An explosive story on Indian corruption – Robert Vadra

This is the story of Sonia Gandhi’s son in Law (Robert Vadra). How did he became the fastest Billionaire?

Robert Vadra is an Indian businessman notable as the husband of Priyanka Vadra, the daughter of Sonia Gandhi, and this way and a member of the Nehru-Gandhi family by marriage. He was born to Rajinder and Maureen Wadhera on 18 April 1969. Rajinder Vadra hails from Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh and Maureen was of Scottish origin (maiden name: McDonagh).

Robert may have met Priyanka Gandhi, the daughter of Rajiv and Sonia Gandhi, at the house of common expatriate friend Ottavio Quattrocchi. Subsequently he married Priyanka Vadra on 18 February 1997. They have two children.

He had one brother Richard Vadra who was found dead in September 2003 at his Vasant Vihar residence, and his sister Michelle died in a car accident in 2001. His father Rajinder Vadra committed suicide on 2 April 2009 under suspicious circumstances, but the story was not published widely by the Indian media [citation required]. Rajinder Vadra in an interview was highly critical of his son Robert and said that after the wedding with Priyanka Vadra, he disowned his son.

There are allegations made that Mr. Vadra has amassed wealth in a short period of time but the extent of his wealth is not publicly known.

He, along with other VIPs like HH the Dalai Lama and the Chief Justice of India, has been exempted from frisking at Indian airports when travelling with ‘other SPG protectees’ presumably his wife or other family members. The list of such VIPs was compiled and forwarded to the concerned authorities by the Indian government on 26 September 2005. Others on the list include the President, the Prime Minister, former Presidents and PMs and SPG protectees. This move has come under scrutiny since for example the Chiefs of Army, Navy and Air Force staff are not extended this waiver. However, BCAS Commissioner S. R. Mehra declined comment  raising further speculation.

His bodyguard was prevented from carrying a pistol into Parliament.


thanks to vj for the link..

this guy was a nobody and within 10 years of marrying into the ghandi family he was a did this happen and why are his family members dead?..many questions..great video..enjoy..


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52 Responses to “An explosive story on Indian corruption – Robert Vadra”

  1. sonia gandhi’s family members were on the payroll of the kgb as soon as she started doin it with rajiv. bzzzzzt.

    opus dei. bzzzt.

  2. marry in ghadian family and you are billioniare

  3. I hate Nehru family……who thinks Indian are their slaves and they are rulers…….Most disputed dynasty in the world with unmatched deception to the nation about their identity……time will come when they have to repay for their deeds………

  4. Just another snake in the grass, amassing a forturne which translates to power, access to the powers to be and other releated fortunes to control the people of another one of the World’s most populace ignorant country who we gave money and technology to…and has a bomb.

  5. I never like nehru and his whole dirty family. They have looted INDIA from left and right and we have done nothing to stop them. It is about time when this waiteress and her son-in-law should be thrown out of INDIA but wait we need to recover every single paisa from these dirty people.
    Just like batman said, time will come they or their families will payback. Time NEVER spare no body. GOD is watching and asking us to do something.

  6. The Robert Vadra story is one of the few ridiculous stories that show us how family legacy and rule still exists in India.

    Congress has some really brilliant minds, however the party has been ruined by the dire need to have a name associated with the Nehru-Gandhi family to head the party.

    Nehru’s Socialist policies, Indira’s immaturity and corruption, Rajiv’s inexperience and now, Sonia’s dream of seeing her stupid son head this country is ruining what little we have left of this country.

    India, was meant for greatness, but we have given it all away.

    It is very easy to blame the UPA or the JDU, it is easier to blame Robert and Sonia, but in the end, we are the only ones to be blamed.

    Only 55-60% of Bombay’s population votes. I am sure the slums are the party’s vote-banks. We; the educated class’ indifference to the politics of this country has ruined the country.

    We have let the Gandhi’s grow to this stature.

    This country belongs to the people and it is about time we take it back!!

  7. Why is all this a supprise. We very well know that India is very well known for their caste system, historically and today. Might be hard for the unenlightened of Indiia to even cast a vote.

  8. Surprisingly he owns KKR which queen khan claims to own. Very few people knows about it. Gandhi family threatened media If they print or show anything about Vadra will be wiped out.

