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cem_%C3%96zdemir)

        He was invited to Bilderberg, is a young leader of tomorrow and is in some very powerful transatlantic pressure groups. Furthermore he is a member of he european CFR and has PNAC affiliations…

        He may well become the new superstar of german politics after zu guttenbergs resignation.

        • thanks sekobach..your not being pushy.your informing us..if the topic was australia i would be the expert..i might do a post on ozdemir

  3. what is the most dangerous thing in the Universe the Sun so ‘they” copy it and now WE got Hidrogen-nuclear weaponsand plants”


  4. Seek is not the same lol

  5. […] He’s right about Germany. And he’s probably right about the rest of it, as well. […]

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