Mitt Romney: Vladimir Putin “a threat to global peace”

Speaking on his campaign bus in New Hampshire, the presidential hopeful spoke bluntly on foreign affairs saving his strongest words for Mr Putin whom he called “a real threat to the stability and peace of the world.”

With Republican rival Newt Gingrich invoking former president and party idol Ronald Reagan in foreign policy debates, Mr Romney also referred to the Cold War spirit as he harked back to a time when the US defined itself by its opposition to the former-Soviet Union.

Mr Romney said that Mr Putin, who is seemingly set for a return to the office of Russian President in 2012, had “returned to some of the more heated rhetoric of the past”, adding: “I think he endangers the stability and peacefulness of the globe.”

The former governor of Massachusetts, a consistent frontrunner in the race to oppose Barack Obama in next year’s presidential election, was also stinging in his criticism of the recent withdrawal of US troops from Iraq, claiming that it risked destabilising the country.

“I hope that we’re able to see stability there but the president’s failure to secure an agreement and maintain 10,000 to 30,000 troops in Iraq has to be one of his signature failures,” Mr Romney said just hours after aco-ordinated wave of bomb blasts killed dozens and injured hundreds in the Iraqi capital Baghdad.

George Bush senior offered his informal backing to Mitt Romney yesterday, adding to the long list of establishment Republicans who were supporting the former Massachusetts governor.

The former president said Mr Romney was “the best choice” for theRepublican nomination to take on Barack Obama in next year’s election.

“He’s a fine person. I think he’s just mature and reasonable – not a bomb thrower,” he said.

Mr Romney said he was “very encouraged” by the nod, adding: “I must admit this is much more important to me personally than even politically.”


hah..have a look in your own backyard first bitch!

41 has backed him..

and barry looks like hes thinking..”another 4 years boss”


~ by seeker401 on December 29, 2011.

6 Responses to “Mitt Romney: Vladimir Putin “a threat to global peace””

  1. “hah..have a look in your own backyard first bitch!”…for sure, if anyone is responsibly a threat to world peace per se…the U.S. either directly or by proxy has a very cluttered backyard strewn with junk and with a big fence around it to hide the hypocrisy that cannot be denied by anyone in the know. Mit Romney is such a patsy, the public deserves him.

  2. What really worries me about this is that he is saying it to promote himself as a candidate just like all the pledges of undying loyalty to Israel; he thinks this is what the motu want to hear, and he should know…

  3. Love how old George, just kinda plays down his endorsement of Romney, and Romney acts as if he is so honored to have it lol.

    this was from the first time Mitt ran for president back in 2007.

    “Ambassador Thomas Melady, the legat to the Vatican during the presidency of George H.W. Bush announced his endorsement today of Mitt Romney.”

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