Jay Z in Masonic garb at a Freemason church funeral service?


This image was recently posted at the ATS Secret Societies Page, a discussion forum with a large number of resident ‘e-masons’. A Freemason who appears to be Jay Z is sitting in the second row middle with his eyes looking at the photographer with a none-too-pleased to being photographed expression.

The photograph appears to have been taken inside a Church during a Masonic Service of some kind, likely a masonic funeral ritual. The Masonic Membership of Jay Z has been a point of contention and discussion for some time due to certain gestures and phrases made by the rapper.

Many Ministers no longer permit Masonic Ritual’s to take place in their Church. Of course many Church’s still find themselves under Masonic control through their council, who will usually try and hire a fellow Freemason as the Pastor. In secret of course.


looks like mr rock-a-fella himself..and confirms what we guessed..you dont get anywhere without being in the club..



~ by seeker401 on July 15, 2011.

109 Responses to “Jay Z in Masonic garb at a Freemason church funeral service?”

  1. lol yea ive seen this before it is no joke.

  2. That Jay-z guy is nothin but lost. Hell’s waitin 4 him

  3. Wow this is for the gullible, naive and just plain dumb. That is not jay lol, its a horrible photoshop job. Stay stupid, idiots.

  4. Jayz is a freemason, what happens in secret, stays in secret.

  5. nas even said he was a mason in one of his songs. Jay z had a single called mason. great photo

  6. Of course it’s Jay…would recognise that ugly mouth anywhere lol

  7. definately jay-z.his video for niggas in paris is full of masonic signs.

  8. What is wrong wit one choosing his/her path……why not mind ur businesses uuh?

    • peyton, since we know for a fact that masons have been involved in terrorism (look up the strategy of tension, operation gladio, and the P2 lodge).

      why aren’t you asking masons to “mind their own business” and stop killing 100% innocent people?

  9. I got one mark on my thumb to thumb print the upcoming mason..i can convert souls

  10. Jay z is the number one in any given list.i believe that in church of satan life alwayz do with exchange of supernatural talent,so jay z got the zeal to be there likewise me cos am a musician with no sponsorer.

  11. Africans,nigerians are alwayz here for transformation time….female dragonian alias obama lives forever.

  12. Follow the money as i say because today comes once in a lifetime. Mason

  13. Its a bad Photoshop I have this pic. I am a Mason and I know several of the Masons in this picture. In truth the guy looks like Jay z without the photoshop but this is blatant fake.

    • link me to the pic you have..cheers 🙂

    • thanks for clearing that up. we’ve all been waiting for definitive proof one way or another, and certainly a random voice off the internet claiming to be a mason who knows people in the pic is rock solid, unequivocal, and definitely reliable.

  14. Dis is real sh** my god in flesh is able but he’s not in there to gjv u hommies a reliable evidence SOORRY suckers.


  16. If this folk will understand Who God there wouldn’t have been sitting there wasting time for that devilish art just wishing for material things lost souls.. the owner of this earth is coming for you evil doers …

  17. WHY THIS?

  18. do what you do jay fuck the lost souls move on as we move strong if they are not with us then they would be cast out

  19. WHY?

  20. There has never been proof about Jay-Z actually being a Freemason. He may put his hands up in the air to where it forms a triangle, but that has absolutely nothing to do with Freemasonry. This picture could have easily been “photoshopped”. Jay-Z’s face is slightly more illuminated than anyone else’s, in the row that he is sitting in. However, there is also a possible chance that it is him.

    If this picture is legit, he would be the “Worshipful Master” of the lodge. Because if you click the picture and zoom in, you can see that the lapel pin on his suit is the symbol of the Worshipful Master. The symbol on his pin is what’s called a “square”; not the shape, but the measuring tool that looks like a 90° ruler. You can also see that no one else is wearing that same pin.

    The WM(Worshipful Master) has to have a lot of time on his hands, in order to be elected. He has to attend most charitable funding events, and other things that masons do for their community. He also must be present in every lodge meeting, in order for it to run smooth. Jay-Z is a rap artist, continuously touring the world, and writing more music. He barely has enough time to go to see his wife and child. Oh wait, you know what? His wife is Beyonce, a famous music artist as well, who is always on tour.

    So what I’m trying to get to is that Jay-Z is in fact, not a Freemason. The brothers of the lodge would not vote for someone that has no time for masonry. I also know that they would never let a highly uneducated rapper, that smokes weed on a daily basis, take the 3 blue lodge degrees in the first place! Besides, if Jay-Z was a mason, he wouldn’t be hiding it. There is no secret in being a Freemason, however, there are secrets that Freemasons know.

