Indonesian activist dies after setting himself on fire

Police say an Indonesian student activist has died after setting himself on fire in front of the presidential palace.

Sondang Hutagalung, 22, set himself ablaze across from the palace in downtown Jakarta.

Police Col. Angesta Romano Yoyol said Sunday that the man died late Saturday at the hospital where he was being treated for burns over 98 percent of his body.

Hutagalung, a law student, was a well-known rights advocate. However, it was still unclear what he was protesting with his self-immolation on Wednesday. Yoyol said a police are investigating.

The activist was last seen joining a Sept. 7 protest demanding justice for Munir Thalib, a prominent activist who died in 2004 of arsenic poisoning during a flight with national carrier Garuda.


just keeping an eye on indonesia..and also PNG..things are rippling around the area..


~ by seeker401 on December 13, 2011.

13 Responses to “Indonesian activist dies after setting himself on fire”

  1. I hope that a commentary on another person with shit for brains is not tantamount to “just keeping an eye on indonesia,” must be something more noteworthy happening there.

    • there is..but at first you only see outlines of a story..i have been alluding to indonesia for a while and i will keep on PNG

  2. How come setting self in fire scenarios takes place in Muslims countries??
    It’s not normal

    • very good point.

      • Perhaps the older tribes of the world have a deep connection to fire/death/cleanse etc. the aboriginals here used fire for regeneration .

    • Maybe, but why “only” in Islamic world though it totally forbidden to kill oneself in Islam , we see riot all over the world but nobody is setting them selves in fire!!

    • At least Christians do not set themselves on fire…they just don’t have any qualms about killing one another.

      • ..with fire!

        • “..with fire!” I would think that it was one hell of a fireball that was denoted over Nagasaki and Hiroshima. But then…there were not tooo many Christians under the clouds over Japan. Most notably, every country that can afford a firecracker and a fuse is prepared to do it again…to somebody, somewhere, for any reason But of course, Napalm is more focused and civil way to light a fire. But the question is,,,which is more expensive, a Phantom Jet or an ICBM. Governments you know have to be cost conscious these days.

  3. It’s not just muslims, it’s also hindus (including, mostly historically, sati; but it’s a feature in a lot of asian films) and buddhists (esp mahayana buddhists) in both India & Tibet. Also, it’s not all protest at larger conditions, it’s also practiced over relationships stopped by parents, forced marriage, marital abuse, etc. It’s also very common in Afghanistan, thanks to us, where women kill themselves practically every week., (there are many more articles at rawa)
    The deaths in Herat seem especially sad, Herat was an ancient center of learning.
    As for why the relative lack of christians, maybe it is the link with witchcraft and the burning to death of (purported) witches (which is still going on in many parts of the world by christians, one might add)? just a guess.

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