2006: American computer programmer Clinton Eugene Curtis testifies on hacking election results


He was born in Abington, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia. He graduated from Penn State University in 1980, obtaining a law degree from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law in 1983.

n 1990, Feeney was elected to the Florida House of Representatives as a Republican from Seminole County. He served two terms there before running for lieutenant governor of Florida as Jeb Bush’s running mate in 1994.

Feeney first came to national prominence in 2000, shortly after his election as Speaker, when he led efforts to certify the state’s Republican presidential electors even though it was still unclear whether George W. Bush or Al Gore had won the state’s electoral votes. Feeney and his colleagues claimed that Florida’s electoral votes were in imminent danger of being removed from consideration if the results of the popular vote in the state could not be determined with legal certainty. While Article 2 of the United States Constitution places this power in the legislature, many Democrats insisted that recountsneeded to be completed, and that by doing so, a clear legal victor would emerge.

Feeney and then State Senate president John McKay argued the state Supreme Court’s verdict in favor of the Democrats’ position on recounts essentially “tainted” the entire process, so that there was (as Feeney stated) “a great risk” Florida’s electoral votes would be disregarded altogether in the selection of the next President. The U.S. Supreme Court’s verdict inBush v. Gore rejected the argument from uncertainty by a margin of 6-3, and halted the recount process on other grounds. Bush won Florida and the election.

In 2001, Feeney was one of the lawmakers who opposed a demand by Bud Selig that the state finance a new baseball stadium for the Florida Marlins. At that time, Selig had threatened that the Marlins might leave South Florida if they did not receive a tax break.

Feeney’s 2006 congressional opponent, Clint Curtis, has previously provided a sworn affidavit alleging that in October 2000, Feeney asked Curtis, then a computer programmer at Yang Enterprises, to design a computer program to falsify touch-screen voting results in Palm Beach County. Curtis subsequently passed a polygraph test commissioned by aWashington, D.C. private investigator. A Wired News story noted that Curtis had no direct knowledge of the vote counting software having been used in a public election.

Feeney claimed that he has no recollection of even meeting Curtis; that he could not have engaged in such a scheme because Palm Beach County did not even consider obtaining touch screen machines until after the 2000 election; and that although Curtis wrote a book in the summer of 2004 accusing Feeney of a wide variety of misconduct, Curtis did not mention the alleged scheme to commit election fraud in the edition published prior to the 2004 election.


with the 2012 presidential racing kicking off i thought it timely to show this video..its curtis accusing feeney of asking him to make a software program to change voting results..now you can say what you want about curtis and that he had a vendetta..so what?..he may still have spoken the truth..think “diebold”

and as for feeeny..well he looks just the type to ask curtis to help cheat election results..


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6 Responses to “2006: American computer programmer Clinton Eugene Curtis testifies on hacking election results”

  1. CURTIS…one of those rare breaths of fresh air. Excellent testimony, brief…to the point…and truthful…no question about it…damn any personal motive…who gives a shit…it was the truth. Also, I thought the moderator asked some great to the point questions…for a change. Should have Congressional investigations and interviews like this on all issues before our nation.

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  5. This is the same way that OBUMMER will steel the election in 2012 just like he did in 2008.

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