Easter Island heads have bodies


The Easter Island Statue Project (EISP) is a private research program and archive created by Jo Anne Van Tilburg, Principle Investigator and EISP founder and director, with Cristián Arévalo Pakarati, Rapa Nui artist and co-director of EISP.  The profound and immediate need for conservation actions on the moai became apparent over the course of more than 20 years of subjective observation and field experience acquired by us during our island-wide archaeological survey, which was conducted in association with our Chilean and Rapa Nui colleagues.

The Easter Island Statue Project office is located at 225 Arizona Avenue, Studio 500, Santa Monica, CA, 90401. The EISP field office is located at the Mana Gallery, Petero Atamu s/n, Hanga Roa, Easter Island (Rapa Nui), Chile.


wild stuff..so did they bury them complete with petroglyphs..(who would see them if they are buried?) or was it covered by something else that happened?


~ by seeker401 on October 29, 2011.

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  1. I am positively, absolutely and most probably sure that something else happened. Only in America do we bury the living with the dead. The people who carved these monuments of stone…had a reason to show not to shovel dirt around them. Moral of the story; whatever you put usunder will be dug up by somebody sooner or later and will be revealed.

    • yes i agree..so what caused this..tsunami type situation you would think

      • That is what I thought, maybe this happened during one of the great floods that we hear about.

        Interesting article, had not read this yet, will be looking for more information, wonder what else is under there? Of course, anything really good will probably be kept secret or destroyed.

    • Only in America? What are you talking about? Cultures around the world, from ancient Egypt to (I think) certain periods in ancient China buried the living with the dead.

      • What am I talking about “much ado about nothing,” that’s what it is about.
        Cultures of the world? I guess the ironic twist of my symbolism went array, Since America is reportedly the most evil empire on this Blog, I am simply giving them there due as being the culture of greatest ass holes, Anyway us assholes didn’t bury the Washington Monument underground and attribute it builders to be from outerspace. Hope that clarifies the comment for you. Culture is as culture does.

      • sorry i didnt see what comment contained america..many ancients buried the living with the dead yes..

      • I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about, dthorn.

      • dthorn420, Whoever taught you how to write and perhaps to speak needs to have their credentials checked. You’re hard to understand because you misused punctuation, capitalization, and sentence structure. You also seemed to try to quote Shakespeare, but based on your previous posts, I’d guess that was completely by accident.

        • What you do not understand…is a personal problem. Not mine.

          • No, actually, it *is* your problem, that is to say, your fault. There is such a thing as proper English grammar and spelling, and you are failing to communicate in such a fashion.

            • Evidently you have not read many, if any comments from Isabel. They make sense to me. There is a form of writing called prose and poetry, a along with quips, sarcasm, satire and irony, Atl least that is what I teach to my graduate students and PhD’s. Sorry for your confustion. Please excuse me. Enough said, or rather I should say that is enough to be said.

      • actually I thought so too, but if you read about the Royal Tomb of Ur.. which is one of the most ancient finds – in the 1920s, that is one of the very few tombs which ever actually had living entombed with a royal figure who died. Read the end of Zacharia Sitchin’s – There Were GIants Upon the Earth. Even if you don’t believe him, check out the photos of the true ROyal Tomb of Ur which is fascinating.

      • i guess array = awry LOL nothing is funnier than a guy who is trying to sound intelligent and fails

  2. look carefully at that first picture. That’s an ET face down on his belly. Note it is hidden in the other pictures.

  3. incredible!

  4. Oddly enough, the statues are actually stone beings bent on destruction whose only weakness is being half buried in dirt… Sianara human race. Hellooooooo stone age… See what I did there. You know, because

  5. That stratigraphy is so beautiful. Nearly brought me to tears.

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  7. Interesting article, had not read this yet, will be looking for more information, wonder what else is under there?