  9. This shows that how a politician family became billionaire and the whole india’s population is below the poverty label.These politicians great story ,great name and great fame so great great work….

  10. to understand why india is the way it is, or at least to get a clue, we have to have an insight into its deep history.

    first of all, everything we’ve been taught in the west about mesopotamia being the ‘cradle of civilization’ is pure bullshit. indians were gambling in casinos – and being warned about the ills of gambling in casinos – when mesopotamians were still looking for caves to sleep in. indians were extracting zinc from zinc ore – a very difficult thing to do since zinc has a limited temperature range wherein it is in a liquid state – for thousands of years before any western cultures even came to be… indian science, culture, government, and philosophy were all well developed before the first westerner had even envisioned those concepts.

    when new empires come to crush old empires, it is not merely resources, labor, and land they desire to control, but also the people themselves. and in order to do this, their histories must be crushed, obliterated, and sometimes assumed. that’s why the looting of iraq’s museums was such an important part of their plan. that’s why the british invented wholesale lies about indian history, most of which persist even in (especially in) academic circles today.

    indians are tired, as a culture and as a people, of empire. it was many thousands of years ago that they endured a war between the people who used the power of technology and the people who used the power of their mind/life force. the technology people won, but then they ended up killing themselves with their own technology. after the waters of the great flood receded, the “modern” system of family rule came along. that of course led to wars – family against family and brother against brother – finally culminating in the empire of king ashoka who embraced total peace.

    big mistake, as it turns out. ashoka – and most of india’s history – were almost completely forgotten. what was left were fragments, which were stiched together by the waves of conquerors. first, the muslims, and then the british, who invented the idea that india’s history was lifted by a mythical “aryan” race.

    once you have established total control over a people, it becomes expensive to continue to occupy them directly. that’s the difference in thought between a western “hawk” (who believes in controlling people through direct military force) and a western “dove” (who believes in controlling people through commerce, mind control, and force if necessary). they figured out how to control people more cheaply through “dove” tactics, which involves putting the local uncle tom’s in power. house of saud in saudia arabia, house of sabah in kuwait, nehru family in india, and so on.

    nehru himself, like most “nonviolent” leaders, loved fucking women besides his wife, especially white women. (mlkjr ring a bell?) this came directly from his own feelings of inferiority, having bought into the narrative of white/british supremacy and therefore the debasement of his own history.

    it’s no surprise then that his grandson – two generations more debased than himself – would fall for an italian waitress when he could choose among literally hundreds of millions of indian women. also no surprise that he would be taken out by a mossad (or opus dei, whats the difference at this point) assassin, or that his italian wife would end up running the show for her masters in rome.

    • thanks for the informative piece xxx..very much appreciated..

      “difference in thought between a western “hawk” (who believes in controlling people through direct military force) and a western “dove” (who believes in controlling people through commerce, mind control, and force if necessary). ”

      i like that..

    • So happy that there ARE people still who take the trouble of thinking this way! awesome piece xxx!

    • True. The aryan Invasion theory cooked by British is proved wrong now. In 1600’s, a british office travels from kashmir to kanyakumari and writes to the queen that in that long journey, he didn’t witnessed a single robbery, rape and all people are happy and helpful to each other. So, the queen recommended that their spiritual thing should be destroyed and they should feel inferior about their own culture, background. Hence British appointed Max Muller to manipulate the story. His real intentions came to light recently, when one of his letters addressed to his wife was found as an antique. Also, there was no cultural difference between the ancient Indians and that of Harappa and other civilizations.

      • thanks PI 🙂 hopefully one day indians and everyone else will be allowed to know the true history.

        harappa is one piece of the puzzle – and sadly it is in pakistan which is likely to destroy or unfairly manipulate the information. another piece of the puzzle lies in the deep south and the islands, which has even more ancient roots.

  11. agar kohi bhi ladki ameer hona chahti hai to rahul se saadi ko lo. woh sabse jayda ameer hai.

  12. India is ruled by the Italian mafia and the different underworld counterparts of the world.
    How many Indians will be surprised to know that Nehru’s father was a muslim, Indira ‘s first husband was Feroz khan ( not ghandi . he changed his name because Mahatma gandhi was furious that Indira married a muslim and Rajiv was born and his brother Sanjay gandhi was born of Indira’s coitus with Mohammad Younus – ( an exchange that India paid heavily when the Union carbide CEO was let go – Read the blog Riding the elephant for more explaintation of this ) Nehru-Gandhi families along with their cronies ( whose names are not in the press own 98% of the wealth of india and India is their footstool .

