100 US cities going bankrupt in economic crisis


Major cities across the United States are declaring themselves bankrupt in the face of huge debts and declining revenues.

Birmingham, in Alabama, and Harrisburg, the state capital of Pennsylvania, are the latest high-profile cities to file for bankruptcy. Analysts warn as many as 100 American cities are at risk.

They are taking their lead from a scenic California city which has become the poster child for the blight of municipal bankruptcy.

Vallejo, home to 115,000 and perched on wooded hills across the water from San Francisco, has just emerged from three years in bankruptcy but still bears the scars.

Public services were slashed. Half the fire department were laid off, the police force cut by a third and libraries, parks, senior citizens services all drastically reduced.

‘We’ve created a situation where the city of Vallejo has become very attractive for criminals because it just doesn’t have the police officers,’ restaurant owner Ken Ingersoll told Sky News.

‘You can’t market away someone’s safety. I can’t run an ad in the paper or a TV commercial saying come to Vallejo. ‘If you don’t feel safe going to a place there’s just no way and mum and two kids are going to go there.’


and this is when it all breaks down..when the cities go bankrupt they cant provide services..then the social fabric falls away..sad days..


~ by seeker401 on December 26, 2011.

11 Responses to “100 US cities going bankrupt in economic crisis”

  1. That what happens in a socialist/communist society…as trite as it is…”it all breaks down when you run out of other peoples money.”

    I am tired of paying for their lifesyle (any govt employees.) It is time for them to find out how fucking tough it is. Our businesses taxes support them first and we get whats left…do you think they care about how I survive…

    that time is coming to an end…and I don’t care how.

  2. Something if not everything we know of is coming to an end…preferably this system of things as we know it. We know it as a system that is corrupt with greed and avarice, a system where a few seek to dominate and control the many…if not already, there is the movement to do so. The breakdown of the global economic community and slavery of the masses, along with the bankrupticy of the State and Citi-States is I think somewhere foretold in Phrophey. I prophess that the Prophecy is true…that it is a self-evident and foregoing conclusion based upon all that we clearly see. I welcome 2012 and all that it forebodes…and that the slaves will be set free and the masters will perish from this earth…forever and forevermore.

  3. vallejo is so ripe for a renaissance. you can get a storefront in the old town , walking distance to the ferry that goes straight to downtown san francisco, for 50 cents per square foot per month, and the owner will be happy to have you there.

    yes there’s crime, yes it’s the home of the hyphy movement’s founder mac dre and everything that comes with that. but if i was young and was looking for a place to start out, v-town would look pretty good to me.

    (i’m old though so i’m heading deep into the forest lol)

  4. […] […]

  5. This is because our State and Federal Governments have been spending or promising to spend (like police & firemen retirements) money that is not coming in to the county or city troughs (like where pigs feed). The Fed is in major trouble from over spending. This whole giant PONZI SCHEME is going to collapse any time now. Never before in the history of the world has anyone ever lived like the way we are now. The reason the ambassador to Libya died was the State Department cut his protection team down and also took away his airplane to save money. The American Empire currently is spending about half of all revenues on the military.
    We are going down the same road that Russia went down in 1991.
    The last ditch effort to stop the collapse will be to run the presses printing money as fast as the Fed can. That’s how Germany after WW 1 went bankrupt. Russia did it and a host of African countries have done it. The US population will enter the barter system which will last about 2 years until a new fiat worthless currency is accepted by the American public. At that point we start all over again until the next collapse somewhere way down the line in the future. The only true currency is gold. When the great city of Rome ran out of gold and could no longer pay to field an army the German
    Tribes along with others were able to sack Rome. Before the collapse of Rome the Emperors of Rome kept the gold mines operating 24hours per day. Yet they still couldn’t get enough gold to mint gold coins to pay the troops. They resorted to minting lead coins dipped in gold to try to keep the system going. But the people saw right through this fallacy.

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