  8. This is a perfect example of the blatant stupidity and eagerness to believe every random bit of idiocy thrown their way by groups like this…. Not that the core of this info is incorrect whatsoever, but that it’s been known about for over half a century! This is not news! Somebody decided that people were silly enough to be amazed by this “news” and now plenty of boards like this are posting links as if it is. Moai have torsos and more, this is (or is thought to be) common knowledge, despite the misnomer that they are “heads”… look at the wiki on them, the first reference link after they mention that fact is an article from the 60s… grrr the stupidity makes me sad for my country, and what I assume is probably my generation.

    • The information was generated at this very site. On the source site you won’t read any of this stuff: http://www.eisp.org/3879/

      So you didn’t checked the source… and talk about something very bad about people… No, no…

    • Re: Perfect Example
      Well, some people here have some pretty constructive things to say to you, but I was thinking something along the lines of:
      “Please shut the fuck up and go isolate some more. This is interesting and not common knowledge. Let people have their fun, goddamn cry-baby. waaah”.
      Yes…I think I’ll stick with that.

    • Another PERFECT EXAMPLE hahaha pun intended, of idiots that believe everything on wikipedia is truth…….didn’t your teachers ever tell you wikipedia is not a SOURCE!

    • relax

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  10. But since today nobody try to digg??? It seems imposible!

  11. Did you ever look at unfinished moais in the quarry?

  12. Perfect Example, it is most certainly NOT common knowledge. Everyone I know was surprised to find out. It isn’t taught in the public schools either (they’re too busy teaching kids how to answer the standardized testing, so they optimize scores for higher federal funding, to actually teach anything of use). Even I didn’t know, and I’m a decently intelligent person. That’s sad really, because it’s an interesting thing to know. It is “news” to most people because half of them don’t even know there are “heads” in the first place. Yes, that is an example of how utterly stupid we as a society have become, but don’t take it out on the writer of the article. If people weren’t repopularizing old research, then most would never know that the “heads” in fact have whole bodies. The film Idiocracy was scarily accurate in some ways.

    • Thankyou mama turtle, very well said.

      • 401: What is this with the Easter Island thing? There must be nearly 50 comment responses on this post. Of all the things to comment on, of greater gravity and thought, what the hell is so special about this one.
        There are comments from bloggers I’ve never seen before. Is this a sign that we are changing the tempo and serious subject matter of this blog, are we pandering, or am I just being a an arrogant jerk about this. Every day, my in-box is cluttered with a plethora of comments on stone statues burried in Easter Isand. Enough already…what is the next question to comment upon?

  13. Absolutely amazing. We knew they had bodies of course (http://www.google.es/search?tbm=isch&hl=es&source=hp&q=moai&btnG=Buscar+im%C3%A1genes&gbv=2&oq=moai&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&gs_sm=s&gs_upl=0l0l0l969l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l0ll0l0), but always is interesting to see what’s underground.

  14. Is the ground surrounding the statues particularly muddy?

    I would venture a guess that the statues were so large that their own weight pulled their lower sections into the ground, but that assumes that the ground is very muddy or otherwise unstable.

  15. These statues are Gods chess set

  16. That’s amazing I went to the island in 2008 and the local people said they carved the body and the head(from the volcano walls) and rolled then to a place close to the ocean to protect the villages, the intersting thing here is the previous studies said they finish carving the hands only offer roll all the statue. We’ve something new here 😉

  17. Buttplugs.

  18. Very interesting. Even if the whole wolrd knew this already, I didn’t. So, thanks 🙂

  19. Very mysterious and interesting! I wonder if it has a legs and is riding on something. Imagine how deep would that be.

  20. wonderful information and findings.

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  22. The things is that after some sort of revolution that happened on the island every moai was tipped over. The statues were erected again a hundred years after that.
    If you are interested in the subject of why moais were built and how come Easter Island lost all its trees you can read about it in a book by Jared Diamond: Collapse – How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed

    • Thankyou Ivan

    • my understanding is that the true story of the rapa nui remains unknown. the book sounds interested, but i advise anyone to take it with a grain of salt. western interpretations of non-western history and culture are notorious for not getting things right.

