Wall Street aristocracy got $1.2T in loans..add that to the $18T for banks


Citigroup Inc. (C) and Bank of America Corp. (BAC) were the reigning champions of finance in 2006 as home prices peaked, leading the 10 biggest U.S. banks and brokerage firms to their best year ever with $104 billion of profits.

By 2008, the housing market’s collapse forced those companies to take more than six times as much, $669 billion, in emergency loans from the U.S. Federal Reserve. The loans dwarfed the $160 billion in public bailouts the top 10 got from the U.S. Treasury, yet until now the full amounts have remained secret.

Fed Chairman Ben S. Bernanke’s unprecedented effort to keep the economy from plunging into depression included lending banks and other companies as much as $1.2 trillion of public money, about the same amount U.S. homeowners currently owe on 6.5 million delinquent and foreclosed mortgages. The largest borrower, Morgan Stanley (MS), got as much as $107.3 billion, while Citigroup took $99.5 billion and Bank of America $91.4 billion, according to a Bloomberg News compilation of data obtained through Freedom of Information Act requests, months of litigation and an act of Congress.

“These are all whopping numbers,” said Robert Litan, a former Justice Department official who in the 1990s served on a commission probing the causes of the savings and loan crisis. “You’re talking about the aristocracy of American finance going down the tubes without the federal money.”


Another day, another trillion plus in secret Federal Reserve “bailouts” revealed. Bloomberg News exposes this latest Fed “deal” after winning a long Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) legal battle to get the details on what was done with the American people’s money. Their report runs with an AmpedStatus style headline: “Wall Street Aristocracy Got $1.2 Trillion From Fed.”

Yes, truth hits the mainstream every now and then. The aristocracy is alive and well… thanks to the Fed, of course.

Keep in mind, this $1.2 trillion is in addition to the $16 trillion the Government Accountability Office (GAO) audit revealed and the over $2 trillion in Quantitative Easing the Fed dished out, not to mention the now continued promise of the Zero Interest Rate Policy (ZIRP). This is also separate from the $700 billion TARP program that Congress approved. This is yet another unknown secret program, throwing another mere $1.2 trillion in public money at the Wall Street elite (global banking cartel), just being revealed now.

Those of us paying attention over the past three years have had Fed crony-capitalism on steroids fatigue for awhile now. Nonetheless, this is deja vu all over again as another mindbogglingly huge story that must be covered comes to light.

Ah yes, we can’t have the financial aristocracy go down as a result of their own fraudulent Ponzi scheme collapsing. Screw the “free market,” let’s just swipe trillions from the US public. In this program, as in others, you can clearly see how the Fed also bailed out foreign banks, i.e. selling out the American people to serve foreign banks.


thanks to nikki for the second link..

everyone thinks it was a 987 billion dollar bailout..it wasnt..that was the minimum they would shell out..and the elite didnt get missed..hell..most of the western worlds banks got it from american taxpayers..


~ by seeker401 on August 28, 2011.

One Response to “Wall Street aristocracy got $1.2T in loans..add that to the $18T for banks”

  1. Imagine going to Vegas with 50 $ billion to bet on one roll of the die, then you lose the toss and ask the Casino Owner for 100 $ billion loan for a chance to win your money back,

    Either way…it leaves room for just 1 player in the room, The rest of the gambling public don’t have a stake to get into the game. Nice bluff,,,Wall Street and the Banking Industry are real cowboys and you can bank on that…maybe not.

    I see a little Donald Trump and the “Art of the Deal” hear, hear !

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