    Many people are/have been very open about being a Freemason. Many famous people as well, including Brad Paisley, Buzz Aldrin, Louis Armstrong, Ernest Borgnine, and Shaquille O’Neal. There is and have also been many different U.S. Presidents and government officials, such as George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Harry Truman, Gerald Ford, John McCain Sr., and many others. Wanna know something else? I, myself am a Freemason. That it why I am sure of all of this information.

    Why I really wrote everything here is to tell you the secret of Freemasonry; THERE IS NONE! Our secrets are composed of a handshake and a password. Yes, just like a club you made when you were a toddler. Only men allowed too! Although there may have been a couple of evil masons in the past, Freemasonry is not a religion, we don’t sacrifice babies to the devil, and we are not trying to take over the world! We can’t even figure out what scent of dish soap to use for our lodge’s kitchen!

    Learn about what you’re reading before you believe it. Especially things you hear about Freemasonry. There are a lot of negative/untrue things said about it, coming from former-masons(that have been expelled from masonry), impostors, and just the people who have heard the things from the fake masons and the ex-masons! So stop reading and believing the “Freemason’s & Illuminati’s Satanic NWO Agenda” conspiracy, and figure out for yourself what it’s really about by talking to a mason at your local lodge! You might even want to join yourself, just like me! 😉

    -W:.B:. Anthony Pomilia
    Metamora/Hadley #210

    • For you who likes to argue with your opinion, you can contact me on Facebook!

      • only idiots use facebook.

      • I believe you believe everything you said. It was well explained and I don’t doubt you are a mason sincerely talking about what you do.

        Don’t assume I haven’t done any research on freemasonry because I have. Also don’t be naive enough to think your groups cannot be usurped.

        Explain Albert Pike please.

    • “they would never let a highly uneducated rapper, that smokes weed on a daily basis, take the 3 blue lodge degrees in the first place”

      it is position that matters, and masonry beint trans-cultural, the fact that he’s a rapper or any other kind of artist is moot.

      you’re a mason, and therefore i don’t belive what you have to say. the P2 lodge of italy was deeply involved in terrorist attacks against completely innocent people, so clearly you *do* allow terrorists to be masons, and that’s quite a bit more offensive than a little weed smoking – don’t you think so mr. mason?

      we know for a fact that kate rothschild produces several of def jam’s recording “artists” and that she even fucks jay-z’s protege, jay electronica.

      whatever his status as a mason, he took an innovative record company – founded by rick rubin in his nyu dorm room – which had positive acts like public enemy and turned it into a masonic minstrel show. his acts rap about nothing but negativity now – all the while flashing your childish, idiotic symbols all over the place.

      if he isnt a mason, why arent you pissed at him for giving you guys an even worse name than you have now? nevermind, i am definitely not expecting any honest answers from someone like you.

  21. *Claps* Your audacious nature is a turn on 😉

  22. sign in big music label

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  25. its seriously a photoshop

    • lol

    • ‘any photo i dont like MUST be photoshopped!!!’ fucking lame.

      look, does it matter if jayz is a mason? not really… he’s a fucking disease regardless.

      what the fuck does he rap about? endless fucking stupidity, that’s what.

      his fans? a bunch of infantile fools who frown on psotivity and consciousness.

      his wife? an ugly whore. no really, take your eyes off her undulating ass and look in her ugly fucking eyes. tell me again what a beautiful fucking whore she is.

      what the fuck is wrong with these stupid fucking children who want to defend subhuman scum like jayz?

  26. If the person in the picture looks mad, then he probably is. Anyone who is taking pictures like that in Church during a very solemn and personal service, like a funeral, is an insensitive Jerk at best! The more pictures they took, the more anyone would be annoyed and upset that they were at the service for personal gain and not to honor the beloved deceased.

    “Many Ministers no longer permit Masonic Ritual’s to take place in their Church. ”
    – A lie, falsehood, or just stupidity…

    “Of course many Church’s still find themselves under Masonic control through their council, who will usually try and hire a fellow Freemason as the Pastor. In secret of course.”
    – A total lie. Masons are not controlling churches, money, the world, or anything else you want to lay claim to. Where do you get this rubbish?

    • historical records?

    • “Masons are not controlling churches, money, the world, or anything else you want to lay claim to.”

      masons are involved in terrorism – check the historical record on operation gladio and the P2 lodge.

      you havnt made it to 33 yet?