  23. The question is, How these came there?, they weight Tons! and are huge.

  24. and as in Tiahuanaco. They are the same builders, who came to enlighten the human being, and others came behind, tried to hide the truth. all these sites are exposed for tourism, but there is no research on their own message. Now they only tell a story that suits them. But every day more people are seeking the truth and dare to say it. but still needed to recover the humility and recover the innocence, and feel again the child. the real story goes far beyond the science fiction

  25. how neat and tidy is your excavation site!

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  27. Dear Seeker401,
    Thanks you for your post, There are several famous islands in Latin America (not counting island countries!), including the series of Galapagos Islands. But one of the remote and fabulous is Easter Island, part of Chile. An Easter Island tour is a must-do if you’re traveling to Chile. Easter Island is perfect for both the nature lover and the culture buff. In fact, it is the perfect getaway for travelers of all types!

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  30. Interesting topic and I learned a lot from the replies. Also, I really like the pictures and the excavation reports at http://www.eisp.org

    I retract my comment from above about them not sharing information, what a great project, and a great website.


  31. After having glommed the images at Google referenced above, I didn’t see any “heads” that had been excavated.

    Yes, there are some of these “creatures” above ground with bodies but my impression is that they are miniscule in comparison to the familiar “big heads.”

    So, while it has always been apparent that these “creatures” had legs, we haven’t seen the ones attached to the “big heads.”

    Query: Have these big-headed creatures attempted to communicate verbally? If so, in what language and what is their message?


  32. Thank you so much for sharing the pics. I’m always stunned by leaps in common knowledge. This makes up for Pluto not being a planet anymore.


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  34. It happened at the dawn of time.
    In this structure the work could not be finished, lacking some prints to finish: the devils came, shooting fireworks from a dark sky to destroy the cosmic science written in stone by sages and destroy thousands of human beings that followed them: and these were led by a creator, with his love, a creator with a thousand names. They left signs all over the world, for knowledge, for the race of our time, the human race. They did not use brute force to do their jobs.
    And the demons continue their eagerness to destroy everything that is related to love.

    the work could not be finished..




  35. Carbon date the soil at the base… what kind of soil is it? questions are many… howabout a couple answers.. best of luck and keep up the good work…

  36. Hmmmm proof that the worldwide flood really happened! Noah was right!

  37. If you dig a little bit more, perhaps Don Martin’s idea can be verified.

  38. hello guys: since i was a little boy i always believe that the easter island statues jusy “sit” and because of the massive weight they do not move. but now this is just amazing. would like to ask your permission to publish this on our small filipino-american news (printed form) in philly; you photos and your credits. thanks and this is really a wonderful research and discovery! fred.

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  41. “Though moai are whole-body statues, they are commonly referred to as “Easter Island heads”. This is partly because of the disproportionate size of most moai heads and partly because, from the invention of photography until the 1950s, the only moai standing on the island were the statues on the slopes of Rano Raraku, many of which are buried to their shoulders.” From what I read about deforestation being a big part of the downfall of the island’s inhabitants and the fact these were placed at the bottom of a hill I’d guess that a landslide buried them.

  42. are you sure those stone heads arent fapping? *hands are at crotch*

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  44. Good pictures, whether true or false, old news or new news.
    Hearking back to another aspect of their history – wasn’t there the suggestion that the Easter islanders effectively killed off their civilization by deforesting the island to source wood to help wit the transport and installation of these stone beasts?

  45. Joe Rogan Sent Me Here

  46. I think as we get closer to 2012 the more ancient alien stuff that we will see. Its more than apparent that we had a little help from outer space….Nazca lines…Coral Castle… Something big is at work here. Better be watchful people. This is that stage of our world when mind blowing things will happen. The 13 Crystal skulls will be together 11.11.11. In an age of technology… I am more fascinated by the history that someone or something tries to hide from us. I think if we want answers we should start at the biggest keeper of lies and secrets…..The Vatican. Keep ur eyes open…water is the money of the future.

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  49. Just read through some of these comments… Did I miss something? I read no mention of bodies found other than the bodies attatched to the heads of these statues.

  50. It looks to me like they are meditating? Just a thought, as a Tibetan Buddhist it was the first thing that popped into my mind when seeing these new and fascinating pictures.

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