Balochistan: Pakistan’s other war

In the rugged mountains of southwest Pakistan lies the country’s largest province of Balochistan. Far from the bustling cities of Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad, this remote region has been the battleground for a 60-year-long insurgency by the Baloch ethnic minority.

The ongoing conflict is often called Pakistan’s dirty war, because of the rising numbers of people who have disappeared or have been killed on both sides.

But the uprising against Pakistan’s government has received little attention worldwide, in part because most eyes have been focused on the fight against the Taliban and al-Qaeda in other areas of Pakistan.

Bordering Iran and Afghanistan, Balochistan remains notorious for cross-border smuggling and has more recently been infiltrated by former members of the Taliban and al-Qaeda operatives. Few outsiders gain access or permission to travel in the region.

Al Jazeera’s Ahmad Zaidan travelled to Balochistan to meet with key Balochi politicians who explain the history and current circumstances of the region and to get an exclusive interview with the leader of the Balochistan rebel movement seeking secession from Pakistan.

This film offers a glimpse into a region which, in 2010, had the highest number of militant, insurgent and sectarian attacks of any province in Pakistan. It is a region torn apart with separatist organisations attacking the state, sectarian and ethnic attacks, and crime, including kidnapping for ransom.


we have covered this area many times on the blog..its a mineral paradise..thats why its so important..go and take a look on a map..its a nexus..and i dont see the fighting stopping any time soon..


~ by seeker401 on January 9, 2012.

11 Responses to “Balochistan: Pakistan’s other war”

  1. Also keeping it riled up has inhibited China’s port building at Gwadar.

  2. Balochistan: Never heard of it. My gut feeling is that I don’t care much for the Pakastiinis; never did and it irks me that they have a bomb. I vote for Balochistan and wish them the best success in liberating themselves from the bastards. Great mineral deposits…I am surprised the USA has not supported their cause. What the hell do we need Pakistan for, let alone giving them billions in aid? Slimeballs.

    • when the time is right they will support them..when the drills are ready..

    • “…What the hell do we need Pakistan for…?”
      note: whenever it says Jundullah read as al Ciada


      We do not give aid; we give bribes, demands, and drones.

    • number of countries the USA has used radioactive weapons against: 5+
      number of countries pakistan has used radioactive weapons against: 0

      number of countries invaded by USA in the last 50 years: 20+
      number of countries invaded by pakistan in the last 50 years: 1

      this is what i mean by “ZERO MORAL AUTHORITY”

      a friendly remind from your local american-“basher” (aka truthteller), xxx

      • cant disagree with that..

      • You forgot the failure to abide by UN Protocols banning landmines, cluster munitions, and white phosphorus (by which Pakistan has abided), just sayin.
        I’m an American and it is not America-bashing to tell the truth. I do in fact feel that my nation’s “government” has put blood on my hands by using my tax dollars, such as they are, to fund these war crimes.
        I am sure it is my duty to refuse to pay taxes regardless that this would mean a refusal to work and homelessness when my money runs out; I have not done this for 2 reasons: first, I have responsibilities I could not fulfill if I did so; and second, I do not believe that my death attempting to eliminate these clowns by myself would amount to a change in the present system. But if a time comes when it looks like it would accomplish something I will fight or when the time comes to pay the penalty I will accept it.
        AS should everyone whose nation is signatory to the same conventions and protocols who has not insisted that their nation step up and fulfill its member duties. AS should everyone whose nation does business with mine and seeks to profit by our imperialism.

        • wise words..i to cannot afford to not have a job and pay tax..i have dependents..and a yoke around my neck called a mortgage..australia is just as bad..we are always there when the USA goes to fight..

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