  27. Iam looking 2 have sex with a freemason to become a eastren star my number 6782528543



    • so, murdering innocent people with terrorists’ bombs is “freedom?”

      look up P2 and see for yourself. masons are terrorists who murder 100% innocent people.

      why do you defend murderers?


    • are you fucking stupid? go to a masonic hall – the exist in nearly every city – walk in and say you want to be a member. it’s that fucking easy, idiot.

  30. je cherche un grand maitre pour m’aider merci.

  31. Lol, lame. Clearly photoshop. Notice how he is the only person looking at the supposed Camera? If he wanted to be secret, why attend a public event where they are taking pictures?

    And why is it that way more powerful people then Jay admit to being Masons?

    My biggest question, is … if its so secret how do every dude with an 8th grade education know about it?

    • and what would it matter to his fans in any case? they will just going on screaming “it’s photoshop, it’s photoshop!” why does it matter to you if he is or isnt? afterall, it doesnt seem to matter that his music absolutely sucks…

      “If Jay-Z is a Freemason, his initiation would have been recorded by the Secretary of his Lodge, and once made a Master Mason, recorded at the Grand Lodge of his jurisdiction. That would most likely be the Grand Lodge of New York, as he is supposed to live in Scarsdale, NY. While the Grand Lodge can normally be called by the public to confirm membership, it is likely that Jay-Z has requested to keep his membership private, if he is in fact a member. The only way around this is if he were to visit a lodge, like ours in Seattle. We would make him prove himself (secret passwords and handshakes, etc.) and show us his dues card. If he did not have his dues card, we might have our Secretary call the Grand Lodge of New York to confirm his membership, in which case we would get a solid answer. However, it’s unlikely that Jay-Z will be walking into our next stated meeting. Also, our masonic obligations prevent us for faking it to find out. Finally, if it did happen, Jay-Z would probably ask us to keep it quiet, and we would. All that being said, if you’re really, REALLY curious, Freemasons often belong to their nearest Lodge, which in Jay-Z’s case would be White Planes Masonic Lodge. If he IS a Mason, there is a CHANCE he would belong to that Lodge. If he did, one guy who would certainly know is Justin F. Holden, Master of that Lodge.”


    • its not secret as a group..the origins and manipulations of its highest members are however..they are born from the original templars..this is an ancient order..hidden in plain sight..if its photoshop and clearly so..just show me the proof 🙂

  32. I think Freemasonry is not satanic because they help less privileged people by giving charity.

    • wouldnt they do charity work to mask what else goes on in the higher degrees? what a great cover..

    • oh i see, so when the P2 masonic lodge helped out in operation gladio – a terrorist operation which killed a lot of innocent people – it was charity work?

      you have a very strange definition of charity? killing innocent children waiting for a train at a train station is “charity?” that is what P2 did.

      are you really that ignorant? or are you that full of hate?

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  37. It is not because you tell that you are a Freemason that it means that it is true.

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  39. hello i m gerald i just want to know my way to be big freemason

  40. it z crazy

  41. I want join freemason becouse i’m soufring toomuch in this world i want get rich and happy

  42. my name is patrick T. Mbayoh i live in Liberia and i which to be part of ferrmason. because i am above the requierd age and bench mark.

  43. I want to join.

  44. do they give out free money?

  45. pls.how can i join master protection.

  46. I love freemason please helpe me

  47. Come on do you really think that’s him…first of all I bet they wouldn’t even allow cameras or camera ph’s in the building. How come he can’t be on top because he’s a great mc…business man…ect

    • i dont know if its him..it looks like him..i posted this story 4 years ago and it still gets hundreds of views each week..

      you really think people get to the “top” based on talent? 🙂

    • byron, if you are living in a universe where jay-z is a “great mc” please pull your head out of your ass.

      if you’re black and you rap about killing other black people and dealing drugs, then you can be rich and famous. dead prez tells the story about when they tried to release a song that told people how to get around shoplifting detectors and the record company shut it down. now, in case your head is buried that deep in your ass, shoplifting is a lot less of a crime than murder is, but you’re allowed to rap about one, but not the other.

      in other words, jay-z is a straight-up minstrel show. that’s right, i just called your hero an uncle tom house negro. right now he’s working with rick ross, who is the fakest piece of shit on the planet. about his latest album he said “it’s so street, we on that” but guess what? he was just a fucking prison guard and he stole his name and everything from the real freeway rick ross. with real meaning he really had to go to prison for dealing drugs, unlike these fake-ass minstrels you idolize.

  48. Like this

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