Anders Behring Breivik..Freemason


truth is always stranger than fiction..


~ by seeker401 on July 24, 2011.

17 Responses to “Anders Behring Breivik..Freemason”

  1. It’s all really out in the open, isn’t it? I wonder why so many people don’t see what is going on . . . oh wait, American Idol is on!

  2. “The end justifies the means. Evil is the one and only means to attain the end, the good.” – The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

  3. Why are the backgrounds removed from every picture we seem to see of him? These all seem like staged promo shots.

    • You are right, every picture I’ve seen so far is on a white background. It’s definitely staged. \

    • i noticed that as well… have not seen a single pic without the white background… even this ‘action’ shot has no background.

      • also, notice the arm patch…. written in english. how many uber-nationalists use a foreign language?

        total joke, sick.

        the reports rom the island say one (or both) of the shooters, dressed as a cop, told everyone to gather around, and then started shooting… to me this is VERY telling. i can say with honesty that if i had been there, i would have been trying to slip away the moment i saw the ‘cop.’

        i feel like a message needs to be sent to young progressives… something like “sure, you think you’re helping palestine… it simply isn’t possible to belive that while you drop bombs on the heads of innocents… today you have learned… the position you hold doesn’t come for free. if you are going to oppose israel, know what you are opposing. today, you ae finding that out…. and if you put 2 and 2 together, you can’t possibly be a progressive anymore. welcome to radical truth.”

    • He staged this “promopack” before the attack.

  4. i am trying to get as much info as i can, something smells rotthen in norway.

    last one is a manifesto of 1600 pages. This issue is just starting, just have a read at some of what is written in the book. apparently came from here:

  5. Chance does not exist, put this shit in the form of people believe that his act randomly served to something!
    I’m sorry to use that word, but it is the only one that combines with this worm.
    He only brought sadness to the hearts of families of good, a brilliant parents, victims without having anything to do with the shit that this person had in mind
    God, Jehovah, Jesus, Ala., no matter the name, but rather to believe that we are here in passing, and that
    all acts that are done by us will be held accountable. or do you believe in chance …
    Gentlemen, even when we see it in silence, let us unite our voices, our hearts, our hands
    our religions, no matter what, Christians, Muslims, Judes, African, Umbanda, Christian, Mennonite,
    Let us together seek the peace that the world and we deserve.
    A world of love, whether you are a Mason, Father, Indio, Templario, Profane, American, Arab, Buddhist.

    we have a world full of wonders and miracles, which needs care.
    Let’s take care of our forests, our water, our air, our Mar.

    God, Jehovah, Jesus, his particular God Almighty and bring the Light in Light, and eliminate the stool
    many who are still free.

  6. Este oiddo que acabou com o sonho de vários jovens não pode ter credibilidade e, não podemos ser tão ingênuos a ponto de acreditar em tudas as pistas que ele deixou.
    A i prensa deveria ser menos alarmistas e mais questionadora, estão fazendo o “plano dele continuar em ação” mesmo depois de estar preso…é lamentável

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