    Since the history of lies has perpetuated and entrenched in the minds of Indians, and carrying out a disaster recovery of India and the people who are brainwashed with lies is a long process which will need another century. By then I will be dead and my bones will have no existence either.
    However I believe it can be done by people who have started the critical thinking process all over – if millions of india join this process we can overthrow the dynastic empire of india.

    I could go on , but I will cut this short right here

    • You speak with passion. Nehru Gandhi must be one of the most powerful clans in the world?

    • One more lie about this family propgated by cong. is that they have made sacrifices Nehru berayed the country to become pm he was key person i.n the divison Indra killed by the monster she created Rajiv was killed because of his foolishness in interefering in Shrilanka affairs sacrificing 1300 indian soldiers

      • as i said above, nehru liked having sex with white women because he felt a sense of inferiority. the rulers always choose such people (martin luther king was another…) because they are easy to manipulate.

        my personal thought is that israel had much to do with the conflict in srilanka, and that they were responsible for rajiv’s death. the americans took care of sanjay years before.

  13. How the fuck wrote this, Nehuru family is NOT a Royal family, they fucked india since few generations, Nehuru family is Indian Garbage family.

  14. Great!!! i was thinking about politics.. and get confused.. i dont have much knowledge about politics.. but when i think about it,, i cant resist thinking whom to give vote.. what i feel, forgetting what happened earlier in concern to our intra-country relation, i want my nation to think in a same direction, to achieve success, to develop, bloom, to be the most powerful, and for that we must be united.. when i feel about BJP i find the corruption is lesser, but the major problem is the are communal. (i dont want that) will develop our nation easily when we all think in the same direction… we must not vote congress,, they are spoiling our country.. but to whom then. when i think of Japan, they are also loosing their reserve not because of corruption but because of natural calamity.. the situation is somewhat same, even then the people leading their nation and easily come over any of the difficulty.. we must decide to take it separately or take both thing together – development of our nation and to fight against corruption.. there is small link in both but capital rules always..

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  16. give me 1 example of a country that let foriegners rule their land….we are doing it….n facing the consequences….sonia herself said she married rajiv gandhi coz he was very powerful….wish ppl were a little more educated and voted for the right people…use the system …go for the polls……..

  17. Is he Vadhera or Vadra

    • vadra on wiki..and also:

      His brother Richard Vadra was found dead in September 2003 at his Vasant Vihar residence, and his sister Michelle died in a car accident in 2001. His father Rajinder Vadra committed suicide[2][3] on 2 April 2009.

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  24. Hey guys this is one of the many instances where Indian politicians(here indirect politician) are involved in Huge Corruptions Charges.
    I would like to ask people
    1)is it only the scenario of Indian politics or is it same or similar to the world.
    2)what according to you guys is the cause of corruption(except for greed)
    3)How and what can and must be done to stop this corruption.

    • 1) yes it happens in every country, but because of the way the british purposefully remolded india, the problem is a bit worse there. there is also the fact that india’s top family is run by an italian catholic member of opus dei, which also makes things much worse. the original “top families” of india were, of course, either exterminated or stripped of their holdings.

      in my city, the owner of the local football team was caught on video trying to give $400,000 cash to the govenor of louisiana in exchange for a gambling license.

      2) corruption is a tool of the elite. the bankers understood that those who benefitted from their plan would not oppose it, and those who opposed it would be too weak to do anything about it.

      3) humanity has to grow up and destroy (yes destroy, not reform) the institutions that have brought us to this point. in other words BJP won’t save you. as for the more immediate case, sonia gandhi and her entire family should be imprisoned fo rlife, and all of their stolen loot returned. of course, the same goes with the queen of england and the sultan of qatar and every other thief in this world.

  25. The Nehru-Gandhis are a curse on our be-knighted nation…….when will the electorate reject them? I despise the media for their cravenness in not denouncing the corruption of the dynasty and the impunity with which they have been looting the nation.


  27. Congress is grooming corrupt politicians and sucking Indian people’s blood.

  28. every one did wrong thing in their life. But do something good to mother land which gave you every thing, at least live some for future generation don’t sale peoples value which they kept on you .

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