Federal Reserve plans to identify “Key Bloggers” and monitor billions of conversations about the Fed on Facebook, Twitter, forums and blogs


The Federal Reserve wants to know what you are saying about it.  In fact, the Federal Reserve has announced plans to identify “key bloggers” and to monitor “billions of conversations” about the Fed on Facebook, Twitter, forums and blogs.  This is yet another sign that the alternative media is having a dramatic impact.  As first reported on Zero Hedge, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York has issued a “Request for Proposal” to suppliers who may be interested in participating in the development of a “Sentiment Analysis And Social Media Monitoring Solution”.  In other words, the Federal Reserve wants to develop a highly sophisticated system that will gather everything that you and I say about the Federal Reserve on the Internet and that will analyze what our feelings about the Fed are.  Obviously, any “positive” feelings about the Fed would not be a problem.  What they really want to do is to gather information on everyone that views the Federal Reserve negatively.  It is unclear how they plan to use this information once they have it, but considering how many alternative media sources have been shut down lately, this is obviously a very troubling sign.

You can read this “Request for Proposal” right here.  Posted below are some of the key quotes from the document (in bold) with some of my own commentary in between the quotes….

“The intent is to establish a fair and equitable partnership with a market leader who will who gather data from various social media outlets and news sources and provide applicable reporting to FRBNY. This Request for Proposal (“RFP”) was created in an effort to support FRBNY’s Social Media Listening Platforms initiative.”

A system like this is not cheap.  Apparently the Federal Reserve Bank of New York believes that gathering all of this information is very important.  In recent years, criticism of the Federal Reserve has become very intense, and most of this criticism has been coming from the Internet.  It has gotten to the point where the Federal Reserve Bank of New York has decided that it had better listen to what is being said and find out who is saying it.

“Social media listening platforms are solutions that gather data from various social media outlets and news sources.  They monitor billions of conversations and generate text analytics based on predefined criteria.  They can also determine the sentiment of a speaker or writer with respect to some topic or document.”

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York intends to listen in on “billions of conversations” and to actually determine the “sentiment” of those that are participating in those conversations.

Of course it will be those conversations that are “negative” about the Federal Reserve that will be setting off the alarm bells.

“Identify and reach out to key bloggers and influencers”

Uh oh.  So they plan to “identify” key bloggers and influencers?

What exactly do they plan to do once they “identify” them?

“The solution must be able to gather data from the primary social media platforms –Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Forums and YouTube.”

Hopefully you understand this already, but nothing posted on the Internet is ever anonymous.  Everything on the Internet is gathered by a vast host of organizations and is used for a wide variety of purposes.  Data mining has become a billion dollar industry, and it is only going to keep growing.

You may think that you are “anonymous” when you criticize organizations like the Fed, but the truth is that if you are loud enough they will see it and they will make a record of it.

“The solution must provide real-time monitoring of relevant conversations.  It should provide sentiment analysis (positive, negative or neutral) around key conversational topics.”

Why do they need to perform “sentiment analysis”?

If someone is identified as being overly “negative” about the Fed, what will they do about it?

“The solution should provide an alerting mechanism that automatically sends out reports or notifications based a predefined trigger.”

This sounds very much like the kind of “keyword” intelligence gathering systems that are currently in use by major governments around the globe.

Very, very creepy stuff.

Are you disturbed yet?

For those of us that write about the Federal Reserve a lot, this is very sobering news.

I wonder what the Fed will think about the following articles that I have posted on this site….

*Unelected, Unaccountable, Unrepentant: The Federal Reserve Is Using Your Money To Bail Out European Commercial Banks Once Again

*Celebrating Independence Yet Enslaved To Debt

*19 Reasons Why The Federal Reserve Is At The Heart Of Our Economic Problems

*Is Ben Bernanke A Liar, A Lunatic Or Is He Just Completely And Totally Incompetent?

*10 Things That Would Be Different If The Federal Reserve Had Never Been Created

What is their “Social Media Monitoring Solution” going to think about those articles?

Unfortunately, this is all part of a very disturbing trend.

Recently, a very creepy website known as “Attack Watch” was launched to gather information on those saying “negative” things about Barack Obama.

Suddenly, everyone seems obsessed with what you and I are saying.

This just shows how the power of the alternative media is growing.

Not only that, but it seems as though the government also wants to gather as much information on all of us as possible.

For example, a new rule is being proposed by the Department of Health and Human Services that would force health insurance companies to submit detailed health care information about all of their customers to the federal government.

Every single day our privacy is being stripped away a little bit more.

But now it is often not just enough for them to know what we are doing and saying.  Instead, the “authorities” are increasingly stepping in to silence important voices.

One of the most recent examples of this was when Activistpost was taken down by Google.  We are still awaiting word on why this was done.

Sadly, the silencing of Activistpost is far from an isolated incident.

Hordes of YouTube accounts have been shut down for their political viewpoints.

Quite a few very prominent alternative media websites have been censored or attacked because of what they stand for.

So why is this happening?  Well, it turns out that the power of the alternative media is growing.  According to a new survey by the Pew Research Center for The People & The Press, 43 percent of Americans say that they get their news on national and international issues from the Internet.  Back in 1999, that figure was sitting at just 6 percent.

The American people are sick and tired of getting “canned news”, and they are increasingly turning to the Internet in a search for the truth.


we all suspected there were snoops around..thats a given..but when the fed decides to get in on the action i get worried..the fed has jurisdiction over the entire US government..none can usurp the fed..and now they are coming to watch us all..


~ by seeker401 on September 27, 2011.

13 Responses to “Federal Reserve plans to identify “Key Bloggers” and monitor billions of conversations about the Fed on Facebook, Twitter, forums and blogs”

  1. a “Sentiment Analysis And Social Media Monitoring Solution”….This one has got to be a classic. Big Brother, Littlebrother, Stepbrother, Brother-in-Laws, Brothers in the hood; we’ve go so many brothers that I’d think they would get confused on who is watching who and for what reason. They may be just preoccupied watching one another…we hope,

  2. Oh! Is Zbig Brzezinski is also worried because of the bloggers? Did the mention about it in our fauvorite book? I need to find avpdf on the net. Hmm.

  3. What’s more disturbing is when a corrupt, private corporation has the backing of the United States Judicial System and the willing stooges we “supposedly” voted in office in making what amounts to ‘threats of intimidation’ against the people of this nation. That’s called treason! They use this kind of intimidation to keep us in fear. Well, at this point, I don’t think a whole lot of people are afraid anymore, I think they are pissed off or just don’t give a damn. If they need to monitor social forums to understand that, then are either arrogant criminals or stupid criminals.

    Instead of allowing these corrupt mafiosa to use our own money to spy on us, our ‘representatives’, (sarcasm) in Washington, should be arresting them and their Roman/Jesuit counterparts in the City of London/Bank of Rome for their crimes against humanity. Oh, that’s right, they work for them too, so I doubt that will happen any time soon. Perhaps the people should stop genuflecting at their satanic alters.

    The whole system is and has been corrupt for generations. If the Papal Federal Reserve wants to know the sentiment of the ‘peasants’, why don’t they just send us questionnaires, maybe something funny like, How Are We Doing? I would be happy to write a big F-U on mine!

    • I wonder what veto a president has over them?

      • An American President has no authority over the Federal Reserve. It is a private consortium of US Banks that have been given the right by the US Congress to regulate the monetary system of the US, and let me tell you, they do it to their own advantage.

        The president is allowed to nominate the Fed chairman and congress approves that nomination. That is the only authority the government has short of repealing the Federal Reserve Act. There is a presidential candidate that want to do this. IHe’s Ron Paul. Google him. You can be sure Bernanke has.

  4. […] […]

  5. 401 that is correct. It would take a majority in two houses of Congress and a presidential signature to bring down the Fed or even reign it in. Since the governmental bodies I mentioned are in the pocket of these banksters, that is about as likely to happen as actual global warming. I fear that only revolution will do the job. These people are treasonous thieves. They need to be crushed.

    • they seem to have it all sealed and delivered with no way out..what a system has been created..totalitarian control..

  6. This is far less insidious as it seems. Brands do this all the time. In fact I’ve worked on accounts that did this type of thing, but it dealt with helping fund public schools. Basically it’s a way to try to control the conversation by appealing to bloggers with sway. The thing is even if they identify bloggers with pull, it doesn’t guarantee they will regurgitate your party line.

    ConAgra tried to steer bloggers and they revolted.

    • for me its insidious because its the fed..not a company wanting to sell a product..its a group who want to influence the publics peception of them..

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